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World of Elegance

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30 Castle St, Dublin 2, D02 YV24 Ireland
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Quick Facts About World of Elegance

World of Elegance has garnered mixed reviews from customers, with some praising the salon for its exceptional service and skilled staff, while others have had negative experiences. In analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of World of Elegance, it is important to consider the various aspects mentioned in the comments provided.
One of the undeniable strengths of World of Elegance is the expertise and professionalism of the staff. Inga, in particular, is praised for her exceptional skills and knowledge of the job. Customers appreciate her attention to detail and the positive impact she has on their overall experience. Reina, who specializes in dealing with Asian hair, receives similar acclaim for her efficient and skillful approach. This showcases the salon's commitment to delivering high-quality services and accommodating specific customer needs.
The reasonable prices offered by World of Elegance are also well-received by customers. Several individuals express satisfaction with the value for money they receive from the treatments. The affordability of the salon's services attracts loyal customers who appreciate the balance between price and quality that World of Elegance provides.
The availability of booking appointments via Treatwell is considered a convenience. This online platform enhances accessibility for customers, allowing them to easily schedule their treatments. The incorporation of technology in this way demonstrates the salon's adaptability and commitment to providing a seamless customer experience.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is the cleanliness and relaxing ambiance of the salon. Customers appreciate the efforts made by the staff to create a serene and comfortable environment. This attention to detail contributes to establishing a positive atmosphere, encouraging customers to relax and enjoy their treatments.
The positive experiences shared by customers, who received satisfactory haircuts, facials, and lash lifts, indicate that World of Elegance is capable of delivering exceptional results. The professionalism and skill demonstrated by the staff during these treatments result in customer satisfaction and positive word-of-mouth referrals.
However, the salon does have its weaknesses. One customer reported a terrible experience wherein their hair was dyed the wrong color and cut without their permission. This incident highlights a lack of communication and attentiveness from the staff. It is crucial for any salon to prioritize customer satisfaction and adhere to their preferences and desires. Such cases can greatly diminish the reputation of World of Elegance and deter potential customers from visiting.
Although the majority of customers in the comments expressed positive opinions about the salon's staff, one comment only mentions the friendliness and chattiness of the employees, rather than their expertise or quality of service. This suggests a potential weakness in terms of consistently delivering excellent customer service. It is important for the staff at World of Elegance to ensure that they are consistently delivering exceptional service to meet customer expectations.
Another factor that may be considered a weakness is the lack of mention regarding the choice and variety of cosmetic brands used in the salon. While one customer appreciated the brand of cosmetics used, it is unclear whether this is a consistent characteristic of World of Elegance. Transparency regarding the brands and products used may attract customers who have specific preferences or concerns about certain cosmetic ingredients.
In conclusion, World of Elegance possesses several strengths, including skilled and professional staff members, reasonable prices, convenient booking options, a clean and relaxing atmosphere, and the ability to deliver exceptional results. However, it also showcases some weaknesses, such as occasional lapses in communication and attentiveness, and the need for consistent delivery of exceptional customer service. Additionally, providing more information about the cosmetic brands used may enhance customer trust and loyalty. Overall, World of Elegance has the potential to be a reliable and reputable salon, but must address and improve upon its weaknesses to fully meet customer expectations.

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Inga is the best of the best ones there. Do not lose your opportunity to be touched by her soft and small hands.. they are amazing, no doubts! She does everything right and knows her job, make an appointment and enjoy your treatment! Prices and quality are good enough.
This place is worthy every penny you spend! I had my hair cut here by Reina, she is from Japan, so she understands asian hair, and she is very skilled to deal with it!! Amazing result, I am so happy to find her! Another loyal customer✓✓✓
It is my second time in World of elegance to get a lash lift. Prices are reasonable, Inga is super professional and a pleasant woman. Super happy with the result. You can now book your treatment via treatwell which is very handy.
Such lovely staff, clean and relaxing place too. I've had a hair cut and facial and was really really pleased with both. I'd definitely recommend them and I'll be going back. Thanks girls. X
Worse experience I have ever had. Completely dyed my hair the wrong color and decided to cut it aggressively short without even asking for my permission. Do not recommend going here.
I booked a facial & back massage and it was fantastic, from the brand of cosmetics to the therapist, who was friendly, knowledgable and a fantastic masseuse. I booked again next week for the same and a hair cut, wash and blow dry and looking forward to it.
Really really nice girls working here! The lady who did my lashes did a great job they are really nice! The staff are lovely and chatty. Had a great experience here!
Spotless place, friendly staf, nó rushing you out.
Rheina is such a pro, she managed to correct my husbands haircut after another shop gave him the haircut from hell.

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