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Bayleaf Lounge Restaurant

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127 Wellington Rd, Bollington, Cheshire, Macclesfield SK10 5HT United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Bayleaf Lounge Restaurant

The Bayleaf Lounge Restaurant has received mostly positive feedback from customers, highlighting their delicious food and exceptional service. However, there are a few negative comments regarding the quality of the meat and the blandness of some dishes.
One of the strengths of Bayleaf Lounge Restaurant is their ability to accommodate special dietary needs, such as celiac. A customer expresses gratitude for the staff going above and beyond to cook separate meals for their family member with celiac disease. This shows that the restaurant is flexible and willing to cater to individual needs, making customers feel comfortable and welcome.
Another strength mentioned by customers is the overall experience at the restaurant. One customer describes it as a "fabulous experience," while another mentions having a "great experience." This indicates that the restaurant provides a positive and enjoyable dining experience, which includes not only the food but also the service and ambiance of the restaurant.
The quality of the food is also highlighted as a strength in the comments. Customers mention the deliciousness and top quality of the food at Bayleaf Lounge. One customer specifically recommends the steak, keema naan, and onion bhaji. This shows that the restaurant is able to deliver tasty and high-quality dishes, satisfying customers' expectations for a good meal.
Location and parking are mentioned as strengths as well. Customers appreciate the convenience of the restaurant being located on the high street and mention the availability of parking. This makes it easier for customers to visit the restaurant, which could contribute to its popularity.
On the other hand, there are a few weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One customer mentions that the meat, particularly the chicken, was hard, dry, and overcooked. This suggests a possible issue with the preparation or cooking of the meat dishes, which could affect the overall quality of the food.
The blandness of some dishes is also mentioned as a weakness. One customer states that their usual medium dish was tasteless and lacked flavor. Another customer mentions that their husband's dish, which is usually hot, was also lacking in flavor. This indicates that the spice levels and overall taste of some dishes may not meet customers' expectations.
A negative comment mentions that the staff was not friendly, as there were no smiley employees. This suggests a lack of warmth and friendliness in the customer service, which could impact the overall dining experience.
Finally, a customer expresses dissatisfaction with the portion size and value for money. They feel that the serving of half a small chicken breast per serving is not generous, and they begrudge the bill of nearly £50. This suggests that the portion sizes may not meet customers' expectations, and the price may not be justified.
In conclusion, the Bayleaf Lounge Restaurant has several strengths, including their ability to accommodate special dietary needs, providing a positive dining experience, and serving delicious and high-quality food. However, there are some weaknesses, such as issues with the cooking of meat dishes, some blandness in certain dishes, lack of friendliness from staff, and concerns about portion sizes and value for money. These weaknesses should be addressed in order to improve the overall dining experience at the restaurant.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Fabulous experience in here. Not only is the curry delicious (and the onion bhajis to die for) but the staff went above and beyond to accommodate a member of our family who is celiac. They cooked everything separately and made sure she felt comfortable and welcome. Thank you for such amazing food and service!
Went for the first time since their reopening and had a great experience, nothing was too much trouble. One of our family members was coeliac and the staff went out of their way to specially cook food that would've otherwise been at risk for her. Can always recommend this place.
Staying in a nearby hotel, we found this place on the high street. Looked clean and bright(recent refurb?). Not a smiley member of staff to be found. All the meat was odd- chicken hard, dry and thermo-nuclear- it was like it had been heated in a microwave. On taking a mouthful of curry the sauce was only warm but chicken burnt my mouth- bizarre. Lamb was tasteless and like chewing leather. I estimate half a small chicken breast per serving- in no way generous. I had my usual witch is a medium dish. What was served was bland- absolutely no taste! My husbands is usually quite hot- I can’t eat it- but I was able to try it and it had only slightly more flavour than mine. Ate it as very hungry having been travelling since 5 am but would not go back and begrudged the near £50 bill. Buy a jar of sauce and cooked chicken from the Tesco Extra below them and have a much better, cheaper dinner!
Absolutely tremendous meal. Verry attentive and friendly staff and a really pleasant and comfortable interior. The food was delicious and top quality, I would particularly recommend the steak, keema naan and especially onion bhaji. Location and parking are also very good. 100% would recommend to others.
The new Bayleaf Lounge doesn’t disappoint.
Beautiful, contemporary, cosy restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere.
The quality of the food & service is exceptional.
It’s lovely to have you and your team back Mr F.
Had Christmas lunch with our Son, his partner and his partners parents. The staff were amazing and the food superb. I had chicken tikka Jalfrezi and have to say it was the best curry I have ever tasted. Thanks so much to everyone for making it one of the best Christmas day I can remember
The food was, as usual, excellent and the service exemplary. We had a most enjoyable evening and look forward to our next visit.
This was our first visit here and we were warmly greeted. The food was great, would highly recommend. We will definitely be going back.

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