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Ok so moving to a new city is almost never easy but finding all new spots for everything specially a good nail salon is even harder! Buuutttt Amidon nails really made it easy for me and my family, we are now regulars since the first time we went haven’t even consider trying any other place nor will. My mom, my sister my niece and my self we are more than happy with everything every single time we go for spa pedicures or nails. Actually I can dare to say this is the first salon where I take a picture of how I want my nails done and actually get my nails exactly like the picture I showed, so I can truly say Lisa, Jennifer are amazing !!!
I've been going to this place for years. The owner usually does my nails she was not there this morning Jennifer did my nails and hit me over the head for $60. Normally the owner charges me 45 dollars.
I'm currently dealing with a horrible bacterial infection on my toes after getting pedicure at this salon I'm having to take antibiotics 4 times a day for the next week and if that doesn't work I have to get my toes cut open. The lady cut my nails off in places and I told her stop. I'm horrified by what has happened to me because of this salon
I’ve been coming here for several years. The ladies are hardworking and give the best pedicures at such an affordable price of $27. They are gentle yet effective at shaping nails and managing ingrown toenail’s. Very clean and they wear gloves and masks! Highly recommend!
Went to get my eyebrows done yesterday. They were closing early because they had a graduation to go to. She still allowed me to get my eyebrows done but she was rushing since she had somewhere to be. When I left, I notice one of my eyebrows were thicker than the other. I came back today just to ask the lady if she could make them look the same. So basically make the thicker eyebrow thinner. She said that she couldn’t do it. Then she proceeds to tell me that whoever did my eyebrows before messed them up but they were never messed up until she touched them the day before. Then another worker gets into our conversation and raises her voice at me just like the one who did my eyebrows. Needless to say, my eyebrows still look a mess and they wouldn’t give me a refund. I would give them 0 stars if I could. Very distasteful customer service.
They always do an excellent job for me and my girls.
Tracy did a great job. She was fast but took time to make sure my nails were straight and the same length. I got a full set and I'll definitely be back to get my nails done on a regular basis.
HORRIBLE! Right off the bat Lisa was rude, rushed through my nail job has lumps and not even all the nails are different sizes I told her and she said can’t do anything sorry, looks just terrible and to add my pinky toe is only half painted!! I would highly not recommend Lisa at Amidon nails!!

Quick Facts About Amidon Nails

Amidon Nails has a mix of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. It is important to consider both the positive and negative aspects when evaluating the overall quality of the nail salon.
One of the main strengths mentioned in the comments is the satisfaction of customers who have been going to Amidon Nails for several years. This indicates that the salon has built a loyal customer base over time. The positive experiences of customers and the fact that they consider Amidon Nails as their go-to salon is a testament to the quality of their services. It is especially noteworthy that they were able to replicate a specific style from a picture shown by a customer, indicating the skill and talent of the nail technicians.
Affordability is another strength mentioned in the comments. The salon offers pedicures at an affordable price of $27, making it accessible to a wide range of customers. The affordability combined with positive reviews about the quality of the pedicures suggests that customers are getting good value for their money.
Cleanliness and sanitation are important factors when choosing a nail salon, and Amidon Nails seems to meet these standards. One customer appreciates that the salon is clean and that the employees wear gloves and masks. This indicates that the salon takes hygiene seriously, ensuring a safe environment for customers.
Despite these strengths, there are also several weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One customer experienced an infection after getting a pedicure at Amidon Nails, which is extremely concerning. This suggests a potential issue with sanitation and hygiene practices that should be addressed by the salon. It is essential for nail salons to prioritize cleanliness to prevent infections and maintain the well-being of their customers.
Customer service is another area of weakness mentioned in the comments. One customer received rushed service because the employees were closing early for a graduation. This indicates a lack of dedication to providing a quality experience for customers. Another customer had a negative encounter with the employees when they addressed a service issue. The lack of customer service and the fact that they refused to give a refund showcases a poor approach towards resolving customer concerns. This can greatly tarnish a salon's reputation and result in the loss of customers.
Inconsistency in nail service quality is also mentioned as a weakness. One customer had a positive experience with Tracy, while another had a negative experience with Lisa. This inconsistency in the quality of service suggests a lack of training or consistency in the salon's approach to providing nail services.
In conclusion, Amidon Nails has several strengths, such as a loyal customer base, affordable prices, and cleanliness. However, it also has weaknesses, including issues with sanitation, poor customer service, and inconsistency in service quality. Addressing these weaknesses would greatly improve the overall experience for customers and help maintain a strong reputation for Amidon Nails.


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