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A & I Oriental Foods

+44 1344 860262
5 Market St, Bracknell RG12 1JG United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM


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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Great Asian supermarket owned by a friendly couple- Sri Lankan husband and Thai wife. I cook a lot of Sri Lankan food and have found curry leaves, rampe, Stringhoppers, red rice, small onions, big bunches of fresh herbs etc etc. Love the recent addition of frozen Sri Lankan meals including pittu with coconut sambol, pol roti and kotthu. As always, will return!
Lots of interesting stuff in the store. An international emporium. Food/ingredients that you might find hard to source elsewhere.
Fabulous selection of spices, vegetables, cans, naans, eastern sweeties, bits n bobs. Cooking something vaguely eastern (or north African) inspired..? You need A&I Oriental.
Friendly and helpful staff, and a brilliant selection of hard to find food at good prices. A treasure trove
Very helpful and friendly staff. They understand perfect English and so when you ask for something or for advise, they are always so happy to help.
Fresh produce at reasonable prices.
Portuguese frozen rissois are great. Fresh fish can be ordered by phoning in advance. Staff are super friendly.
Ok the place is small even with the newer extension, but the items that you'd want and need to remake those traditional dishes are pretty much in there. Hope they get even bigger then move to a larger area so they can add more items. Will be coming back for sure.
Super friendly and helpful with a great range of products.

Quick Facts About A & I Oriental Foods

A & I Oriental Foods has several strengths based on the comments provided. One of the main strengths is the friendly and helpful staff. Customers mention that the staff is understanding, speaks perfect English, and is always happy to assist with finding items or providing advice. This friendly and helpful service creates a positive customer experience and fosters customer loyalty.
Another strength of A & I Oriental Foods is the wide selection of hard-to-find food and ingredients. Customers mention that the store is like an international emporium, offering items that might be difficult to source elsewhere. This extensive selection of spices, vegetables, cans, naans, and eastern sweeties makes A & I Oriental Foods a go-to place for those looking to cook Eastern or North African-inspired dishes. Additionally, the store stocks specific Sri Lankan ingredients, such as curry leaves, rampe, red rice, and small onions, catering to customers who want to cook Sri Lankan cuisine.
The store also receives praise for its fresh produce at reasonable prices. Customers appreciate being able to access fresh ingredients at affordable rates. The availability of fresh fish, which can be ordered in advance, is also seen as a positive aspect of the store. This emphasis on fresh and quality produce sets A & I Oriental Foods apart from other supermarkets.
A notable strength mentioned by customers is the recent addition of frozen Sri Lankan meals. Customers specifically mention dishes such as pittu with coconut sambol, pol roti, and kotthu. This expansion of the store's offerings allows customers to conveniently purchase ready-made Sri Lankan meals, catering to busy customers or those who may not have the time or skill to cook these dishes from scratch.
Despite the positive comments, there are some weaknesses that can be identified. One weakness mentioned is the small size of the store, even with the extension. Customers express a desire for the store to be larger and have more space to add additional items. This suggests that the current store size may limit the variety or quantity of products that can be stocked, potentially limiting customer choices.
While the comments mentioned the helpfulness of the staff, there is no mention of the overall store layout or organization. It is unclear whether the store is well-organized and easy to navigate. If the store is not laid out in an intuitive and organized manner, this could be seen as a weakness that may create frustration for customers trying to find specific items.
In conclusion, A & I Oriental Foods has several strengths including its friendly and helpful staff, the wide selection of hard-to-find food and ingredients, the availability of fresh produce at reasonable prices, and the recent addition of frozen Sri Lankan meals. The store could benefit from addressing the weakness of its small size and ensuring that the store layout is intuitive and well-organized to provide a seamless shopping experience for customers. Overall, based on the comments provided, A & I Oriental Foods appears to be a great Asian supermarket that meets the needs of its customers.

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