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Appleton Gate Fish Bar

+44 1636 705671
38 Appleton Gate, Newark NG24 1LR United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 11:30 AM - 02:00 AM


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  • Takeaway
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Kids' menu
  • Late-night food
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

The food is mediocre, the staff are awful! The young girl, she's maybe about 16ish years old she's very polite.. but the other two older ladies are rude as hell. Esp the woman who has no teeth. She has poor hygiene and even dropped the tray on the floor and proceeded to use it and then got pissdd off when I asked for a new/clean one that hadn't been face down on the floor. But like I said, she has terrible hygiene herself so I truly don't think she understood why it would bother someone. They really are incredibly rude in there. The owners really should get new staff. The fish had a weird taste and the portions are incredibly small with high prices. Wont be going back again.
Been a while since I ordered here. It hasn't changed, chips are fresh and hot, the fish is great and the service is good too.
Have used this chippy for a few years and have usually found it to be ok. However my last visit left me with food poisoning. The fish I ordered left me throwing up all night and the next day. Not sure if the running of this chippy has changed hands recently, certainly the serving staff were different this time. Anyway regardless of this its safe to say I will not be using this chippy again. I only hope that the owners read these reviews and improve their hygiene standards before they really hurt someone!!
Looks lovely given wrong order no curry source. But got a onion ring.
Very disappointed all the chips was hard and cold
Last week they was perfect absolutely yummy .
Now this is a good chip shop. Clean, quick, friendly extremely good value and very good fish and chips to boot..
Friendly staff and a fairly quick turn around from walking in the door to food in hand, the chips aren't too bad, neither are the prices, however I wouldn't order a saveloy, twice I have had one from here and both have been 'exploded' and mearly mush. They tend to do them on order in the microwave, so not exactly the best.
New staff getting into the busy, busy of Appleton's, doing really well ????????

Quick Facts About Appleton Gate Fish Bar

The Appleton Gate Fish Bar place has received both positive and negative feedback in the comments provided. In order to analyze its strengths and weaknesses, let's break down the comments.
Starting with the strengths:
1. The food received positive feedback in some comments, with one customer describing it as "great" and another mentioning that the chips were fresh and hot. 2. The service was also praised in a few comments, with one customer mentioning that the staff were friendly and another commending the quick turn around time from ordering to receiving the food. 3. The cleanliness of the chip shop was emphasized in a positive comment, indicating that the establishment maintains good hygiene standards. 4. Value for money was mentioned as a strength, with one customer describing the prices as "good" and another stating that it is "extremely good value."
Moving on to the weaknesses:
1. One recurring negative comment is about the staff, particularly the older ladies, who are described as rude. One customer specifically mentioned poor hygiene and an incident where a tray was dropped on the floor and used, leading them to request a new/clean one. 2. The taste of the fish was criticized in one comment, with the customer describing it as having a "weird taste." 3. Portion sizes were mentioned as a weakness, with one customer stating that they were "incredibly small" for the high prices. 4. Hygiene standards were questioned in a comment where a customer claimed to have experienced food poisoning after eating at the chip shop. They mentioned a change in staff and suggested that the owners should improve hygiene before someone gets seriously ill. 5. Incorrect orders were mentioned in a couple of comments, with one customer specifically saying they received the wrong order and another complaining about missing curry sauce and receiving an onion ring instead. 6. Inconsistency in the quality of the chips was mentioned in a comment, with one customer stating that they were hard and cold during their last visit, whereas they were perfect and delicious the previous week. 7. The quality of saveloys in the chip shop was criticized in a comment, with a customer stating that they were "exploded" and turned to mush, potentially indicating issues with their preparation.
In summary, the strengths of Appleton Gate Fish Bar seem to be the quality of the food (as mentioned in some comments), friendly staff, quick service, cleanliness, and value for money. However, it is weighed down by criticisms of rude staff, poor hygiene standards, mediocre taste of fish, small portions with high prices, incorrect orders, inconsistency in quality, and poorly prepared saveloys. To improve, the owners should focus on better staff training, hygiene management, consistency in food quality, and taking customer orders accurately.


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