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Authentic Cutz Barber Shop

+1 951-435-9495
11875 Pigeon Pass Rd Ste B10, Moreno Valley, CA 92557 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 06:30 PM

Quick Facts About Authentic Cutz Barber Shop

1. Quality Haircuts: Multiple comments praise the quality of the haircuts at Authentic Cutz Barber Shop. Customers describe the service as professional and well-priced for the level of skill and attention to detail provided.
2. Skilled Barbers: Several customers specifically mention the skill and professionalism of individual barbers at the shop. Aaron Carlo and LC are both mentioned positively, suggesting that they have a reputation for delivering excellent cuts.
3. Excellent Service: Customers appreciate the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the shop. The barbers are described as friendly, patient, and attentive to customer preferences. The positive experiences with the barbers contribute to making the overall service at Authentic Cutz Barber Shop exceptional.
4. Cleanliness: The shop is praised for being clean, which is an important factor for customers when choosing a barber shop. A clean environment can create a more comfortable and pleasant experience for customers.
5. Appointment Flexibility: One customer mentions that Roger, a barber at the shop, regularly works with their appointment times. This flexibility in scheduling appointments helps accommodate customers' busy lives and offers convenience.
1. Inexperienced Barber: One customer had a negative experience with a barber who they felt lacked the qualifications and experience needed to provide a satisfactory beard trim. The customer was disappointed with the asymmetrical and poorly executed trim, as well as being cut during the process. This suggests a weakness in the training and supervision of barbers at the shop.
2. Lack of Customer Satisfaction: Another customer expressed dissatisfaction with their haircut, stating that they had to go to another shop to fix the poor result. Additionally, they were bothered by the barber's smell of smoke, which caused discomfort during the haircut. This suggests a lack of attention to customer satisfaction and comfort.
3. Inadequate Training and Guidance: The same customer who had a negative experience requested that management contact them to implement proper guidance and knowledge for the barbers. This indicates a need for improved training and supervision to ensure all barbers are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver satisfactory haircuts.
4. Uncomfortable Space: One customer mentioned feeling uncomfortable in the shop, which could be a result of the environment or the overall atmosphere of the place. Customer comfort is crucial, and if the space is not conducive to a positive experience, it could deter potential customers.
5. Unreliable Service: The negative experiences mentioned above can lead to a lack of reliability in the service provided. If customers cannot consistently rely on receiving a satisfactory haircut, it may discourage them from returning to Authentic Cutz Barber Shop.
In conclusion, Authentic Cutz Barber Shop has several strengths, including quality haircuts, skilled barbers, excellent service, cleanliness, and appointment flexibility. However, there are weaknesses to address, such as inexperienced barbers, lack of customer satisfaction, inadequate training and guidance, uncomfortable space, and unreliable service. By addressing these weaknesses, the shop can improve overall customer satisfaction and maintain a strong reputation for quality haircuts and professionalism.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Great service and well priced for the quality of the haircut.
Great shop. My son really likes Aaron Carlo
David was incredible with my 5 year old son. Very patient and kept cutting his hair until it was just what I wanted.
This???? is really professional . Let’s them take care your hair style from A-Z . All barber tech in the shop alway do the best to help you got the nice hair cut at anytime . Check them out and you will see how’s professional they are ????
Great experience with everyone. I go with LC. Great cut as always.
Fantastic barbershop!
Clean, Friendly, and always have a warm welcome feeling the moment you walk in. I just want to give a shout out to my boy Roger for always working with my appointment times and always having looking good and ready to go. A 5 star rating for all of the great barbers in there!
I went for a beard trim and had an extreme disservice with a barber not having the qualifications nor experience to hold a pair of scissors up to a beard. I have grown my beard for several years having it groomed and nurtured to where it was before today.
Decided to trim it for an event that will be captured with photos and presentation was key. I am now left with a beard that I may have to trim completely due to it not being symmetrical and to say it kindly destroyed. In an attempt to straighten up my neckline I was even cut in the process with the clippers.
If it has not been implemented already which if had would not be in this situation management should not allow apprentices/unqualified barbers to attend to paying customers. This was such an unsatisfying experience. The barber even brushed off my advice when I mentioned if had beard oil to work in before picking through the beard to find the natural course of the beard.
I will not mention the name of the barber and would appreciate for management to contact me if unknown who the barber in question is to implement the proper guidance and knowledge before the barber tends to another paying customer again. I paid for this service because I understand that a business still must be run in a difficult time that we are already living in. You cannot get a worse experience than this. If didn’t feel comfortable trimming then should have had someone else fill in and if did not know how horrible of a job was incompletely finished then someone needs to show the many areas need to improve on.
had some good experiences until recently, came for a cut and left pretty upset. Barber that did my cut smelled like smoke, not sure how the policy is but it’s pretty bothering when you have a guy who just smoked and starts to give you cut just to start coughing from that smoke. Also ended up with a pretty bad cut not coming out at ALL well and had to go to another shop to fix up the poor result i got. I don’t find this a go to place with an uncomfortable space and poor cuts.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
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