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Quick Facts About Arena

Arena Place, based on the comments provided, has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation as a cafe. These strengths include a hidden gem quality, great desserts, good coffee, nice interior and outdoor seating, efficient and friendly staff, efficient good quality food, a decent breakfast menu with a range of options, a varied menu with plenty of choice, and affordable prices.
One of the main strengths highlighted in the comments is the hidden gem quality of Arena Place. This suggests that the cafe may not be well known or easily visible from the outside, but once inside, customers are pleasantly surprised by the quality of the experience. This sense of discovery and exclusivity can be a strong draw for customers looking for unique dining experiences.
Another strength mentioned is the quality of desserts and coffee. Multiple comments praise the desserts, emphasizing their awesomeness, nice mix, and the fact that they are worth trying. Similarly, the coffee is described as excellent and strong. This indicates that Arena Place takes great care in sourcing and preparing their desserts and coffee, which can be a major selling point for customers who appreciate high-quality treats.
Additionally, the cafe's ambiance is noted to be lovely, both inside and outside. This suggests that the physical space is inviting and comfortable, making it an enjoyable place to relax and enjoy a meal or a coffee. The availability of outdoor seating further enhances the dining experience, especially during good weather.
The efficiency and friendliness of the staff is also mentioned as a positive aspect of Arena Place. Comments highlight the staff's ability to provide good customer service by being both efficient and friendly. This can contribute to a positive overall experience for customers, making them feel welcomed and well taken care of.
The menu at Arena Place is praised for its variety and choice. Customers appreciate the range of options available, including a decent breakfast menu with options like a full English breakfast, American breakfast, and smaller options like baked beans on toast. This variety allows customers to find something that suits their preferences and dietary needs, making the cafe more appealing to a wider audience.
Affordable prices are another strength of Arena Place, with one comment specifically mentioning mouth-watering desserts at affordable prices. This suggests that customers can enjoy high-quality food and desserts without breaking the bank. The combination of quality and affordability can be a major draw for customers seeking value for money.
Despite these strengths, there are also a few weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One comment indicates that a customer's partner fell sick after consuming a breakfast at Arena Place, suggesting possible food poisoning. While this may be a rare occurrence, it is still a concerning incident that can impact the reputation and trustworthiness of the cafe.
Another weakness highlighted in the comments is the issue with stale desserts. Multiple comments mention that desserts from the shelf, specifically cheesecakes and flapjacks, were stale and had to be sent back. This inconsistency and lack of freshness in the dessert offerings can be a major disappointment for customers, especially those who were looking forward to trying the desserts.
Another weakness mentioned is the slightly rude behavior of one staff member. One comment details an incident where a customer was charged for a full English breakfast instead of just an Earl Grey tea due to a misunderstanding. The staff at the counter was described as extremely rude, highlighting a negative customer service experience. Rude behavior from staff members can leave a lasting negative impression on customers and can deter them from returning.
Overall, while Arena Place has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation, it is important for the cafe to address the issues related to food consistency and customer service in order to maintain a loyal customer base and continue providing a great dining experience.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

A little hidden gem. Very nice cafe with great desserts on offer and very good coffee.
Seems unassuming but is lovely inside with nice outdoor seating too.
The desserts are awesome, with a really nice mix. Coffee also was excellent, strong.
Would recommend.
Friendly & efficient staff, efficient good quality food (that mound of bacon was so crispy... nom...), good options, really smooth coffee. Honestly, we did not expect it to be as good from the outside view, and only took a gamble because it was the first place we found and didn't have time to explore more. This place feels like a little secret, that's happy to be unobtrusive with its slightly out of time feel. But lovely all the same, and well worth it.
Decent Breakfast, hot and plentyfull. Full English £6.95. Range of coffee and teas.
They also have American breakfast too and smaller options (baked beans on toast).
Really nice café! A varied menu with lots of choice for everyone. I absolutely loved the vanilla caramel latte it was almost on par with Tim Hortons’ French vanilla latte they sell. My mozzarella and pesto with peppers panini was really delicious. My only criticism is as an anxiety sufferer I found it uncomfortable the waitresses sort’ve hung around my table, but maybe it’s because the café isn’t the biggest of spaces. Will definitely call in again though ????????
Always a treat when visiting Grafton! Hidden gem with affordable prices and mouth watering desserts.
Exploring everything on the menu with each visit!
We all ate, my daughter and I had the same, my partner had a breakfast that came very quickly. We all ate the same dinner rest of day and my partner started feeling very sick all of a sudden. He was sick all night. Doctor has said 99%sure food poisoning. The only difference in our intake was his super fast breakfast. Will not be returning.
I have been 4 times, alone and with friends, the food is always delicious and the service is always fine, not super welcoming but not rude. However I have had 3 desserts from the shelf on 3 different occasions and they never fail to be stale!! It’s so disappointing as they look and sound amazing but the cheesecakes I tried had to be sent back and the flapjack I took away was awful and had the stale aftertaste. None of it is fresh but they will never cover them or throw them away. The rest of the menu is wonderful so I’ll go back but those desserts are upsetting at this point. Great if you want to go on a diet though!!
The staff is very rude and they charge me for a full
English breakfast when I just ordered a Earl grey tea. I just made a mistake an said English breakfast tea. The lady in the till did not said what I was paying and was extremely rude.

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  • Takeaway
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  • Great tea selection
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
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  • Breakfast
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  • Dessert
  • Good for kids
  • Toilets
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  • Groups
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