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3734-4018 A St SE Auburn, WA 98002
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
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For a place that hires 5 staffs at night. They mess up orders way too many times and especially making you park 10 MINUTES FOR ONLY 2 DANG MEALS!!! GET YOUR STAFFS TOGETHER & HAVE THEM STOP THINKING THEY’RE THERE TO “HANG OUT” with friends. They’re over there playing with the door locking co-workers out when they give out “parked-car orders”. If they stopped playing around too much, they’ll get peoples order out & quick as suppose. It’s called FAST-FOOD for a reason. Please & thank you.
The food is great and the staff is so friendly. They treat you like a friend every time you visit wether it be to pick up or dine in. I have purchased meals here for visiting friends many times and will continue to do so.
I do all my Safeway shopping here. I use the grocery pick up and they are great. Very very satisfied
Spent an hour or so here waiting out a torrential rain storm that was flooding the freeway. Honestly the most entertaining parking lot of the year. Cars and trucks drifting donuts, near accidents, fights, happy people, weird people. I was highly entertained just sitting in my car.
Not the worst McDonald's, the worst fast food restaurant I have ever been too. Horrible. I go here daily because it's the only thing close to work. They are professional at horrible service and wrong orders.
This is my go to place for groceries and their fried chicken! Best in town at this store. I'm safe here as there are no strangers hanging outside. The store is clean, bright and well stocked. If I'm shopping near dusk, someone will walk out to the car with me.
Atypical terribly unhealthy food with mediocre service at best and of course the signature nonsmiling nonhappy employees
Rio Blanca Mexican restaurant is always great and his family run and friendly


White River Junction, despite its strengths, also has its fair share of weaknesses. One of the main weaknesses is the inefficiency and lack of professionalism displayed by the staff at the fast-food restaurant. According to one commenter, the staff frequently messes up orders and takes an excessive amount of time to serve customers, even causing them to wait for 10 minutes for only two meals. This not only reflects poorly on the establishment but also frustrates customers who expect quick service from a fast-food restaurant. Additionally, the commenter mentions that the staff often engages in unprofessional behavior, such as playing around and locking co-workers out, instead of focusing on their duties. This further adds to the delays and dissatisfaction experienced by customers.
On the other hand, White River Junction does have some strengths that contribute to its appeal. One commenter praises the food quality and describes it as great. They also appreciate the friendly and welcoming nature of the staff, who treat customers like friends during each visit. This personal touch can significantly enhance the overall dining experience and make customers feel valued and appreciated. Another commenter expresses their satisfaction with the grocery pick-up service provided at the local Safeway. They commend the staff for their efficiency and express their high level of satisfaction with the service. This indicates that the staff at this location are capable of delivering exceptional customer service, despite the shortcomings mentioned earlier.
It is worth mentioning that White River Junction also offers some unique experiences and entertainment options. During a heavy rainstorm, one commenter describes spending time in the parking lot and being highly entertained by the various activities taking place, including drifting cars, near accidents, fights, and a mix of happy and strange people. This suggests that even in less than ideal circumstances, the location can provide an unexpected source of amusement for those looking for a way to pass the time.
However, the fast-food restaurant in White River Junction still receives a substantial amount of criticism. Another commenter labels it as the worst fast-food restaurant they have ever visited, consistently providing horrible service and incorrect orders. This indicates a pattern of subpar performance that goes beyond individual instances. Despite the proximity to their workplace, the commenter continues to visit daily, highlighting the lack of alternative options in the area. Such negative experiences can result in frustration and dissatisfaction among customers, leading to a decline in their perception of the establishment and impacting its overall reputation.
On a more positive note, White River Junction offers a grocery store that is highly regarded by a different commenter. They describe it as their go-to place for groceries and specifically praise the quality of their fried chicken. The comment also emphasizes the feeling of safety and security within the store, as there are no strangers loitering outside. Furthermore, the store itself is described as clean, well-stocked, bright, and welcoming. This creates a positive shopping environment and contributes to a pleasant overall experience for customers. The additional mention of personalized service, such as an employee walking out to the car during dusk, reinforces the feeling of being valued as a customer and contributes to a sense of safety.
Another positive aspect of White River Junction mentioned by a commenter is the excellent experience at a specific Mexican restaurant, Rio Blanca. The commenter expresses their satisfaction with the food quality, as well as the friendly and family-oriented atmosphere. This suggests that the town offers a diverse range of dining options and caters to different culinary preferences.
In conclusion, White River Junction has a mixture of strengths and weaknesses. While it may offer some great food options and friendly staff at certain establishments, there are instances of inefficiency, unprofessional behavior, and incorrect orders that dampen the overall experience. However, the positive experiences at the grocery store and Mexican restaurant highlight the potential for enjoyable dining and shopping experiences in the area. Overall, White River Junction would benefit from addressing the issues related to service and consistency to improve customer satisfaction and establish a stronger reputation in the community.