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Village Nail Spa

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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I have been using Village Nail Spa for years and every time, no matter which nail tech works with me I always am beyond satisfied. My nail tech is Jessie, and she is incredible at turning my nails into a work of art. I will go no where else for my nail needs. The pictures speak a thousand words, and my nails look absolutely incredible! The gel pedicure also lasts SO long and come out looking fantastic! I typically get the 6 step moisture pedicure I think it’s called? At any rate, it always keeps my feet feeling soft and smooth and the pedicure comes with paraffin wax which is my favorite!!
Absolutely the best nail salon in town! Maybe in the state! Very friendly, professional and attentive. I always leave Village Nail Spa very happy. I have been a customer for years and would never consider changing.
Normally I have a good experience here but I guess it just depends on who you get. This is what I asked for vs what I got ???????? wow lol. Also I waited almost half an hour past my appointment time.
Villiage Nail Spa is my elect pick for nail care and upkeep! I adore the staff: they are all so kind, respectful, attentive, and great at what they do! I recommend this nail spot to everyone and anyone who asks. Not only is their craft excellent, but the prices are very reasonable! Favorite nail spot in Clemmons & Winston Salem by far
Jennifer is my go to person. Very knowledgeable, sanitary, and caring. In my 60s an never had natural nails until coming here. Having SnS help my real nails grow long. Now SnS on my nails, protect them at work. In 5 years, I have never had a nail infection or any other issues you hear about. Hanna and her staff are very health conscious an care about everyone's safety. This is a very clean professional salon.
Absolutely the best pedicure ever. I had fractured ribs and my nails really needed done. Everyone was so sweet and helpful. I arrived in lounge wear without bra or makeup. Made me feel very comfortable
Love this nail salon! they always do a fantastic job and i always leave happy with my nails! their employees are so nice and friendly as well!
I no longer support this business bc of the last 2 services. The pedicure was painful and results blAh. The gel nail starting to come off in layers on day 2 because she applied it too thick and didn’t allow it to dry properly. I’m done with this business.

Quick Facts About Village Nail Spa

Strengths: 1. High customer satisfaction: Many customers express their satisfaction with Village Nail Spa, praising the nail technicians for their excellent work and turning their nails into works of art. Customers are beyond satisfied every time they visit.
2. Skilled nail technicians: Jessie, one of the nail technicians at Village Nail Spa, is specifically mentioned as incredible at her craft. This highlights the skill and expertise of the nail technicians at the salon.
3. Long-lasting gel pedicures: The gel pedicures at Village Nail Spa are praised for their longevity and the fantastic results they provide. This indicates that the salon uses high-quality products and techniques for their services.
4. Moisture pedicure with paraffin wax: The 6-step moisture pedicure at Village Nail Spa is mentioned as a favorite by a customer. This suggests that the salon offers a variety of pedicure options, including ones that provide additional treatments like paraffin wax for soft and smooth feet.
5. Friendly and attentive staff: The nail salon is mentioned as having very friendly, professional, and attentive staff. Good customer service is highly valued by customers, and the staff at Village Nail Spa consistently provides a positive experience.
6. Established customer base: Some customers mention being long-term customers of Village Nail Spa, indicating that the salon has a loyal and satisfied customer base.
7. Reasonable prices: A customer mentions that the prices at Village Nail Spa are very reasonable. This is a strength as it attracts customers who are looking for quality services at affordable prices.
8. Sanitary and health-conscious: A customer mentions that the salon is sanitary and health-conscious. This demonstrates that Village Nail Spa prioritizes the health and safety of its customers, which is essential for any nail salon.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent experience depending on the nail technician: One customer mentions that their experience at Village Nail Spa varied depending on the nail technician they received. This inconsistency in service quality can be seen as a weakness, as customers may have different experiences.
2. Long wait times: A customer mentions waiting almost half an hour past their appointment time, which suggests that the salon may struggle with managing appointment schedules and providing timely service.
3. Subpar service in recent visits: One customer mentions having subpar experiences in their last two visits, including a painful pedicure and gel nails that started coming off after just two days. This indicates a decline in service quality and consistency.
4. Lost customer: The customer who had a negative experience mentions that they will no longer support the business due to their recent services. Losing a customer due to dissatisfaction is a weakness for any business.
In conclusion, Village Nail Spa has several strengths, including high customer satisfaction, skilled nail technicians, long-lasting gel pedicures, friendly and attentive staff, reasonable prices, and a focus on sanitation and health. However, the salon also has weaknesses, such as inconsistent experiences depending on the nail technician, long wait times, and recent subpar services that resulted in the loss of a customer. These weaknesses should be addressed to maintain and improve the salon's reputation and customer satisfaction.


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