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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Julie and moon are amazing ! Julie did a full set perfectly for me and moon was so patient with my 6 year old daughter who wanted rainbow nails along with her big personality. Great service
I have gone here one other time and my nails turned out amazing so I spread the word out. Brought my mom for her birthday yesterday and my nails turned out horrible. The first color I hated and the lady didn’t paint my full finger nails which I told the ladies there and still didn’t paint my full fingernails again with the new color. I also asked for square shape and I got a more round shape and now they just look to awkward to me. Super thin too. Very disappointed and won’t go back again. $55 for this? Ridiculous.
I am so disappointed with this place right now… I have had pedicures here for years and have recommended to friends. I brought my 13 year old daughter in a few weeks ago to get her nails done for a special occasion. She got the dip polish and the person that did her nails was amazing! She said if she wanted to get them taken off in a few weeks to come back and the can Soak them off. So today was the day to take them off. We went in, asked to get them soaked off. The lady that removed them clipped them and POPPED them off. I asked if they should be soaked off and she didn’t answer me. My daughter looked sad and wouldn’t say anything when I asked if she was ok. When they were off she buffed her damaged nails and that was it.. I paid and we left, my daughter immediately burst into tears. It hurt and her natural nail is destroyed. We went in to get them removed PROPERLY! I went home and google how to remove and you should SOAK them off! Never peel or POP them off. I figured out the person who did this is the OWNER!!! Tina should know better. I am so disappointed and mad that my daughter had to experience this…
Phea and Cindy are amazing nail techs! Friendly, kind, and always up for doing wonderful designs!
$105 which included the tip for the technician. The technician, Maria, did a fantastic job but the polish used was not GEL. It chipped the next morning. I paid for Gel but received something else. 5 days later and I have no polish on my nails. Huge disappointment and waste.
We love getting pedicures here. Staff are all very professional and friendly every single time we go. We've been here several times and each time has been awesome. I appreciate the cost transparency of pedicures; there is a sheet you choose from and you know how much you will pay before you commit to it. My daughter had acrylic nails done once, and it was a lot more expensive than we thought. I believe the nail stylists have different prices so be sure to ask, so you know what you'll be paying. This is the reason I'm giving 4 stars instead of 5. I believe in price transparency.
All of the women here are so very nice. Even when people are walking in non stop they are friendly, quick, and do a great job getting the style you want.
Here's my Mani Pedi from today ❤️
my nails turned out pretty, but i just got a basic pedi and basic mani nothing crazy.. i had an apt at 1:00 and someone didn’t see me until 1:55.. my nails were then very rushed and i felt like a bother. the nail tech had another client waiting for her that knew her so i felt awkward.
for how long i had to wait (literally almost an hour) i shouldn’t have had to pay over $100. i won’t be back, this is the second time i’ve made an apt and i’ve waiting for an hour just to have someone say hi and start my nails! if you don’t know a tech their personally, don’t bother!!!????????????

Quick Facts About All About Nails

All About Nails place has both strengths and weaknesses, as indicated by the comments provided. Let's analyze them in detail.
1. Skillful staff: Julie and Moon are described as amazing nail technicians who provide great service. Julie did a full set perfectly, and Moon was patient and accommodating towards a 6-year-old girl's request for rainbow nails. This highlights the expertise and versatility of the staff members.
2. Positive word of mouth: One customer had previously visited the salon and had an amazing experience, which prompted them to recommend it to others. This indicates that the salon has built a good reputation and has satisfied customers who are willing to spread the word.
3. Talented nail technicians: Phea and Cindy are praised for their skills in creating wonderful designs. This suggests that the salon has nail technicians who are capable of executing intricate and unique nail art.
4. Friendly and professional staff: The salon is commended for having a friendly and accommodating team. Even when the salon is busy with many customers, the staff remains friendly and maintains a high level of customer service.
1. Inconsistent quality: One customer had a negative experience when they brought their mom for a birthday nail appointment. The customer's nails turned out horrible, with an unsatisfactory choice of color, incomplete application, a shape different from what was requested, and an overall thin appearance. This inconsistency in the quality of services indicates a lack of attention to detail and consistency among the staff.
2. Lack of expertise and care: A mother and daughter duo had a disappointing experience when they visited the salon to have dip polish removed. The technician failed to properly soak off the polish, instead choosing to clip and pop the nails off, resulting in damage to the daughter's natural nails. This lack of expertise and care is particularly concerning because the person who performed the service was identified as the salon owner, Tina. This incident reflects poorly on the salon's management and raises questions about the overall competence of the staff.
3. Price discrepancies and lack of transparency: A customer mentioned that the prices for pedicures are transparent and clearly displayed, but when it came to acrylic nails, the price was higher than expected. The customer advises others to ask about the prices beforehand because different nail technicians may charge different rates. This lack of consistent pricing information could lead to confusion and dissatisfaction among customers.
4. Long wait times and rushed service: Another customer had to wait for almost an hour despite having an appointment scheduled. This delay resulted in rushed nail services and made the customer feel like a bother. Additionally, despite the lengthy wait, the customer was charged over $100, which they felt was not justified. This inconsistency in wait times and rush in service can impede customer satisfaction and tarnish the salon's reputation.
In conclusion, while All About Nails place has strengths such as skilled staff, positive word of mouth, talented nail technicians, and friendly service, it also faces weaknesses including inconsistent quality, lack of expertise and care, price discrepancies, and long wait times. These weaknesses should be addressed in order to improve the overall customer experience and maintain a positive reputation in the industry.

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