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VIP Teas

+44 1207 545180
7-9 Ramsay St, High Spen, Rowlands Gill NE39 2EL United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Bone China everywhere. Tea always tastes better from a chia cup. I had the corned beef pie with trimmings. The pie was delicious. They certainly didn't skimp on the filling. Price wise acceptable. Plenty of lovely homemade cakes on show. The staff were friendly. A pleasant hour spent in olde worlde tea room.
Nice quite place. Parking is on the road. Tea was lush and food great. Price good.
Afternoon Tea was Excellent ! Everything was homemade - Delicious ! The Staff were very friendly & nothing was a problem to them (extra cream & Jam for scones) We shall definitely be returning !
Wonderful cakes and scones. Very friendly service. Would recommend anyone to visit this amazing tea room.
Quaint tea room with good fayre and drinks. Friendly staff. Worth visiting
Went in for a cuppa and food,had been a couple of years since last visit and it was just the same.
My wife and I went for an Afternoon Tea for her birthday. The food was super delicious and very well presented. On arrival, the staff were welcoming and polite. The Tea Room has a lovely atmosphere, is well decorated and is spacious enough to keep a good distance between the tables.
Overall a lovely place and looking forward to returning.
Very friendly staff and always a pleasure to visit

Quick Facts About VIP Teas

VIP Teas place seems to have several strengths based on the comments. One of the strengths mentioned is that they use Bone China for their tea cups. This can be seen as a positive aspect as it adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the tea drinking experience. The comment suggests that tea tastes better when served in a Bone China cup, which could enhance the overall enjoyment of the tea for customers. Additionally, the use of Bone China can also contribute to the ambiance and aesthetic appeal of the tea room, making it more visually pleasing for customers.
Another strength mentioned is the quality of the food. Customers have commented on the deliciousness of the pies, cakes, and scones served at VIP Teas place. The fact that the food is described as homemade adds to the appeal, as it suggests that the ingredients and preparation methods used are of a higher standard. This can be a major strength for the tea room, as good food can attract customers and lead to repeat visits.
The friendliness of the staff is also mentioned as a strength. Customers have described the staff as welcoming, polite, and friendly. This creates a positive atmosphere and makes customers feel comfortable and valued. Good customer service is crucial in the hospitality industry, and positive interactions with staff can contribute to a pleasant overall experience for customers.
The atmosphere of the tea room is also highlighted as a strength. Comments mention the quaintness and olde worlde charm of the tea room, as well as its spaciousness. This suggests that the tea room has a unique and appealing ambiance that sets it apart from other establishments. The atmosphere can play a big role in attracting customers and creating a memorable experience.
In terms of weaknesses, there are not many comments that address specific weaknesses. However, one comment does mention that parking is on the road. This could be seen as a minor inconvenience for customers, especially if there is limited parking available. Providing convenient and easily accessible parking options can be important for attracting customers, so this could be an area for improvement for VIP Teas place.
In conclusion, VIP Teas place seems to have several strengths based on the comments. These include the use of Bone China, the delicious homemade food, the friendly staff, and the appealing atmosphere. These strengths contribute to a positive overall experience for customers. While there is a minor mention of parking as a possible weakness, the overwhelming positive comments suggest that VIP Teas place is a highly recommended tea room.


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