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94 Coffee Shop

+44 1296 706360
94 High St, Waddesdon, Aylesbury HP18 0JD United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Service options
  • In-store shopping
  • Takeaway
  • Dine-in
Health and safety
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • NFC mobile payments

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

As far as cafes go, outstanding! Great coffee and sandwiches and friendly staff. Fast Wi-Fi available here which is useful considering lack of mobile coverage.
Nice little coffee shop in a beautiful village. A great place to pop in after a walk around the Manor House and Gardens. Lovely friendly staff.
Did the Greenway walk, popped into Waddesdon Village. Lovely cafe, super fresh sandwiches and coffee.
Lovely cafe with a variety of home baked cakes for sale. Its just opposite the turn for waddesdon manor, so good for a stop before or after visiting. Friendly staff. Covid safety very good.
Its good that this place exists. Popped in a few times over oast 12 months. Its just the welcome.... feels tepid for a small place
Lovely little coffee shop, they look after you really well, thanks to all the team ????
Great place to visit nice staff and reasonably priced food and drink
Recently me and my sister both in our late 60s and early 70s decided to visit after doing the long walk from Aylesbury and having read such great reviews. We arrived just on 2pm not realising they closed at 2pm. Ridiculous time to close! Anyway we managed to order 2 take away teas and sandwiches both of us unsure where we could just sit down and eat them. Other customers came in after us.
The service was not friendly, prices not that cheap, also no cash accepted and no receipts given. The cakes did look nice, but having our hands full and not knowing where two weary travellers from London could sit down and eat we decided to leave them. There was a few people in the shop eating as we came in. There was also a lot of food leftover, what do they do with it all?
We asked politely where we could sit down and eat our food but no help was forthcoming. She mentioned some park somewhere but being strangers to the village and already tired after our long walk we didn't want to go out of our way.
What happened to politeness? It doesn't cost anything. So would we go again if in the area, definitely not and would advise others to think twice before deciding to come.

Quick Facts About 94 Coffee Shop

Strengths: 1. Quality coffee and sandwiches: Multiple reviewers praised the coffee and food at 94 Coffee Shop, indicating that they are outstanding and super fresh. This suggests that the shop emphasizes quality in its offerings, which is a significant strength in attracting customers.
2. Friendly staff: Several comments mention the friendly staff at the coffee shop. Friendly service contributes to a positive customer experience and can leave a lasting impression on customers, encouraging them to return.
3. Fast Wi-Fi: The availability of fast Wi-Fi is highlighted as a positive aspect of the coffee shop. In a world where mobile coverage can be unreliable, having fast internet access is valuable for customers who may want to work remotely or stay connected online during their visit.
4. Convenient location: The coffee shop's location in a beautiful village, especially near popular attractions like the Manor House and Gardens or Waddesdon Village, is mentioned positively by reviewers. Being situated in a desirable location increases foot traffic, making it more likely for potential customers to discover and visit the coffee shop.
5. Variety of home-baked cakes: The presence of a variety of home-baked cakes for sale is complimented by a reviewer. This suggests that the coffee shop offers a diversified menu, catering to the preferences of different customers and potentially increasing customer satisfaction.
6. Covid safety measures: One reviewer specifically mentions the coffee shop's adherence to Covid safety protocols as being good. This recognition indicates that the coffee shop takes the health and safety of its customers seriously, which is crucial in the current global pandemic.
Weaknesses: 1. Lackluster welcome: A reviewer mentions that the welcome at 94 Coffee Shop feels tepid. This implies that the staff may not provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for customers, which could impact the overall customer experience.
2. Closing time: One reviewer criticizes the early closing time of 2 pm, suggesting that it is ridiculous. This limited operating schedule may inconvenience potential customers who may prefer to visit the coffee shop later in the afternoon or evening.
3. Service during closing hours: Another reviewer describes their experience of arriving just before closing and receiving unfriendly service. This suggests that the staff may not handle late customers with the same level of friendliness and attentiveness as during regular operating hours.
4. Limited payment options: The coffee shop's refusal to accept cash and not providing receipts is mentioned negatively by one reviewer. This lack of payment flexibility and transparency may be inconvenient for customers who prefer to pay with cash or require a receipt for their purchases.
5. Lack of seating information: A reviewer expresses frustration at not knowing where they could sit down and eat their take-away food. This indicates a lack of clear communication or signage regarding seating options, potentially leading to confusion or inconvenience for customers.
6. Inadequate assistance for newcomers: The same reviewer mentions that they politely asked for help regarding seating but received no assistance. This lack of helpfulness towards newcomers may create a negative impression and discourage travelers or first-time visitors from returning to the coffee shop.
7. Excess leftover food: The reviewer notices a significant amount of leftover food and questions what the coffee shop does with it. This observation raises concerns about potential food waste management practices, which may reflect poorly on the coffee shop's sustainability efforts and efficiency in managing inventory.
In analyzing these comments, it is evident that 94 Coffee Shop has several significant strengths, such as quality food and drinks, friendly staff, fast Wi-Fi, and a convenient location. However, there are weaknesses related to the customers' experiences, including a lackluster welcome, early closing time, limited payment options, unclear seating information, and inadequate assistance for newcomers. Considering these strengths and weaknesses can help the coffee shop improve and continue to thrive in the highly competitive café industry.

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