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10 10 Nails & Spa

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720 W Main St Battle Ground, WA 98604
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:00 PM


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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I was pleasantly surprised! I know it's hard sometimes to copy photos, and honestly I didn't have my hopes up. But they went above and beyond! My nails are absolutely gorgeous, and they look exactly like the photo.
The woman doing my nails was incredibly kind, made sure throughout the process it was what I wanted, the shape I wanted, the color. I was worried about the hearts, but she helped me pick those out to. The shape is absolutely perfect.
Lovely store, lovely people, good price for the amount of work, detail, and layers I asked for.
???? I will be coming back 10/10
Friendly Fast Service! this is my 2nd time here and I will never be going back to my old salon.
I love coming here! Sunny always does an amazing job on my nails. He’s super sweet and always is trying to make sure I’m super happy with my nails/shape/color
Man at the front seemed irritated with me walking in without appointment.
Kenty did my nails (dip) and finished with color of dip all over my skin and nail stuck to the skin. Asked to clean it up and she was irritated. Cleaned up just a bit and gave me a napkin with acetone to clean off the color myself. ????‍♀️.
Trina did good gel manicure for my daughter. Very sweet.
Obviously didn't need my business. They were busy and just wanted to get me in and out.
I made an appointment and was there on time. Only one other customer in the store when I got there. So I thought no problem I’ll get in and out in no time. I showed the gentleman a picture of a purple ombré glitter nail I wanted except for the background to be white instead of purple. He stated ok. I got a French tip. Not even any glitter at all so when I asked about the glitter all he said was Oh I’ll do that next time. Wait what!? If you couldn’t do what I showed in the picture then you should have said so. I then go onto the pedicure chair where I sit for about 20 minutes before anyone even puts water into the tub. Finally the gentleman puts his phone down and puts a little water in there. Finally after about yet another 20 minutes the gal comes over to start filling the water the rest of the way. She did a great job. But apparently pedicures are below the gentleman. Now I remind you there was only one other customer. 2 1/2 hours later I left extremely unhappy with my nails. So completely unprofessional!!! I have gone to this salon before and had a couple small bumps but I will never ever go there again. I would never recommend this salon.
Seriously! This place was amazing! I had gone to blossoms and they refused to do the design I wanted wouldn't even try! This place said no problem she had done similar designs. They gave me wine and did an amazing job on my nails! I highly recommend this place and will be going back!
Owner was super fast. Did my nails and my friends nails under an hour! Looks good too!
We made an appointment at 11am for 4 pedicures. We waited one hour to even get started!!! Only 2 workers there, when we made an appointment for 4 women, two weeks in advance. I even had to ask her to trim my nails before she painted them. Obviously she was in a hurry. Then she trimmed my toe nails with a cuticle cutter!!!!! Then end of my nails were shredded. It was the worst pedicure for all of all time! When my sister picked a design she wanted, the lady told her no. Pick something else. Why offer these styles when you can't create them. We will NEVER go back. Do not recommend. My paint came off two days later because they cut my nails with a cuticle cutter!!!

Quick Facts About 10 10 Nails & Spa

10 10 Nails & Spa receives a mix of positive and negative feedback from customers. In order to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the business, it is necessary to consider both the positive and negative aspects mentioned in the comments.
Strengths: 1. Skillful nail technicians: Several customers complimented the nail technicians for their ability to replicate designs and achieve desired results. They appreciated the attention to detail and the quality of the nail work. This indicates that the salon has experienced and talented staff members who can deliver satisfying results.
2. Customer service: Multiple comments mention the friendly and accommodating nature of the staff. The employees are described as kind, sweet, and eager to ensure customer satisfaction. This suggests that the salon prioritizes providing a positive and welcoming environment for its customers.
3. Fast service: Some reviewers praised the efficiency and speed of the nail technicians. Quick service can be a desirable trait for busy individuals who value their time.
4. Reasonable pricing: One customer specifically mentions that the pricing at the salon is fair considering the amount of work, detail, and layers they requested. This implies that the salon offers competitive prices for the services provided.
5. Willingness to try new designs: A customer expresses appreciation for the salon's willingness to attempt a specific design that another salon had refused. This indicates that the salon is open to trying new designs and accommodating customer preferences.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent service: One comment mentions that the man at the front desk seemed irritated by a walk-in customer. Additionally, another customer had an unsatisfactory experience with a nail technician who became irritated after being asked to clean up excess color. These incidents suggest that the level of service may vary and that some employees may not consistently provide a positive experience for customers.
2. Poor communication: A customer describes a situation where they showed a picture to the nail technician but ended up receiving a different design. The lack of effective communication resulted in dissatisfaction and disappointment. This indicates a possible weakness in accurately understanding and delivering customer requirements.
3. Time management: Several comments discuss long wait times and delays in services. Customers express frustration at waiting for extended periods before receiving treatments. This suggests a weakness in effectively managing appointments and ensuring timely service delivery.
4. Lack of professionalism: A customer recounts an unprofessional experience where a nail technician neglected to perform requested services, such as including glitter in a design. This lack of professionalism can lead to customer dissatisfaction and negative reviews.
5. Inadequate training: A customer mentions a negative experience where their nails were damaged due to improper trimming with a cuticle cutter. This indicates a potential weakness in the training and skill level of the nail technicians, as they should be aware of proper tools and techniques to prevent damage.
In conclusion, 10 10 Nails & Spa has several strengths, including skilled nail technicians, friendly customer service, reasonable pricing, and a willingness to try new designs. However, the business also exhibits weaknesses such as inconsistent service, poor communication, issues with time management, lack of professionalism, and possibly inadequate training. Addressing these weaknesses can help the salon improve overall customer satisfaction and retain a positive reputation.

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