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Beautiful Nails & Spa

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655 N Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I had pedicure done today and Pat did a great job. Her attention to detail made my visit that much more pleasurable. I wish the hot stone massage was included. I will book an appointment with Pat in the future
I went to get my nails done for my wedding. Got a manicure and pedicure. The pedicure was okay. She didn't really scrub my feet all that well I feel, but the massage was nice. My main gripe was her trying to upsell a gel manicure just because I'm getting married when I brought my own color. And she had me pull out my card to pay beforehand, which was fine, except she had just done my base coat. Then as I'm drying my nails, she rushes over to me and has me sign the receipt with my nails still wet, and my thumb nail got messed up. She tried to fix it but now my thumb looks awful. She also didn't clip any of the dead skin on the sides of my nails like most places would. I wouldn't say it was terrible but I feel like it wasn't worth the price.
MUST DO! We come here every time we vacation. Victor and his wife are great folks! Always so welcoming. Great customer service and very clean! Their staff are the same. So friendly. Today my husband and I soaked our frozen Canadian feet in the warm, coconut, vanilla, milk and honey. It felt and smelled amazing!! The massage chairs are fantastic too! Nasa had my husband and she did a wonderful job making his feet so soft! I got lil palm trees on my big toes too!
A great place to go after your feet are tired from walking the beaches or theme parks!
We will definitely be back!!
I've been here a couple of times and each time I've been very satisfied! The people are kind and do a great job! I get acrylics done and I had a full set with no nails breaking lifting or coming off for a solid 10 weeks probably. That is of course with a fill every 2 weeks. A full set is $25 and a fill starts at $18. I've also gotten a pedicure here and it was great! This salon is my favorite so far and I've been to afew, the people are kind and quick and it the atmosphere is very bright and clean!
Amazing place. The people are attentive, kind, and do an amazing job. My husband had never had a pedicure and the first thing he said when we got in the car was, "When do we go back?" Great job!
This spa was exceptional… The environment was serene and tranquil… All the employees were friendly and professional… This sap is worth every penny…
Very polite, but their nail tables were not very clean. I did not like that they were using used nail files.
everyone was very nice and accommodating and welcoming!!! the place is small but cute and all of the nail techs did great!! would visit again

Quick Facts About Beautiful Nails & Spa

Beautiful Nails & Spa has several strengths and weaknesses, as mentioned in the comments.
Strengths: 1. Attention to detail: One customer mentioned that Pat did a great job with their pedicure, paying attention to detail. This suggests that the staff at Beautiful Nails & Spa have good attention to detail and strive to deliver a high-quality service.
2. Friendly and welcoming staff: Multiple comments praise the staff for being kind, polite, and accommodating. This indicates that Beautiful Nails & Spa has a customer-focused team that creates a welcoming environment.
3. Good customer service: Several customers mention good customer service from the staff at Beautiful Nails & Spa. This suggests that the staff goes above and beyond to ensure that customers have a positive experience.
4. Serene and tranquil environment: One customer describes the spa as having a serene and tranquil environment. This suggests that Beautiful Nails & Spa provides a relaxing atmosphere for customers, which is an important aspect of a spa experience.
5. Long-lasting acrylics: One customer mentions that their acrylic nails lasted for 10 weeks without any issues. This suggests that Beautiful Nails & Spa offers high-quality products and skilled technicians who can provide long-lasting results.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent pedicure experience: One customer mentioned that their pedicure was okay but felt that their feet were not scrubbed thoroughly. This suggests that there may be inconsistency in the level of service provided, specifically when it comes to pedicures.
2. Pushy upselling: A customer complained about being upsold a gel manicure even though they brought their own color. This suggests that Beautiful Nails & Spa may have a tendency to push additional services on customers, which can be off-putting.
3. Nail damage during payment process: One customer had their wet nails messed up when the technician rushed them to sign the receipt while their nails were still drying. This indicates a lack of attention to detail during the payment process and may have led to a poor overall experience.
4. Lack of thoroughness: Another customer mentioned that the technician did not clip any dead skin around their nails, which is a standard practice in most places. This suggests that Beautiful Nails & Spa may have some inconsistencies when it comes to meeting basic expectations in terms of service.
5. Cleanliness issues: One customer mentioned that the nail tables were not very clean and that used nail files were being used. This indicates a potential lack of hygiene standards at Beautiful Nails & Spa, which can be a significant concern for customers.
In conclusion, Beautiful Nails & Spa has strengths in terms of attention to detail, friendly and welcoming staff, good customer service, a serene environment, and long-lasting acrylics. However, they have weaknesses when it comes to inconsistent pedicure experiences, pushy upselling, nail damage during payment, lack of thoroughness, and cleanliness issues. These comments reflect a mix of positive and negative experiences at Beautiful Nails & Spa, and it is important for the business to address the weaknesses mentioned in order to improve overall customer satisfaction.

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