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Service was extremely rushed and the results show. I would not recommend any one here outside of Amy. She is the only legitimate nail tech. Anyone else will be a pure disappointment. Went here for mani and pedis with my mom. Luckily Amy was able to complete my mom's services. However, I got stuck with the guy. Amy started my mom's services about 20 mins prior to my guy beginning mine. However, my services were completed 15 mins before my mom's. Mine was clearly RUSHED. The guy thought this was acceptable work to charge 60$. Very disappointed and will not return. My 5 year old niece could have done a better job.
Photos taken at nail salon, right after service. ????
This place did not meet the four star rating. I never had dip powder before but I wish they told me what it really is...it is acrylic nails applied another way. It started with me saying that I wanted them shaped the way they were and she filled them so much that she was filling the free edge cuticle under the base of my nail. The stuff that looks like dry skin in these pictures is the under flesh of my nail. I tried to explain to her that it was hurting and she proceeded to try to file it telling me it was dry skin..
lady, its attached to MY finger and it hurt! No, you may not file or cut any more of my finger off
I’ve been a customer for quite a while- today my friend and I left bleeding and with a horrible mani/pedi. I had an appointment with Rose- who is awesome, but the man did our pedicures cuz she had to run an errand during our appointment???? my friend had a mani by the guy and her nails were never trimmed or filed???(with blotches and skips included!) I was lucky enough to have Rose for my manicure. $170.00 later(with a $6.80 charge for using my debit) in addition to the 2 hours for waiting between services, left so very disappointed ???? i
I won’t even go into the upselling for dips!!
I'm very saddened that I rarely do anything nice for myself and came here wanting a nice pedicure. I left with polish on the back of all my toes, skin wasn't removed, hardly scrubbed, no conversations and the piant was smudged by the time I left. I hope you guy can do better. This was my first and last time coming here. I still left a good tip.
I have never had such a bad Mani AND Pedi. No shaping of my nails, the color is blotchy and not neat.... $100 down the drain ????
Got a same day appointment on a Saturday with Rose. I wanted a dip manicure and was worried they would look like chicklets on my short nails. She did a great job! They look natural. A+
Today was the first first time I had my nails serviced here. This was the only salon to get me in before my trip. The salon in the area made a mistake and overbooked my time slot. I was in desparate need. I am very thankful for having them! The technician was very detailed, gentle and made sure my expectations were met. Coming to a new store I had low expectations. She exceeded them! Visit A K Salon for high quality and exceptional service.
I arrived last night without an appointment. I had never been there before, and they kindly took me right away. I had a full set done and I am very happy with my nails! I didn't catch his name but the man who did my nails was very nice and professional. I will definitely be back!

Quick Facts About A K Nails

A K Nails place, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses. In terms of strengths, some customers have praised the skill and professionalism of specific nail technicians, such as Amy and Rose. These technicians are described as being detailed, gentle, and able to meet customer expectations. The ability of the salon to accommodate same-day appointments and take in walk-in customers is also seen as a positive aspect.
Another strength mentioned is the natural look achieved through a dip manicure. One customer specifically mentions that the technician, Rose, did a great job and the nails look natural. This suggests that there is a level of expertise in this particular service.
Additionally, some customers appreciate the convenience of the salon location. One customer mentioned that A K Nails was the only salon able to get her in before her trip, demonstrating the usefulness of their ability to accommodate customers' scheduling needs.
However, the weaknesses of A K Nails place, as expressed in the comments, are more prominent. One recurring issue is the rushed service. Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of their manicures and pedicures, claiming that the technicians rushed through the service, resulting in poor outcomes. The rushed service is particularly problematic when compared to the prices charged by the salon. One customer highlighted that they were charged $60 for subpar work, leading to disappointment and the decision to never return.
Another issue mentioned is the lack of proper communication and understanding between customers and technicians. This is seen in the instance where a customer's nail technician did not listen to their feedback about pain and instead continued to file the skin, causing discomfort. This lack of attentiveness and understanding can lead to a negative experience for customers and may cause them to seek services elsewhere.
Furthermore, there are complaints regarding the lack of attention to detail in the manicures and pedicures. Customers note that their nails were not shaped properly, resulting in a blotchy and untidy appearance. For a salon that charges higher prices, this lack of attention to detail can be disappointing and lead customers to feel that their money has been wasted.
Another common complaint is the poor customer service and long wait times between services. Some customers mentioned waiting for up to two hours between services, which can be frustrating and inconvenient. Additionally, there are complaints of upselling for certain services, which can give customers the impression that the salon is more focused on making additional sales rather than providing a satisfactory experience.
In summary, while A K Nails place may have some positive aspects, such as skilled technicians and the ability to accommodate same-day appointments, the negative comments regarding rushed service, lack of attention to detail, poor communication, and long wait times indicate significant weaknesses. These weaknesses could potentially outweigh the strengths and lead to negative recommendations and a decrease in customer satisfaction. To improve, the salon would need to focus on providing more consistent and high-quality service, addressing customer concerns, and improving overall customer experience.

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