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930 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80905 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Let me start off by saying Mandy is absolutely amazing! ???????? I was in the hospital which cause my hair to get extremely matted, then a few weeks after my hospital stay I was not able to do anything to my hair but wash it, causing it to get more matted! I thought for sure I was going to have to chop it all off. I went to Mandy and she is a miracle worker! I got there and we got right to it! She offered me refreshments several times and put in some movies to pass the time! The conversations we had were great and she has a beautiful and positive soul! She was able to salvage a good amount of my hair, color it and style it for me! She gave me my confidence back and I will definitely return for all my hair needs going forward! Thank you Mandy, you are truly awesome!! ????????????
I got my hair done by Mandy and she was absolutely amazing! I showed her a picture of what I wanted and got exactly that! She also took extra time and care to deep condition my hair to keep it healthy and strong! I can’t recommend her enough!
Jolynne has been doing my hair for years and is the ONLY person I trust with my hair. She never disappoints and always knows exactly what to do, even when I'm not totally sure what it is I am asking for. I live out of state and will wait until I am in town to have her do my hair. She is the absolute sweetest and I always enjoy my appointments with her. I would 100% recommend her for all your hair wants and needs. She is magical!
Mandy always does such an incredible job! Today I told her I wanted to go punk! Choppy, no symmetry, chunky green streaks, and damn did my girl deliver! Went from super long to mohawk mullet ????
I went in to get some synthetic dreads installed by Mandy and she knows what she's doing. She makes them all herself!! She has the best attitude which is also another reason why I keep on coming back. I've already gotten so many compliments on my dreads! She never fails to impress me. Thank you!!
I've enjoyed working here for most of my 35+ year career. I have to say the people I work with are awesome and I consider them family! The salon looks better than it has ever looked because the owner truly cares. The customers are fabulous and I truly feel like I've cheated life because I have a job I love to do so I feel like I haven't worked a day in my career! Come join the family, we'd love to meet you!
Deanna cut my curly hair and put in great highlight. Hands down, the best haircut I've ever had! Her years of experience definitely shows. I would recommend her to anyone, and will definitely be going back.
Booking my haircut and style with Jolynne was the best beginning to my new haircut needs! She makes you feel right at home and comfortable, suggested and showed me products to use with my hair as well. I will be definitely returning to her for my future cuts. ????

Quick Facts About ALL About Tangles

1. Skilled and talented stylists: Customers consistently praise the stylists at All About Tangles for their expertise and ability to deliver the exact look that the customer desires. They are able to work with a variety of hair types and styles, leaving customers satisfied and confident in their appearance.
2. Excellent customer service: Multiple comments mention the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the salon, with stylists offering refreshments and engaging in pleasant conversations with customers. The positive and uplifting energy in the salon contributes to a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the clients.
3. Versatility and creativity: The stylists at All About Tangles are praised for their ability to adapt to different hair requests and bring creative ideas to life. Whether it's a punk hairstyle, colorful streaks, or synthetic dreads, the stylists have the skill and expertise to deliver unique and personalized looks.
4. Attention to hair health: Customers appreciate that the stylists take the time to deep condition and care for their hair, ensuring that it remains healthy and strong. This attention to hair health sets All About Tangles apart from other salons and demonstrates their commitment to providing quality services.
5. Experienced and passionate staff: Several comments mention the longevity of the stylists' careers, with one stylist having over 35 years of experience. This highlights the professionalism and dedication of the staff, as well as their deep passion for their craft.
1. Limited availability: One comment mentions that a customer needs to wait until they are in town to get their hair done by a specific stylist. This indicates that the salon may have limited availability or long wait times for appointments, potentially inconveniencing customers who are seeking immediate services.
2. Lack of diversity in customer feedback: All of the comments are overwhelmingly positive, which may indicate a lack of diversity in the feedback received. It would be beneficial to have a wider range of customer experiences and perspectives to get a more comprehensive view of the salon's strengths and weaknesses.
3. Limited information on pricing: The comments do not provide any information on the salon's pricing structure, making it difficult to evaluate whether All About Tangles is affordable for all customers. Providing transparent pricing information would be beneficial for potential customers.
4. Absence of feedback on salon ambiance: While the comments mention the friendliness of the staff, there is no specific mention of the ambiance or overall aesthetics of the salon. The ambiance plays a significant role in creating a pleasant experience for customers, and it would be helpful to have feedback on the salon's overall atmosphere.
5. Lack of detail on services offered: The comments do not provide specific details about the range of services offered at All About Tangles. It would be helpful to know if the salon offers additional services such as spa treatments, nail services, or skincare, as this could attract a wider range of customers and enhance the overall salon experience.

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