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Azusa Pet Grooming & Spa

+1 626-969-3734
519 N Azusa Ave, Azusa, CA 91702 United States of America
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance

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My little guy got his nails trimmed today he was very calm when I brought him home. I liked the Adam spoke to him, I will definitely take him back. The atmosphere is very nice. Thank you
Been going there for 10 yrs my dog loves it and his hair cuts are perfect the people are so good with him and me.
Uno de los mejores lugares para llevar tu perrito todos muy amables los precios son mejores que en otros lados mi perrito Ponyio es feliz cuando le toca ir feliz año nuevo
First time taking our cats in to Azusa pet grooming for a bath and a summer shaving. They did an excellent job. We will definitely come here again. Everybody was very friendly and helpful. See you in 6 months.
Couldn’t be happier! My stoney came out looking like a movie ⭐️ Thankyou Adam !
I always take my beautiful baby poodle mix with Maltese and they always cut his hair wonderful I would recommend taking your dogs there.
Amazing you can tell the staff loves dogs and makes my little anxious pup feel comfortable and she looks adorable every time!
This place was good they offered a free teeth cleaning due to the holidays the prices were decent and dog looked clean and happy

Quick Facts About Azusa Pet Grooming & Spa

1. Calm and Friendly Atmosphere: Customers appreciated the calm and friendly atmosphere of Azusa Pet Grooming & Spa. This creates a comfortable environment for both pets and owners, allowing them to feel at ease during their visit.
2. Skilled and Professional Staff: Multiple customers commented on the skill and professionalism of the staff at Azusa Pet Grooming & Spa. They mentioned that the staff was good with their pets, providing excellent haircuts and grooming services. This indicates that the groomers are experienced and knowledgeable in their craft.
3. Customer Satisfaction: Many customers expressed their satisfaction with the services provided by Azusa Pet Grooming & Spa. They mentioned that their pets looked great and were happy after their grooming sessions. This shows that the salon takes the time to understand and fulfill the needs of their customers.
4. Affordable Prices: Some customers mentioned that the prices at Azusa Pet Grooming & Spa were reasonable and better than other places they had been to. This affordability allows customers to receive quality grooming services without breaking the bank.
5. Free Teeth Cleaning: A customer noted that Azusa Pet Grooming & Spa offered a free teeth cleaning service during the holidays. This added value demonstrates the salon's commitment to going above and beyond for their customers.
1. Language Barrier for Non-Spanish Speakers: One customer left a comment in Spanish, indicating that the staff members may primarily speak Spanish. This could be a potential weakness for non-Spanish speaking customers who may find it difficult to communicate their preferences or concerns effectively.
2. Limited Services Mentioned: While most customers were satisfied with the grooming and haircut services provided by Azusa Pet Grooming & Spa, no specific details regarding additional services like nail trimming, bathing, or other spa treatments were mentioned. This lack of information may leave potential customers wondering about the full range of services offered.
3. Lack of Variety in Customer Reviews: The comments available only cover a few specific services like haircuts and teeth cleaning. It would be beneficial to have more diverse customer reviews that include experiences with other services, such as nail trims or spa treatments. In conclusion, Azusa Pet Grooming & Spa has several strengths including a calm and friendly atmosphere, skilled staff, high customer satisfaction, affordable prices, and additional perks like free teeth cleaning. However, potential weaknesses include a potential language barrier for non-Spanish speakers, limited details about a full range of services, and a lack of diversity in customer reviews. Overall, it seems that Azusa Pet Grooming & Spa is a well-regarded place for pet grooming, but potential customers may want to inquire further about the offered services and ensure effective communication before visiting.


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