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Antalya Turkish Grill

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235 Blackfen Rd, Sidcup DA15 8PR United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Antalya Turkish Grill

Antalya Turkish Grill has received several negative comments from customers, highlighting various weaknesses in their food and service. These weaknesses include:
1. Poorly cooked meat: Multiple customers have mentioned that the meat in their kebabs, such as kofte, lamb shish, and chicken doner, was not cooked properly. Some have described the meat as pink, cold, chewy, and undercooked. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and quality control in the cooking process.
2. Inconsistent quality: Some customers have expressed disappointment with the decline in the quality of the doner over the years. They have noticed a decrease in portion size, taste, and overall satisfaction with the food. This inconsistency in quality can be seen as a weakness, as it shows a lack of consistency and commitment to providing a high-quality dining experience.
3. Incorrect order and condiments: Customers have complained about receiving incorrect orders, such as receiving ketchup instead of chilli sauce or strange chilli sauce instead of mayo. These mistakes indicate a lack of attention to customer preferences and a lack of accuracy in fulfilling orders correctly.
4. Unprofessional customer service: Several customers have mentioned that when they called to complain or express their concerns, the staff at Antalya Turkish Grill did not listen or hung up on them. This demonstrates unprofessional behavior and a lack of customer-focused approach in dealing with complaints. It also shows a lack of accountability for mistakes and a failure to address customer concerns.
5. Overpricing: Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the prices at Antalya Turkish Grill, considering the quality of the food they received. Some have mentioned that the food tasted cheap and did not justify the high prices. This indicates a weakness in value for money and pricing strategy.
Despite these weaknesses, it's important to note that there may be some strengths or positive aspects of Antalya Turkish Grill that were not highlighted in the comments provided. These strengths could include factors such as convenient location, friendly staff (if not mentioned in the comments), or a wide variety of menu options. However, based on the comments provided, the weaknesses outweigh the potential strengths, making it difficult to recommend Antalya Turkish Grill as a dining option in Sidcup.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Wish I read the reviews before ordering!!!
Ordered 2 kofte kebabs bulgur rice and chips. The kofte was burnt and rock hard they put the salad and pita bread in the same box so all the kofte was soggy like dog food. Asked for chilli sauce but they put ketchup instead. I rang them to explain the situation but they kept acting like they couldn’t hear me. NEVER ordering from here again.. most disgusting kebab shop in sidcup..!????
Should of read the reviews before we ordered. Chicken doner tasted like cardboard, some of my lamb shish wasn't cooked properly, my boyfriends lamb doner was cold and dry, first and last time ordering from this place. Very disappointed with it.
First time we have ordered from here and will never again.
Not only was the donor meat pink cold, not cooked properly, the shish chicken kebab was not a shish more like cut chewy chicken that had been put on a grill to heat through, also it was meant to come with mayo but was smothered in a strange chilli sauce.
Needless to say, it all ended in the bin.
Extremely disappointed
Been coming here for many many years but the quality of the doner has gone down and price has shot up with the quantity of the food also being low. Food tasted very cheap compared to how delicious it use to be. I use to recommend this place to everyone, but I wouldn’t recommend to no one anymore.
Overpriced & overrated. Can’t even be bothered to explain how bad it was & how it cost £42 for 2 kebabs, a burger & chips ????????????
Absolutely diabolical if I could give 0 stars believe me it would have been In the minus, rang to place an order with specific instruction even though the kebab was overpriced ordered anyway due to being bank holiday and local wasn’t open kebab turned up inedible and I MEAN inedible, meat undercooked to the point of the animal still being alive, called the restaurant to let rip only to be hung up on!! Absolute sham restaurant for the quality of the food to creatures who work there ! Eww yuck I hope this is enough to put any future customers off this ‘restaurant’ I put that in very very slight terms this is not a restaurant a very shady establishment ! :( please refrain from giving your hard earned cash here they shout at women and almost kill you with salmonella, thank me later ????
The kebab rap was delicious, the half pounder was exquisite but one mixed Donna was meant to have chilli sauce but came with ketchup, it has been made inedible and definitely ruined the whole experience.
Disappointed with the quality of the meat in large lamb shish, meat very stringy and fatty. You know that the quality of meat is bad when they don't cook your lamb on skewers but instead cut the lamb pieces into small bits and cook on grill separately. I Won't be eating here again as they have had me twice now...

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