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Asian Food Store Ltd

+353 74 916 0582
Ballyraine Industrial Estate, R940 Ramelton Rd, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal Ireland
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM


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  • In-store shopping
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This is the 2nd recommended indian store in letterkenny. They have a vast variety of products. Most of the time you could find a few good offers on products. If you want to buy spices, pickle or any other indian grocery material would recommend it highly. So far my experience has been good except buying vegetables. Rest everything is good.
Love this shop. I cook a lot of Indian and Asian foods and have found what I need every time. Staff very helpful. As well as food they have a substantial kitchen equipment department. No complaints about prices.
Lutfur is honest, and knows consumer relations. He has a wide variety of Asian food. Indian, bangladeshi, Thai, Chinese items.
My favourite shop for Asian food. Great selection, including large freezer section. Nice staff.
Overpriced - pack of five instant ramen at 8.99
Poor variety please restock
A feast for the eyes..Great selection
I've never been inside but as a cab driver I've brought people here and waited for them and brought them home again, they always seem happy with their purchases.
Got all my indian spices and fav indian maggi.Nice shopping place for all indian spices and groceries,specially for my mumbais mouth watering stuffs lik panipuris,banana chips,sev,aloo bhujiya etc

Quick Facts About Asian Food Store Ltd

Asian Food Store Ltd has several strengths that make it a recommended place to shop for Indian and Asian groceries. Firstly, customers appreciate the variety of products available. The store offers a wide range of Indian, Bangladeshi, Thai, and Chinese food items, ensuring that customers can find everything they need for their Asian cooking. Additionally, the store is praised for its large freezer section, which allows customers to purchase frozen Asian dishes or ingredients.
Another strength of Asian Food Store Ltd is its good offers on products. Customers have reported that they often find a few good deals on various items in the store. This can be beneficial for customers who are looking to save money while shopping for their favorite Asian groceries.
Customer service is another area where Asian Food Store Ltd excels. The staff is described as very helpful, which is important for customers who may need assistance finding specific products or have questions about ingredients. The positive attitude and willingness to assist contribute to a pleasant shopping experience for customers.
The store is also appreciated for having a substantial kitchen equipment department. This means that customers can find all the necessary tools and utensils for their Asian cooking needs. This convenience eliminates the need for customers to shop at multiple places for their culinary requirements and makes Asian Food Store Ltd a one-stop shop.
Customers have also praised the owner, Lutfur, for being honest and approachable. This positive feedback speaks to his commitment to consumer relations and building strong relationships with customers. Such an owner who prioritizes customer satisfaction can significantly enhance the overall shopping experience.
However, the store does have a few weaknesses that should be addressed. Firstly, some customers have complained about the price of certain items, citing that a pack of five instant ramen is priced at 8.99, which is seen as overpriced by some. This may discourage price-sensitive customers from making purchases at the store.
Another weakness mentioned is the poor variety of products at times. Customers have requested that the store restock to ensure a better selection of items. It is important for any grocery store, especially one specializing in Asian food, to have a diverse range of products to meet the varying needs and preferences of customers.
Despite these weaknesses, Asian Food Store Ltd is still highly regarded by customers. Many customers have left positive comments about the store, praising its selection, staff, and the overall shopping experience. The store is often described as a "feast for the eyes" due to its great selection of Asian products.
Additionally, the store has received positive feedback from taxi drivers who have brought customers to the store. The fact that customers are happy with their purchases and the overall shopping experience highlights the store's ability to meet customer needs and expectations.
In conclusion, Asian Food Store Ltd has several strengths that make it a recommended place to shop for Indian and Asian groceries. The variety of products, good offers, helpful staff, and dedicated owner contribute to a positive shopping experience for customers. However, the store should address the issues of pricing and product variety to further enhance customer satisfaction. With continuous improvement, Asian Food Store Ltd can continue to be a go-to destination for customers looking to purchase Asian groceries.

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