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Beauty Outlet Malll

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2729 New Boston Rd, Texarkana, TX 75501 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

IF I COULD GIVE ZERO STARS I WOULD! Worst shopping experience ever. Never greeted when I walked in. Never asked if I needed help. The Koreans came off very cold at the checkout counter and never gave eye contact. It was like I wasn't even there. I was so uncomfortable with my experience, I went back to make the return and everyone behind the counter was rude. The manager treated me so bad for even asking for a return and the black women just stood around and watched. At that moment, I knew I was making the best decision returning what I just purchased. My takeaway...demand respect where you spend your money. I will never ever return and I highly recommend no one does either!
A good place to buy supplies for your hair & clothes.
Just the place for wigs at awesome prices. There are so many cool things here for hair.
Love the variety items you can buy
I was visiting from out of town and found everything I needed and than some. We made 2 trips here, the staff was helpful and professional. The prices were mind blowing reasonable. I even brought a bob wig that wasn't in my plans, I couldn't resist. I've gotten rave compliments, glad I did leave her on the behind.
Rude owners, assuming everyone is there to still, talks down to customers.
Sono entrata perche' ero curiosa di vedere cosa vendesse questo negozio e mi sono trovata in un immensa area con scaffali pieni di parrucche di ogni genere.E' possibile trovare parrucche con capelli naturali o sintetici.Era la prima volta che visitavo un negozio di questo genere.Prezzi accessibili e l'imbarazzo per la scelta!I tagli ,i colori,le lunghezze,lisci,mossi o ricci erano bellissimi!Consiglio questo negozio per chi vuole cambiare il proprio look o chi necessita di allungare i capelli o chi vuole usare un colore diverso senza tingere i propri capelli!Vasto assortimento anche di prodotti per capelli e accessori!
Lots products and items ,store is compact

Quick Facts About Beauty Outlet Malll

and well-organized.
One of the strengths of Beauty Outlet Mall is the wide variety of items available for purchase. Customers mentioned that they found everything they needed and more, including supplies for hair and clothes. The store offers a vast assortment of products, including wigs with different cuts, colors, lengths, and textures. This variety allows customers to change their look, extend their hair, or try different hair colors without dyeing their own hair. Additionally, the store also offers various hair care products and accessories.
Another strength mentioned by customers is the affordable prices. Many customers were pleasantly surprised by the reasonable prices of the products at Beauty Outlet Mall. This makes it an attractive place for customers who are looking for good deals. The affordable prices allow customers to make multiple purchases and experiment with different products without breaking the bank. This factor could contribute to customer loyalty and repeat visits.
Customers who visited the store were also pleased with the helpful and professional staff. Some customers mentioned that they were visiting from out of town and appreciated the assistance they received from the staff. The helpfulness of the staff adds to the positive shopping experience at Beauty Outlet Mall.
However, one recurring weakness that was mentioned in the comments is the issue of rude and disrespectful behavior from the owners or certain staff members. One customer claimed that they were not greeted or asked if they needed help upon entering the store. Furthermore, some customers complained about the checkout counter experience, stating that the Koreans working there seemed cold and did not make eye contact. In another instance, a customer mentioned that the manager treated them poorly when they asked for a return, and the presence of other staff members who watched without intervening was disheartening. These negative experiences can leave customers feeling uncomfortable and dissatisfied.
Another weakness mentioned in one of the comments is the assumption of theft by the owners or staff. This can create an unfriendly atmosphere and alienate customers. Assuming everyone is there to steal and talking down to customers can contribute to a negative shopping experience and deter customers from returning.
Though not explicitly mentioned in the comments, a potential weakness of Beauty Outlet Mall is the size of the store. One customer mentioned that the store is compact, which may imply that it can get crowded and difficult to navigate during peak times. This could potentially discourage customers who prefer a more spacious and relaxed shopping environment.
In conclusion, Beauty Outlet Mall has strengths such as a wide variety of products, affordable prices, and helpful staff. However, it is important for the owners and staff to address the weaknesses of rude behavior, assumption of theft, and potential overcrowding to ensure a positive shopping experience for all customers.


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