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Barbera Seafood

+1 609-345-0671
2243 Arctic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 United States of America
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Barbera Seafood is a staple!! I have long loved their inexpensive and high quality fish sandwiches. Order two if you have an appetite. I’ve brought many visitors to AC to Barbera’s and they have NEVER disappointed. Great raw seafood as well for purchase and cooking at home. They also sharpen knives!
I ordered a fried fish fillet combo and was honestly the tastiest, freshest fillet I ever had. Great portion, simple in preparation but great flavor.. all about the fresh fish! No overpowering seasoning but still flavorful. It was not a fancy meal, the fries were not particularly special, cole slaw was a normal good coleslaw, however, everything worked great together and the meal was a good value for money. Great friendly service and they were really fast preparing it. The smell of fish market is a bit off putting when you walk in, cause is an actual fish market, there was someone cutting and preparing fresh caught fish behind the counter, but that's precisely what's great about this place, its honest, fresh seafood at reasonable prices. The place felt genuine and could tell they are passionate about what they sell and do. Would eat from there again.
OMG, you have to get their fried flounder sandwich. Eat it while it's hot...soooo good. We had their fried jumbo shrimps, scallops and 8 oz fried lobster tails and let me tell you, it was VERY VERY TASTY!!! Was not disappointed at all. It wasn't our 1st time and it won't be our last.
Barbera's is a must-stop for us every time we are in AC. This time we got the fried flounder and shrimp platter with Cajun seasoning, which was absolutely incredible, and the sautéed catfish. After tasting the flounder we ordered an additional sautéed flounder. The fish is incredibly fresh and melts in your mouth. Even the coleslaw and sautéed vegetables are delicious! And last but not least, the folks here are incredible: they love what they do and it shows in what they serve. A storied place, and one I'll speak of for many years to come! Long live Barbera's!
One of the best seafood I have ever eaten! And it’s really well priced. It’s fresh and delicious. I truly believe it’s a must try in AC. I will be happy to visit again. Their service is very personable too. Be sure to give them a try
I am not a native of Atlantic city but I stopped to get a snack and saw there was a lot of ppl waiting outside for food. I went in to order the staff is very nice a d helpful you don't have to walk in and get their attention they greet you right away.. I ordered something simple hush puppies and a crabcake it was made very quickly. I got back to my car and decided to eat it well I wasn't pleased with the hush puppies at all I am a huge hush puppy person and even though they were cool golden brown they had no sweet hush puppy flavor it tasted like flour and salt to me I tasted one and decided not to eat the rest. Now the crabcake sandwich was more appetizing for me it wasn't over fried you could taste the seafood even though it was minced and it wasn't a lot of seasoning but I was okay with that because I don't like a lot of salt, they choice a wonderful bun to complement it. Even though the hush puppies wasn't to my liking I would go back and try other things on their menu.
Oh and it's also a fish market....
I've been coming to AC for years and loved the restaurants in Duck Town. How did I miss this 100 yo establishment! Fresh seafood platters made to order. You know it's good when folks are constantly coming and going. I are in and the service was great!
This place is the real deal!!!! Super fresh sea foods. Love everything, crab cake, fried oysters/clam, scallops, fish. All so yummy and very reasonably priced. The servers are so friendly and accommodating. BEST SEAFOOD PLACE IN AC!!!!

Quick Facts About Barbera Seafood

Barbera Seafood appears to have several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, customers consistently praise the quality and freshness of the seafood. Many comment on the delicious taste of the fish fillets, flounder sandwich, and various other seafood dishes, noting that the fish melts in their mouth and that it is flavorful without overpowering seasoning. This indicates that Barbera Seafood focuses on using fresh ingredients and ensuring that the flavors of the seafood shine through.
Additionally, customers appreciate the portion sizes and value for money at Barbera Seafood. They mention that the fish sandwiches are inexpensive but high in quality, suggesting that the seafood is reasonably priced. Several customers even mention that they order multiple items or additional servings because they enjoy the food so much. This suggests that Barbera Seafood provides generous portion sizes, allowing customers to get good value for their money.
The fast and friendly service at Barbera Seafood is also highlighted by customers. Many comments mention that the staff is welcoming, attentive, and passionate about their work. Customers appreciate that they are greeted right away and that their orders are prepared quickly. This indicates that Barbera Seafood prioritizes providing efficient and personable service to enhance the overall dining experience.
Another strength mentioned in the comments is the fact that Barbera Seafood also operates as a fish market. Customers find this aspect of the place genuine and appreciate the opportunity to purchase high-quality seafood for cooking at home. The presence of a fish market also adds to the overall atmosphere and authenticity of the establishment.
While the majority of the comments are positive, there are a few criticisms and potential weaknesses that should be addressed. One customer mentions that the smell of the fish market when entering the restaurant can be off-putting. While this may be expected in a place that combines a seafood restaurant and market, it could potentially be a drawback for some customers who are sensitive to strong smells.
Another customer expresses disappointment with the hush puppies they ordered, stating that they lacked flavor. While this is just one customer's experience, it suggests that there may be inconsistencies in the preparation or flavor profiles of certain menu items. However, the customer does mention that they would be willing to try other items on the menu.
In conclusion, Barbera Seafood appears to have several strengths that make it a highly recommended seafood place in Atlantic City. These include the fresh and delicious seafood, reasonable prices, generous portion sizes, fast and friendly service, and the added convenience of a fish market. However, potential weaknesses, such as occasional inconsistencies in certain dishes and the initial smell upon entering the restaurant, should be acknowledged and addressed to further enhance the overall dining experience. Despite these weaknesses, the overwhelmingly positive comments and praise for Barbera Seafood suggest that it is a must-try establishment for seafood lovers visiting Atlantic City.

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