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1. Good hair braiding: Despite some negative experiences, there are multiple comments mentioning that the hair braiding at African Hair Braiding & Gallery is good. Several customers have been going there for years and love the results they get every time.
2. Positive recommendation: One comment explicitly recommends the place for getting hair done in Raleigh. This indicates that there are satisfied customers who are happy with the service provided by African Hair Braiding & Gallery.
1. Lack of professionalism: Many comments point out the unprofessional behavior of the salon staff. Customers have complained about being stood up for appointments, long wait times even with appointments, and unhelpful and rude responses when trying to resolve issues.
2. Inconsistency in pricing: One comment mentions how the prices for the same service varied between visits, causing frustration and a sense of being overcharged. Inconsistency in pricing can create confusion and dissatisfaction among customers.
3. Poor time management: Multiple comments mention instances where customers were given specific appointment times and had to wait for extended periods before being attended to. This reflects a lack of planning and organization on the part of the salon, leading to customer dissatisfaction.
4. Unreliable service: Some customers express frustration at feeling let down by the salon's lack of dependability. They mention instances where appointments were not honored, forcing them to make multiple trips and waste time and money. Unreliable service can erode trust and discourage customers from returning.
5. Quality issues and lack of response: Comments highlight instances where the quality of the hair braiding was subpar, resulting in braids unraveling or falling out within a short period. The customers express disappointment at not receiving any assistance or resolution when raising their concerns with the salon.
6. Lack of effective communication: Multiple comments indicate that customers faced difficulties in communicating with the salon staff. Instances of receiving attitude or being given the runaround when trying to address issues can leave customers feeling unheard and frustrated.
Based on the comments provided, African Hair Braiding & Gallery has strengths in the quality of their hair braiding and some positive recommendations from satisfied customers. However, the salon also has several weaknesses, including unprofessional behavior, inconsistent pricing, poor time management, unreliable service, quality issues, and a lack of effective communication. These weaknesses can negatively impact customer satisfaction and loyalty. It is important for African Hair Braiding & Gallery to address these weaknesses and focus on improving their customer service and overall experience to regain trust and retain customers.

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Horrible! They leave to buy food and you are just sitting there. Do not come here. I had an appointment twice. Drove out of town both times. Only to be stood up. Came back a third time which was inconvenient for me. What a waste. DO NOT COME here. OGI is not dependable and neither is the quality or service of the salon.
They do good hair braiding. I was just there a few weeks ago and got my hair done. I go in there today to get my daughter hair done it’s a total different price. I have been going there for years getting my hair braided as well as my daughters. I promise you if she didn’t need her hair done I would have left. Than I made her an appointment a week in advance the lady told me 830 I get her there it one person there which was already doing someone’s hair. Than a lady came in after my daughter when other person came in after us they took the lady that came in after us first. I drove an 1hr and 20mins to be over charged and wait just because of what. I promise today was the day last day they got my business or money after years
BEWARE!!! I wish I could rate a zero due to being unprofessional, wasn't on time, long wait times even though you have an appointment. Then they get an attitude with you when you asked them questions because they are in the wrong. The way I was treated I will never give them my hard earned money.
Friday came in and was told to come 1030am next day. Arrived 10:15 and told just to come at 1pm.....ummm I woke up and came from Durham. The only reason I chose here was I doing work next door for a new business and I stopped in if I knew professional etiquette was lacking I would have never bothered waking up early and getting my four years old daughter together and coming ahead of time to be seen.
Do better
4 stars b/c I was extremely happy with my hair. But I waited a while but that's always expected from my experiences.
I love coming here I have gotten my hair done from here for about six months and I love my result every time. I highly recommend you come here to get your hair done in Raleigh.
I wish i could give zero stars. They don’t even deserve a 1 star rating!! TERRIBLE!!!! paid $200 dollars for box braids. Literally sat there ALL day from 9:30-4:30. EXTREMELY SLOW braider. THEN ONCE DONE, notice my braids were unraveling because she did NOT tie my ends before dipping it in water. Called them back and they were NOT helpful. Only tried to assure me my braids would not come undone EVEN after i told her they were already coming undone!!! Instead of saying come back Now so that we can fix to your liking especially being that I paid $200 for this mess. She tells me to come back in two days and if it is undone they will fix it. This was my first time going to the shop and my last! I generally go to a different shop where they has amazing service and do a wonderful job however because of time constraints today I just went to try this shop. Boy was that a mistake! Never again! I called my usual shop i go to and their shop was amazing as always because they fixed my hair for me the same day!! thank you, Mama’s African Hair Braiding For fixing the disaster of box braids that I got from the Shop On capital Boulevard!
I have been to this place before but never again. I came to get Senegalese twists done for my birthday. When I got there they needed an extra hour to finish a client. So I went yo get my nails done to give them time. When I got back almost 2hrs later, the same client was still getting their hair done. Once I was seated and took them a long time to complete the service.There was discrepancies on the price, and also less than a week into having these twists, they began falling out.. I have had Senegalese twists before, and they last for months. When I called to get this situation rectified, I was given the rub around about it.... To date I still haven't heard anything back from them about rectifying the situation.

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