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Beatriz Unisex Salon

+1 845-561-5611
691 Broadway # 105, Newburgh, NY 12550 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 05:45 PM

Quick Facts About Beatriz Unisex Salon

1. Clean and welcoming ambiance: The salon is described as clean and well-maintained, creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere for customers.
2. Friendly and accommodating staff: Multiple comments highlight the friendliness and professionalism of the staff, making customers feel comfortable and valued.
3. Talented and skilled stylists: Customers praise the skills of the stylists, specifically mentioning their ability to provide good washes, blowouts, and cuts.
4. Fast service: Several customers mention the efficiency of the salon, noting that they are not kept waiting for long periods of time.
5. Attention to detail: Beatriz is described as a stylist who pays attention to detail, ensuring that customers are satisfied with their haircuts and styling.
6. Ability to handle difficult hair situations: The salon is commended for handling complex hair situations, such as detangling dreadlocks, effectively and with patience.
7. Long-lasting blowouts: Customers appreciate the quality of the blowouts, mentioning that their hairstyles lasted for a significant amount of time.
1. Bias towards Spanish clients: One customer accuses the salon of favoring Spanish clients over African American clients, making disrespectful comments in their presence. This bias may result in a lack of equal treatment and customer satisfaction.
2. Upcharged pricing: A customer reports being upcharged for a wash and set, feeling unfairly treated in terms of pricing. This may indicate inconsistent pricing practices or a lack of transparency in pricing policies.
3. Crowded and long wait times: While some customers did not experience long wait times, others mention that the salon can get crowded, leading to extended wait times. This may result in customer frustration and dissatisfaction.
4. Inconsistent results: One customer mentions that the quality of the hair service may vary depending on the day, with some days providing satisfactory results and others leading to disappointment. This indicates a potential lack of consistency in the salon's service quality.
5. Lack of mention of other hair services: While there are positive comments about washes, blowouts, and haircuts, there is no mention of other services such as coloring, styling, or treatments. This implies a potential limitation in the range of services offered by the salon.
Overall, Beatriz Unisex Salon has several strengths, such as a clean and welcoming ambiance, friendly staff, and skilled stylists. However, the salon also faces weaknesses, including bias towards certain clients, upcharged pricing, potential inconsistency in service quality, crowded wait times, and limitations in service offerings. These are factors that the salon should consider addressing to ensure improved customer satisfaction and promote a more inclusive and fair environment for all clients.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This salon is very bias! They love to treat Spanish clients better than African American clients! I’ve tried over the years several times to get a wash and set! Each and every time I walk out upset! So just yesterday I got wise and listened to them talking before they washed my hair! The wanted to up charge me 35 and then 40 for a wash and set!!! Yeah Beatriz is very dull for thinking she was gonna get me and she can’t even blow out my roots well enough! Unfortunately I speak Spanish so I heard the disrespectful comments they were making towards myself and other African American ladies!! I will NEVER GO THERE! I’d rather drive all the way to Harlem then go back there!
First time to the Salon, loved the ambiance of the place very clean and the staff friendly and accommodating. Angella did my hair; very pleased. Will definitely go back.
My hair got so tangled after removing tracks that it became dreadlocks. I was in tears because I thought it wouldn't detangle and I'd have to cut it all off. Went there for the first time and two ladies patiently detangled my hair. I was so happy with the results. I've been going there ever since and they are super fast and nice. Highly recommend the blowouts last a really long time.
Beatriz is such a sweet soul. She’s gentle and pays attention to detail. I had a last minute event to prep for and she granted me an early appointment. Not only did she take me before opening time, she also work fast enough to get me out before my event started. I am so grateful I found her salon. Also, she’s cut my hair in the past and it has grown ever more beautiful than ever. I 100% trust her with my hair and would recommend her to everyone.
My first time going there. Beatriz washed my hair and it was a good wash. One of the main things I love when I go to a salon to get my hair done. I expect a good wash along with my hair coming out nice as well. And that it did. I will be returning. It did get crowded after I was already under the dryer so I'm guessing I went on a good day and at the right time. I did hear that it gets really crowded and you tend to wait a long time but my first time I did not experience that that's why the stars and my review is what it is.
Love this place. I finally found a salon close by and with great skills that can cut my hair.
Great service. Friendly, professional, clean and your not sitting all day. As soon as your head is washed, someone else sets it and as soon as that dryer goes off your hair is settled and out the door.Thank you, Sherri Jones
I love this place. Not only do they do a wonderful wash and set but they did my hair for a ball and it was amazing!!! The wait can be long sometimes bc everyone loves this place so it can get busy.

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