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16409 SE Division St Suite 200, Portland, OR 97236 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Beauty Nails 1

Strengths of Beauty Nails 1 Place: 1. Excellent nail painting job for a fair price: One comment mentions that the salon does a great job of painting nails, specifically for the commenter's granddaughter. This implies that the salon has skilled technicians who can provide quality nail services at a reasonable price.
2. Clean and comfortable environment: Another comment highlights that the salon is clean and comfortable. This suggests that Beauty Nails 1 Place takes hygiene seriously, creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere for customers.
3. Professional and accommodating staff: One reviewer commends the salon for its professional staff who provide excellent customer service. This implies that the employees at Beauty Nails 1 Place are friendly, skilled, and accommodating to customer needs.
4. Range of nail art options: The same comment also mentions that the salon offers numerous nail art options. This indicates that Beauty Nails 1 Place provides a diverse range of designs and styles for customers to choose from, catering to different preferences and tastes.
Weaknesses of Beauty Nails 1 Place: 1. Poor nail service and customer service: One negative review details a customer's experience of receiving subpar nail service. The reviewer complains about their cuticles being cut too far, leading to bleeding and peeling skin, as well as the salon's failure to apply oil to the cuticles afterward. The commenter also mentions that the technician missed applying powder and nail polish on both sides of each nail. Additionally, the reviewer notes that the technician engaged in nonstop conversations with co-workers, neglecting to provide satisfactory customer service.
2. Uncomfortable atmosphere and unprofessional behavior: Another comment expresses discomfort with the behavior of two nail technicians who allegedly shamed customers for not tipping and gossiped about them. According to the reviewer, this behavior made them feel uneasy and led to a loss of business for Beauty Nails 1 Place.
3. Exploitative practices: A long-time customer complains about feeling taken advantage of by one specific technician, Mary. The reviewer claims that once they started tipping Mary generously, she began lengthening their nails excessively despite knowing that shorter nails were required for their job as a machinist. The reviewer also accuses Mary of not filling to the cuticle, causing them to visit the salon more frequently. Additionally, the customer mentions experiencing jealousy from Mary when they started seeing another technician due to a change in their work schedule. The reviewer describes instances of rude behavior, snide comments, and overcharging.
4. Mediocre experience and rushed service: Another review mentions a mediocre experience at Beauty Nails 1 Place, with a feeling that the $58 pedicure should have included a proper massage that was rushed and not satisfactory. The reviewer also notes that the pedicure chairs did not function properly, and sitting for a long duration caused discomfort.
Overall, Beauty Nails 1 Place has some strengths, such as providing excellent nail painting, maintaining a clean environment, offering a range of nail art options, and having professional and accommodating staff. However, the salon also has weaknesses in terms of poor nail and customer service, an uncomfortable atmosphere with unprofessional behavior, exploitative practices by specific technicians, and instances of rushed service and faulty equipment.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

They paint my granddaughters nails here. They do a great job and for a fair price. She loves it. She chooses Beauty Nails over any other nail salons.
The lady who did my nails cut my cuticles so far it made me bleed and I kept having my skin continue to peel above. She put this chemical on to try and help but it burned. She did not put oil on my cuticles afterward. She missed both sides of each nail when putting on the powder including the nail polish! She spoke amongst her co workers the entire time. Very poor customer service. I was so displeased. I should of read the reviews first. I was so upset I tried painting over my nails to make them look better. I understand not wanting to get nail polish or product on your skin, but come on! Will not be going back. I would not recommend. Save your money by avoiding this place.
This place is clean and comfortable. They always do exellent work, have tons of nail art options and they are all so nice and accommodating. Really professional! Recommend!!!!
Been coming here for years and I dont appreciate the 2 nail technicians that are mother & daughter that have shamed customers for not tipping and gossiping about their customers it has made me feel uneasy they have lost my Buisness dont feel like a valued customer
I’ve gone to Mary for more then 3 years faithfully. I always tipped $10-$20 knowing this is her living. Once she became comfortable with good tips from me, she began making my nails longer, knowing I am a machinist who needs shorter nails. She also didn’t fill to the cuticle causing me to come in more often which I felt taken advantage of. When my work schedule changed causing me to see another technician, she became jealous and I was told not to come in and say hi to her. My schedule went back to normal, and I saw her today, she was rude, made snide comments, and over charged me. I wanted to look at stickers, knowing she gets attitude when asked to do designs. I was denied stickers and she wanted to put her own idea of a design on my finger nail. A wonderful woman who filled Mary’s spot for me while my schedule had changed making it unable for me to see Mary for a short time, was witness to this treatment and was embarrassed to work with professionals who would treat their clientele this way, she relocated to another salon which I will now be a new customer at. What a bummer. I hope others have a better experience then my last few. I am sad because doing my nails is the one nice thing I do for myself. Best of luck Mary, I will miss you.
Great experience. First time here. Affordable. I think my pedicure was $58 which now days isn't too bad but I did feel like for $58 and doing the most expensive pedicure for $45, $12 for shellac and $1 for nail file that my massage should have actually happened. It felt rushed and it wasn't busy. Will be going back to my regular spot. Not a bad place if you are in a pinch and need to get it done, maybe just don't go for the most expensive pedicure. The chairs didn't work all the way. Which was disappointing. My bottom hurts.
Called the day before to make an appointment for my daughter and me. We both got pedicures and full set of acrylic nails. The lady who did my pedicure cut one toe nail crooked and I got French tip so it was very noticeable and looks weird, ruined the whole look for me. They over booked and when it was time to get our acrylic sets I had to wait longer then I expected and told them I probably wasn't going to do mine anymore since it was taking so long to get someone to do mine and i had less then an hour before i had to pick up my other kids from school. Almost didn't have time to get mine done but a lady came over and she said she was quick and could finish by the time I had to leave which she did. We went in at 10am and left at 12:15pm. My daughter had a reference picture of what she wanted and the lady who did her nails did her best to recreat and did a good job but did get shellac glitter polish all over her fingers. Overall it was a so so experience, I was happy with how our acrylic sets turned out.
Edit: went back for pedis and acrylic sets again and explained about my pedi last time, lady was very nice and made sure to do a good job. Happy with both this time. Definitely recommending them. Kay does amazing work.
Maria was amazing as always! My friend and I both got a set solar nails done in less than 45 minutes combined, and they're gorgeous! Friendly staff, minimal wait time in my experience, reasonable prices, and I have never been disappointed by this place regardless of the technician. Highly recommend.

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