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Quick Facts About 2KU-Nail

2KU-Nail Place, as evidenced by the comments above, has both strengths and weaknesses. In terms of strengths, some customers have had positive experiences with the nail technicians, finding them to be polite, professional, and skilled. One customer mentioned that they have been going to the salon for almost two years and have generally had an okay experience, with a few nail techs being considered very good. Another customer mentioned that they love Tri Le, a particular nail technician, and have been a loyal customer for over three years. These positive experiences suggest that there are capable and skilled nail technicians at 2KU-Nail Place.
Additionally, some customers have appreciated the services provided, such as the pedicure. One customer specifically praised the pedicure, describing it as "awesome" and "very well done." Another customer mentioned that the salon is convenient and gets the job done. These comments indicate that certain services offered by 2KU-Nail Place are done to the satisfaction of some customers, adding to the salon's strengths.
Furthermore, one customer mentioned that they received a $10 discount after a negative experience, suggesting that the salon may be willing to rectify mistakes and address customer concerns. This willingness to resolve issues can be seen as a strength, as it shows that the salon values customer satisfaction to some extent.
However, there are also several weaknesses that have been highlighted by the comments. One recurring complaint is the inconsistency and quality of the nail technicians. Multiple customers mentioned that some nail techs are subpar and even terrible, with one customer stating that they had a nail tech who cut them multiple times and blamed the customer for moving their hand. Another customer revealed that the nail technician who did their nails did not do a good job, leading to dissatisfaction. These negative experiences highlight the lack of consistency and expertise among the nail technicians at 2KU-Nail Place.
Additionally, there are concerns about the cleanliness of the salon. One customer mentioned seeing fungus everywhere and dirty plastic partitions separating customers from workers. This lack of cleanliness raises hygiene risks and questions the salon's commitment to maintaining a sanitary environment.
Another weakness highlighted in the comments is poor customer service. Some customers mentioned rude behavior from the nail technicians, with one customer stating that a technician looked at their phone notifications without permission and another customer mentioning that a technician spoke to them in a weird manner and even slammed their phone on the table. These negative interactions demonstrate a lack of professionalism and the need for improved customer service training among the salon's staff.
Furthermore, customers have voiced concerns about expired products being used during their services and the unpleasant smell of the products. These issues raise questions about the salon's commitment to using quality and safe products on their customers.
In conclusion, while 2KU-Nail Place has some strengths such as skilled technicians, positive service experiences, and a willingness to resolve issues, it also has notable weaknesses. These weaknesses include inconsistencies in nail technician quality, cleanliness concerns, poor customer service, and the use of expired products. These weaknesses should be addressed by the salon to improve overall customer satisfaction and establish a strong and reputable presence in the industry.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Have been going here for almost 2 yrs. For the most part OK experience, only a couple of the nail techs would be considered very good. But for sure a few are by far terrible- and that’s putting it mildly. On my last visit, the older lady tech who sits next to the younger guy that is ALWAYS on his cell either texting or playing video games, who knows… anyway, the older lady begins working on my right hand by the 2nd finger she cuts me with the drill, ok, no problem, small cut, I let it go. When she gets to my left hand, she completely takes a chunk of my skin from middle finger. AND she had the audacity to say I was moving my hand in and out - meanwhile she was holding my hand the entire time- and I’m not a novice in getting my nails done- why would I move my hand while you’re handling a sharp instrument that could potentially hurt me?! Ridiculous. Ultimately the owners husband ended up doing my nails- and actually took $10 off my cost. Really?! Your nail tech cut me twice, bleeding, embarrassing, stressed but you made sure you got your money. Totally OK. Never going back there and I HIGHLY recommend you think twice before going here too.
Ah, the experience was okay. Nothing spectacular. Tech was polite. I did like the hot towel after the Pedi. Nothing to complain about. Nothing to write home about. In and out. Job done. Suits my needs as I am extremely busy.
I have went multiple times , I think like 5 times . And I did not like the service . I got my nails done nothing ago and I don’t like them at all . The products they use smell bad and are expired . I asked for a special design and they do it wrong . There was this man that had like a green shirt that did my nails , and he hated me . He kept grabbing my phone and looking at my notifications, I asked him multiple times that I can airdrop the design , he refused to use his phone . The pushed and grabbed my hand hardly everytime I took it out . The nails fall off quickly , they use expired products . The place is not clean , there were like fungus everywhere and the plastics to separate the costumer with the worker were extremely dirty . I speak a little bit of Vietnamese, they were talking bad about a costumer that was before me . The man talked to me weirdly and I didn’t understand the first 2 times , the third time , he rolls his eyes INFRONT OF MY FACE! And then grabbed my phone and slammed it to the table like it was nothing . Poor costumer service , and then nails didn’t turn out good at all . In the photo below , you can see that the texture is sticky and harsh . Do not go to this place !
The pedicure was awesome.Wanted to get a full set.The tech never acknowledge that she was taking care of me.I went a few more times before.I received the same treatment.I WILL NEVER RETURN
Love Tri Le!! I’ve been coming here for over 3 years. My fave tech. They’re all great here. He executed my idea.
I can not complain on my pedi. Very well done. However the person, I believe Lee, totally ruined my nails. I had originally had them done in Orlando. I live here in Miami so they’re across my house and went fir refill. Jesus take the wheel……. He did not do the original shape, which hello, was already there and put the most horrifically thick coat. Terrible. TERRIBLE Job. Now I’m left waiting for this mess to fall off to have a new set put on. Just a reminder of why I hadn’t gone back there in years.
Poor customer service, but it's convenient, and they get the job done.
I'm happy with place, the personal are very professional and care giving.

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