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Aissa's Professional African Hair Braiding

+1 315-426-1903
848 N Salina St, Syracuse, NY 13208 United States of America
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Extremely disrespectful! She does what she wants with your hair and charges high prices. $400 for crooked parts and uneven braids. I asked her to fix it and she just said I had to ask for a straight part! Save yourself and read yelp reviews!! These braids lasted no more than 3 weeks.
The owner tied knots in my natural hair, charged over 600 , would not take responsibility, and physically attacked me when I recorded her saying she wouldn't even refund me 100 for ruining my hair. Place is dirty and un sanitized. the owner is rude, and again, she physically assaulted me over her, ruining my hair and not taking responsibility. I was able to get my 100 of 600 back when the daughter made me erase the video of her mother attacking me so I would not contact the police. They also made me sign that I wouldn't ask for more money after. I was a hairdresser for 18 years. They are overpriced, unclean, and not nice people. There are many other braiding shops with pleasant, skilled, and clean employees.
I originally thought my braids looked nice until about 2 days of wearing the style. Their style was too tight and the owner makes a lot of excuses for mediocre quality braids. I paid 280 for the box braid style I had. I removed them because of pain and quality within a week. Take a look at the photos. The manager was also pretty forceful of making me leave a review before I was out the door. This shows the time span has been only a week since I should have had them in my hair. Also, she applied a rubber band to every single braid.
Aissa and her daughter are very sweet have good conversations and have gifted hands with great prices highly recommended that's the only braiding shop I trust with me and my daughter's hair
I’ve been coming to Aissa for over 14 years and I’ve always loved her service she was fast and very professional and pleasant my favorite braider
very fast service. braids are awesome not too tight. I have been comming here for a year for protective styles and my hair has grown so much
I love this salon, a lot of culture and growth. Aissa does a fantastic job on braiding, and gives the best customer service. My experience was good!
I had a great experience at the shop with the ladies. They were very people friendly and professional. I highly recommend visiting. Thank you for your services

Quick Facts About Aissa's Professional African Hair Braiding

Aissa's Professional African Hair Braiding place has garnered a mix of positive and negative comments. In order to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the business, it is important to consider both the positive and negative feedback.
Starting with the positive comments, customers have highlighted the friendly and pleasant attitude of Aissa and her daughter. They have praised the conversations they had and described them as sweet and professional. Additionally, customers have mentioned the fantastic job Aissa does in braiding, as well as the speed and quality of the service. The mentioned growth of hair from the protective styles provided is also a positive aspect. These comments reflect the potential strength of the business in terms of customer service, skill, and hair growth benefits.
On the other hand, negative comments highlight various weaknesses of Aissa's Professional African Hair Braiding place. Complaints have been made about the owner's disrespectful behavior and the high prices charged. One customer specifically mentioned paying $400 for braids with crooked parts and uneven braids. The owner's response to fixing the issue was perceived as dismissive and unsatisfactory. This highlights a potential weakness in terms of customer satisfaction and quality control.
Another concerning aspect mentioned in the negative comments is the unclean and unsanitary environment of the salon. One customer reported knots being tied in their natural hair, and the owner allegedly physically attacked them when they recorded the interaction. This points to a significant weakness in terms of professionalism, cleanliness, and possibly even safety.
Furthermore, a customer expressed dissatisfaction with the tightness of the braids and the numerous excuses provided by the owner to justify the mediocre quality. The customer paid $280 for a box braid style that had to be removed within a week due to pain and poor quality. This highlights a weakness in terms of technique and attention to customer comfort.
Additionally, a customer mentioned feeling pressured by the manager to leave a review before leaving the salon. This could be seen as a weakness in terms of customer experience and potential manipulation to maintain a positive online reputation.
To summarize, the strengths of Aissa's Professional African Hair Braiding place include the friendliness of the employees, skill in braiding, and positive experiences with some customers. However, the weaknesses of the business include disrespectful behavior, high prices, unsanitary conditions, physical assault, poor quality control, discomfort caused by tight braids, and potential manipulation for positive reviews. These weaknesses should be addressed in order for the business to improve its overall reputation and experience for customers.

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