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#1 Beauty Supply , Philadelphia

+1 215-727-3000
5806 Woodland Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

it just me or is 8% sales tax illegal in the state of Pennsylvania ? Because that is what they told my sister and I and I am a bit confused so I purchased my hair with receipt in hand and contacted consumer affairs and the state....
Well let's say I dye my hair every other week and this is the place to go. There very helpful and the woman are as fine as a thousand ????'s
Whats the point of having a person working if they are not really helping. She was rude and talking on her phone while I was trying to get some assistance. Never will I give them anymore of my hard earned money
Please don’t waste any of your money on the bundles. They claim to be Indian human hair but it was giving very much Barbie doll hair after wetting it. Didn’t even get to unravel the bundles. The hair shriveled up, became very thin, and shed like crazy. $600 down the drain! This should be illegal
The guys just be picking and choosing when they want to be polite so I do the same back but I shouldn't have to do all of that at a place I'm spending my money. They do have a great variety of things but I must say they're overpriced with most of their products.
Terrible they barley speak any English spent a lot and they forgot to put sum stuff I paid for in the bag.
Trash customer service. The store is ran by a group of Indian men who have little to no knowledge of what their selling. They are rude as well. When I walked to the counter to purchase my items I asked the gentlemen how much a certain item was and he seemed annoyed. When he finished ringing me up I did not get a goodbye or have a good day seeing as I spent a pretty penny in that store. They do have black women working there that are knowledgeable but are rude when it's around closing time. Besides the terrible customer service the place is a beauty store oasis. They have makeup, hats, accessories and of course lots of hair options. Overall customer service could be better. I want to be welcomed when I come into to this store where I am spending lots of money.
They have the best gloves the best supplies

Quick Facts About #1 Beauty Supply , Philadelphia

Strengths: 1. Wide variety of beauty products: The store offers a great variety of beauty products including hair, makeup, hats, accessories, and gloves. This makes it a one-stop shop for customers looking for different beauty supplies.
2. Helpful staff: According to one comment, the staff at #1 Beauty Supply is helpful and knowledgeable. This can greatly enhance the shopping experience, especially for customers who need assistance with choosing the right products or hair care.
3. Convenient location: The store is located in Philadelphia, making it easily accessible for customers in the area. This can attract local customers and promote repeat visits to the store.
Weaknesses: 1. Questionable sales tax practices: One customer raised concerns about the sales tax charged by the store, suggesting that it might be illegal. This can create doubt and mistrust among customers, potentially discouraging them from making purchases in the future.
2. Rude and unhelpful staff: Several comments mentioned instances of rude and unhelpful staff members. Customers expect good customer service when spending their hard-earned money, and negative experiences with staff can deter them from returning to the store.
3. Poor quality hair products: A customer complained about the quality of the hair bundles purchased from the store, alleging that they were not as advertised and caused significant problems. This can damage the reputation of the store and lead to dissatisfied customers.
4. Language barrier and communication issues: One customer mentioned that the staff at #1 Beauty Supply spoke little to no English, making it difficult for customers to effectively communicate their needs. Communication barriers can create frustration and misunderstandings, negatively impacting customer experiences.
5. Overpriced products: Another comment stated that the store's products were overpriced. High prices can deter customers, especially if they feel they can find similar products elsewhere at a more affordable price.
6. Inaccurate order fulfillment: One customer reported missing items from their purchase. This indicates a potential issue with order fulfillment and quality control, making customers question the reliability and efficiency of the store.
7. Overall poor customer service: Multiple comments highlighted the poor customer service experienced at #1 Beauty Supply. Rude and dismissive behavior from staff members, lack of acknowledgement, and unwelcoming atmosphere were mentioned. Improving customer service can greatly enhance the overall shopping experience and encourage repeat business.
In conclusion, while #1 Beauty Supply in Philadelphia offers a wide variety of beauty supplies and has helpful staff members, it also faces significant weaknesses in terms of questionable sales tax practices, rude and unhelpful staff, poor quality hair products, communication issues, high prices, inaccurate order fulfillment, and overall poor customer service. These weaknesses raise concerns and can potentially deter customers from choosing this store for their beauty supply needs. It is important for the store to address these issues and make improvements to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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