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Wilson's Place, as described by the comments, has several strengths and weaknesses. In terms of strengths, one standout aspect is the quality of the food. Multiple commenters mention that the food they had was very good or nice. This indicates that the establishment focuses on providing delicious meals to its customers.
Another strength of Wilson's Place is the attentive and friendly service. Commenters highlight the professionalism and friendliness of the staff, which contributes to a positive dining experience. Additionally, the COVID-19 safety measures are commended in one of the comments, suggesting that Wilson's Place takes customer safety seriously and implements necessary precautions.
The availability and variety of drinks is another strength mentioned in the comments. Wilson's Place offers a good selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including mocktails. This appeals to different preferences and ensures that customers have multiple choices.
Furthermore, Wilson's Place provides an outdoor seating area for warmer weather, which is another positive aspect. This allows customers to enjoy their meals outside and adds to the overall dining experience.
However, Wilson's Place also has some weaknesses that are mentioned in the comments. One recurrent issue is the slow service. Commenters expressed frustration with the time it took to order drinks, receive meals, or even be seated. This suggests potential inefficiencies in the establishment's operations that may need to be addressed.
Another weakness highlighted in the comments is the seating arrangement. One customer complains about the cold temperature in the area they were seated and the restriction to sit in the tented area despite available tables in the warmer main bar area. This indicates a lack of flexibility in seating arrangements and a potential discomfort for customers.
In terms of food, there are a few negative comments regarding the quality. One customer mentions that the rice was undercooked and the soup did not meet their expectations. Another comment suggests that the food was basic or average at best. These criticisms indicate a potential inconsistency in the food quality or a discrepancy between customer expectations and what is actually served.
Furthermore, there are complaints about order mistakes and rude behavior from staff. One commenter mentions that their order was incorrect, but instead of apologizing, the waiter displayed an indifferent attitude. Another comment highlights the rudeness of a staff member when dealing with seating arrangements. These instances reflect a lack of proper communication and customer service skills among some staff members that need to be addressed.
There are also minor weaknesses mentioned, such as the appearance of worn-out seating and the removal of certain items from the menu. While these may not significantly impact the overall dining experience, they can be areas for improvement to maintain customer satisfaction.
In conclusion, Wilson's Place has strengths in terms of its quality food, attentive service, drinks selection, and COVID-19 safety measures. However, weaknesses exist in the areas of slow service, seating arrangements, food quality consistency, order mistakes, and occasional rudeness from staff. Addressing these weaknesses could significantly improve the overall dining experience for customers at Wilson's Place.

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I had a late lunch here. At the time of day that I ate (about 3.30pm), only sandwiches or ciabattas were being served. I had a pork, apple and stuffing ciabatta, which came with a small salad and some fries. I think the food I had was very good. Desserts are available for just under £7.00 each. The drinks menu was varied, with a good selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks including mocktails, available. The young lady who served us was very attentive, and the service was good. There is an area outside for eating when the weather is warmer. The main seating area is contemporary, but the seating is looking a little worn in appearance. I parked in the main car park to the rear of the Wynnstay Hotel, and there were plenty of spaces. Parking is free for patrons, but don't forget to ask for a token for the barrier before you leave. I recommend you try Wilsons, I will definitely visit again.
We went to Wilson's and had lovely hot chocolate and cake staff were very friendly and professional will definitely be going again soon.
Food was nice. Service was really slow. We had to find someone to order even though we booked for food. Where we were seated was FREEZING cold when we asked to move we were told if having food we had to sit out in the tented area... Looked so nice and warm and inviting in the main bar area... There were free tables but 'not allowed' to sit at them due to having food. Once food arrived it was nice but waiter took so longe to bring our drinks we had finished.
Rise was under cooked, the soup was more French onion soup then Japanese Miso Soup. The desert was a nice icecream, but not special. Main was survet in very flimzy plastic tray.
Food basic and order wrong but waitress said she brought what she heard us order and when we said it was wrong no apology just a face like well I heard this was the order so tough. She snapped at people trying to sit down as she said a made up table means reserved but I pointed out a label saying reserved may help and she said well it's made up so that means reserved. Very rude. Long wait for food and bill
Excellent covid-19 social distancing and hygiene measures, which was very reassuring, and communication about those measures was very clear. Personally, it made for a very relaxing dining experience given the times we find ourselves in. Staff were very pleasant and helpful, service was great, food (pizzas) was very tasty too. We did eat early so I imagine it would have been busier later on, but tables were well spaced out so I think it would have been ok. Would definitely eat here again.
Friendly staff and great drinks. However the new menu isn't great. They have removed the traditional breakfast, which is a big mistake and the Calzone I ordered was under cooked and dry.
Food was average at best, service was aweful. Had to ask three times to get a drinks order, waited 15 mins to arrive, ordered more with the main meal and they arrived after everyone had finished eating. There were enough staff they just need training.

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Service options
  • Outdoor seating
  • Dine-in
  • Great cocktails
  • Live music
  • Wheelchair-accessible car park
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Alcohol
  • Beer
  • Cocktails
  • Food
  • Food at bar
  • Spirits
  • Wine
  • Casual
  • Cosy
  • Upmarket
  • Groups
  • Accepts reservations