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Allstar's Sports Barber Shop

+1 317-737-3229
1251 U.S. Hwy 31 N, Greenwood, IN 46142 United States of America
Open Today: 11:00 AM - 08:00 PM


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Oldest man in the shop butchered my hair, didnt even blend in the top, the back half of the top of my head is really short while the front half is long. Literally the worst hair cut ive ever gotten. Ive gone here for years and everytime was treated greatly but today is the last day ill be going here because of this experience
Matthew took time and much effort to ensure my curly hair was cut perfectly. I am so very grateful for him I’m sending many many shout outs for him. He knows how to do curly and very thick hair he is outstanding!!!! Thank you Matthew- god bless my friend awesomeness - his knowledge of cutting hir is top notch.
DO NOT COME HERE. The white boy Matthew Albertson that works here is racist. I brought my son here to get his haircut 3x in the last week and was told they are not taking anymore people by the white boy. I come at least 2-3 hours before closing. The phone number listed is the wrong number. This business is shady. I wouldn’t spend money where a racist work.
Yo guys visiting my boys and fam first time in town surprise from brooklyn, please fit me in somewhere if you can I guess today by now, can’t reach any phone, should be arriving tm around 2pm or so give or take I’m flexible, anyway I’ll grease you good just need a solid fade, which is turning out last minute, thanks guys
So good, very detailed and took their time. I wish I got the barbers name. My son is ADHD and I know cutting his hair is very difficult. The barber handled it great! We will be back for sure.
Great place, walked in with a messed up head i walked out dissapointed little did i know he cut it to grow into looking good when it grew out even. Older black man is fire fixed my hair when i didnt even know it needed fixed lol 4 stars tho for no working number for me to get pop's name for next time
It was my sons first time getting a haircut with clippers. They were so kind and understanding! I’ve come a few times to have my undercut touched up and it always amazing here! I would highly recommend everyone come see them!
Ken, I have been coming to your shop for years but unfortunately I will not be coming anymore. I have always had a nice haircut, not a single complaint ever until today. The oldest man at your shop literally butchered my haircut. I was in such a hurry that I did not pay attention at the shop but as soon as I got home and I looked at it along with my wife, I instantly knew I was given a haircut by a toddler. I specifically showed him on the board what I wanted it to look like, and he did not do that at all. I could only see the front when he was showing me in the mirror and that looked OK but when I got home and looked at the back it was a moment of disappointment. Uneven side lines, uneven neck lines, random trim size all over the back of head, it looks extremely bad! I’m sorry, I will not be coming back due to the old man.

Quick Facts About Allstar's Sports Barber Shop

Allstar's Sports Barber Shop has received mixed feedback from customers, with various strengths and weaknesses identified. In order to thoroughly analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the business, it is important to consider each comment individually and assess its impact on the overall customer experience.
Starting with the strengths, one recurring theme in the comments is the appreciation for the barbers' expertise and attention to detail. Matthew is specifically mentioned as being exceptional with curly and thick hair, demonstrating his knowledge and skill in hair cutting. Another customer praises the barbers' ability to handle a difficult situation with a child who has ADHD, showcasing their patience and understanding. These positive experiences highlight the professionalism and competence of the barbers at Allstar's Sports Barber Shop.
Additionally, the fact that customers have been visiting the shop for years implies that they have built a loyal customer base. This loyalty could be attributed to positive experiences in the past, suggesting consistent quality in terms of haircuts and customer service. It is also worth noting that some customers mention being treated well during previous visits, indicating that the shop values customer satisfaction and aims to provide a positive experience.
However, there are also several weaknesses that emerge from the comments. One customer expresses disappointment with the quality of their haircut, specifically mentioning that the oldest man in the shop butchered their hair. They note that the blending was not done properly, resulting in an uneven appearance. This negative experience is further emphasized by the customer's decision to stop going to the shop altogether.
Another significant weakness highlighted in the comments is the issue of communication and customer service. One customer complains about the unavailability of the listed phone number, as well as encountering difficulties in reaching the shop. This can be a frustrating experience for customers and may lead to a loss of potential business. Similarly, another individual alleges that a specific barber at the shop displayed racist behavior towards them and refused service based on their race. Such behavior is unacceptable and can severely tarnish the reputation of the business.
Furthermore, one customer expresses disappointment with the lack of information regarding the barber who gave them a good haircut. Having knowledge of the barber's name is important for future reference and ensures continuity in the service provided. The absence of this information suggests a lack of attention to detail and could be a missed opportunity to build customer loyalty.
In summary, the strengths of Allstar's Sports Barber Shop lie in the expertise and attention to detail displayed by some of its barbers, as well as the loyalty and positive experiences of long-term customers. However, there are notable weaknesses, including instances of poor quality haircuts, communication issues, allegations of racism, and a lack of attention to detail in providing necessary information. Addressing these weaknesses is crucial for the business to maintain a positive reputation and attract new customers.

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