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Awesome experience for the mother of the groom, day before the wedding! Last moment to relax. She was pampered to the hilt! And the nails were perfection! Worth every penny! Thank you
They did a great job and very nice. I will be going back and I will send people I know to then as well
Not sure who the guy was that did my manicure but it looks horrible. Not only that my cuticles are still burning from where he kept pulling my skin and cutting me. He cut all of my real nails off just to remove my dip powder. I will not be coming back here. It was a dreadful experience. Need better workers who take pride in their work.
They were terrible, I didn't get my design I asked for. When the tech finished he left all the trash in the bowl and went outside to eat his lunch. I had polish all on the side of my toes. I will never ever go there again or recommend it to anyone. My gel was dull. Very disappointed
The two women were extremely rude when I started asking questions about services and prices. Then to top it off I was short changed 12 dollars and when I questioned the price charges. She even threw a calculator at me and said she was right. I had to show her on the calculator that the prices didn't add up to the charged total. Never once apologized for any of the inconveniences.
Had my brows done and they did such a great job. So sweet every time I go there
Nancy and I both had pedicures. They were so nice as well as professional to us. We also noticed not a customer comes in without being greeted.
Not sure if it was because I was the last person in but I went there yesterday and they did an awesome job with the gel polish on my finger nails and toe nails. Truly made me day a lot better knowing that I can find such great service in my little hometown????

Quick Facts About #1 NAILS & SPA

1. Excellent customer service: Many of the comments mention the friendly and professional staff, as well as their attentiveness to customers' needs and preferences. This suggests that the salon excels in providing a positive experience for its customers.
2. Skilled nail technicians: The positive comments about the quality of the nail services indicate that the salon has well-trained and competent technicians. Customers specifically praised the perfection of their nails and the great job done on their manicures and pedicures.
3. Welcoming and friendly atmosphere: Multiple comments mention the warm and inviting environment of the salon. Customers appreciate being greeted upon arrival and feeling comfortable throughout their visit.
4. Attention to detail: The positive experiences expressed in the comments suggest that the salon pays attention to detail in their services. Customers mention that their brows were done perfectly and that the technicians take pride in their work, indicating a commitment to providing high-quality results.
5. Repeat customers and recommendations: Several comments indicate that customers plan on returning to the salon and will recommend it to others. This demonstrates customer satisfaction and loyalty, which can be a significant strength for the business.
1. Inconsistent quality: While most of the comments are positive, there are a few negative reviews indicating inconsistent quality of services. One customer had a horrible experience with a manicure, citing uneven and poorly done nails, as well as discomfort caused by the technician. This suggests that there may be some inconsistency in the skill level and attention to detail among the nail technicians.
2. Lack of professionalism: One comment mentions that a technician left trash in the bowl and went outside to eat lunch, while another points out that some of the staff were rude when questioned about services and prices. These incidents reflect a lack of professionalism and attentiveness to customer needs.
3. Pricing issues: One customer mentioned being short-changed and experiencing difficulty in resolving the issue with the staff. Poor handling of billing and pricing matters can leave customers feeling dissatisfied and create a negative impression of the salon.
4. Lack of attention to cleanliness: One negative comment mentions polish on the side of the customer's toes, suggesting that the salon may not pay close attention to cleanliness and sanitation during the service. This can be a significant concern for customers seeking a hygienic and safe experience.
5. Lack of design fulfillment: Another negative comment mentions not getting the desired design for the nails. Failing to fulfill customer requests can lead to disappointment and frustration, potentially resulting in lost business and negative word-of-mouth.
In conclusion, #1 NAILS & SPA place has strengths in terms of excellent customer service, skilled technicians, a welcoming atmosphere, attention to detail, and a loyal customer base. However, it also faces weaknesses such as inconsistent quality, lack of professionalism, pricing issues, cleanliness concerns, and occasional failure to fulfill design requests. Addressing these weaknesses can help the salon improve the overall customer experience and maintain a positive reputation.

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