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An'tyrice Salon

+1 845-559-0033
381 Main St, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601 United States of America
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  • Identifies as women-owned
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Gender-neutral restroom
  • Restroom
  • Wi-Fi
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I was just trying to find a new hairstylist. I was pregnant around this time so it took me months to even do a review because of my experience. All i can say is this was the wrong place for me to go to. I asked the owner to trim my ends as I didn't feel comfortable with the person doing my hair. I figured the owner knew what she was doing and could achieve what i was looking for. Well needless to say, she cut off so much of my length.The young lady that was originally doing my hair was even shock at how much she chopped off. I was charged full price and ended up leaving upset and devastated. On top of it all I came in at 1pm that evening and didn't get out until 6pm. However staff is pleasant the place is beautiful just wrong salon for me.
Took my daughter Aaliyah we both happy experience.She wants come here every mth now . _ Myself as well got my hair done closure ponytail brought daughter in ty. Everyone so friendly & pleasant.
I love this salon!!! I am amazed with the service and the quality! I came to this salon with damaged hair. I would wear buns and my hair up because I was not confident with my hair being out. After my experience with Antyrice Salon I am leaving with confidence and tears on my eyes! Thank you so much. Highly recommend!!!
I usually have great appointments with An’tryice Salon but last week, I had a hair appointment scheduled at 5:30 PM for a silk press and I didn’t get in the chair until almost 8 PM and left the shop until a hour after closing. It was a little bit frustrating to be waiting for more than two hours. However, the girl that did my hair was nice and did a good job pressing it.
Terrible place. The owner is ghetto and starts problems with the surrounding tenants. Beware, the reviews below say they cut your hair off.
Went in to purchase hair after calling and asking. I was told ONE day before that I could do this for my appointment. I arrived and the hair was not there. I was sold bundles off of the display and charged me full price after saying she wouldn’t. Please do not bother. This is the third time this business has played in my face. The other time the person doing my hair did a simple ponytail and put so much gel in my hair, my hair broke off. The reviews you see here are from the staff pressuring the customers over and over again to leave a good review. The receptionist doesn’t care. The owner will never make it right. Some of the staff need to honestly just work for themselves because the salon is bringing the value of their work down.
Antyrice Salon very professional and great atmosphere. Angie love’s to see her clients leave with a smile.. she have been doing my hair for years. You will definitely leave with a smile and feeling like a princess. She is Queen stylist..
An’Tyrice is the best of the best. My highlights came out amazing, and my hair was left with no damage even after multiple at-home attempts. Love the environment, and you won’t be dissapointed with the service.

Quick Facts About An'tyrice Salon

An'tyrice Salon is a salon with both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. In order to assess these, it is important to consider the aspects that customers value in a salon experience, such as customer service, skill of the stylists, wait times, and overall atmosphere.
Starting with the strengths, it is mentioned that the staff at An'tyrice Salon is friendly and pleasant. This is a crucial aspect for any salon, as customers want to feel welcomed and comfortable during their visit. Additionally, it is noted that the salon has a beautiful atmosphere, which enhances the overall experience for customers. The comment about leaving feeling like a princess suggests that the salon puts effort into creating a luxurious and enjoyable environment for their clients.
Another strength mentioned is the quality of service. Customers express satisfaction with the results of their hair appointments, such as damaged hair being transformed and highlights turning out amazing. This indicates that the salon has skilled stylists who are capable of delivering desired outcomes. It is also worth mentioning the positive experiences of customers who brought their daughters to the salon, as they seem to have had a happy experience and express a desire to return.
On the other hand, there are several weaknesses that are pointed out in the comments. One recurring issue is the long wait times. Customers mention waiting for hours past their scheduled appointment time, which can be frustrating and inconvenient. While it is acknowledged that the stylist did a good job once the appointment began, the excessive waiting can leave a negative impression on customers.
Another weakness highlighted is the lack of professionalism and customer service in certain instances. One comment states that the owner is described as "ghetto" and starts problems with surrounding tenants. This can be concerning for potential customers who prioritize a professional and respectful environment. Additionally, there are complaints about miscommunication and unfulfilled promises, such as hair not being available for purchase despite being told otherwise and being charged full price after being promised a discount.
Furthermore, there are allegations that the salon pressures customers to leave positive reviews and that the owner does not address customer concerns. These factors can contribute to a lack of trust and dissatisfaction among customers. Additionally, the negative experiences shared, such as hair being cut off more than desired and experiencing hair breakage, contribute to a perception of inconsistency in the quality of service.
In conclusion, An'tyrice Salon has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. The salon is praised for its friendly staff, beautiful atmosphere, and quality of service. However, there are concerns raised regarding long wait times, unprofessional behavior, broken promises, and a lack of resolution for customer complaints. It is important for individuals to consider these factors and prioritize their own needs and preferences when deciding whether or not to visit An'tyrice Salon.

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