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Tuckers Barbershop

+1 541-226-4952
1330 NW 6th St suite h, Grants Pass, OR 97526 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM


Health & safety
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom
  • Gender-neutral restroom
  • Restroom
  • LGBTQ+ friendly

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Absolutely incredible hospitality! Wonderful people, and generosity! Kayla (sp?) cut my hair for the trade of two songs! The owner(s) offered me pizza while my "barberess" brought me locally brewed root beer!Can you imagine? Wonderful!
Tuckers is by far one of the best Barber shops to go to in southern Oregon. They treat you with the utmost respect as if you were family. An do some of the cleanest cuts and shaves around. As well as very reasonably priced. Want some one experienced cutting your hair I recommend these guys. Especially Misty!!!
I had the best experience I have ever had at a barber shop. The people working there are the most talented, kindest amazing barber's I have ever had. Great energy and spectacular at what they do. I will definitely tell all my friends and family about this place, If you want a good experience Tucker's barbershop is the one. ????
Only place in town to get a great haircut, amazing atmosphere and outstanding customer service. Chance is fantastic and my husband is always happy with the cut. We won’t go to anyone but Chance and right here at Tuckers where it’s not just a haircut. It’s an afternoon spent with great music and conversation.
Wont be using the short, heavy-set gal that took 80 minutes and didn't listen to any of my requests. Completely botched my haircut and beard trim. Hair looks ridiculous and my beard is not even close to symmetrical (neither the cheek line or jaw line were close to matching). I asked for a 1 on the sides (she used a 2, so had to redo). I asked to keep the length on top, she cut most of it off. I asked to keep the length on my beard on the chin and to have it edged up and blended, she cut over half my beard off. ????
Perhaps instead of yapping to her co-workers for almost an hour and a half while I sat in that chair, she should focus on her job and be a bit more professional.
$46 and 1.5 hours of my time wasted!
This is the place to go for your haircuts. The massage chair is the cure all for all the stress and they serve beer while you wait. Fair prices, killer barbers and awesome atmosphere. Straight outta Tuckers!
Tuckers is great! Always excellent service and tip top barbers! I always get a good cut and enjoy my time chatting with the staff.
Wonderful haircuts done at Tuckers. Their Extremely polite, they offer drinks, you can grab and play a guitar, there's an area for the kiddos all around great Barber Shop.

Quick Facts About Tuckers Barbershop

Tucker's Barbershop has received mostly positive reviews from customers, highlighting their hospitality, talented barbers, and great atmosphere. These strengths contribute to the success of the barbershop and make it a popular choice among customers. However, there is one negative comment about a specific barber who did not meet the customer's expectations, representing a potential weakness or area for improvement.
One of the strengths of Tucker's Barbershop is their incredible hospitality. Customers have mentioned feeling welcomed and treated like family. The owners and barbers go above and beyond, offering pizza and locally brewed root beer, showcasing their generosity and creating a pleasant experience. This exceptional customer service establishes a positive reputation for Tucker's Barbershop.
Another strength of Tucker's Barbershop is the talent and skill of their barbers. Customers have praised them for their clean cuts and shaves, highlighting their experience and proficiency. This demonstrates that customers can trust the barbers at Tucker's to provide high-quality services. The positive experience of customers also reflects the great energy and conversation they have with the staff, reinforcing the skill and expertise of the barbers.
The atmosphere at Tucker's Barbershop is another strength. Customers mention the enjoyable experience of having their hair cut in a shop with great music and conversation. The presence of a massage chair and the option to grab and play a guitar add to the unique and relaxed atmosphere. This creates a memorable experience for customers and sets Tucker's apart from other barbershops.
Reasonable prices are also mentioned as a strength of Tucker's Barbershop. Customers appreciate the value they get for the services provided, indicating that the prices are fair. This is an important factor for customers when choosing a barbershop and contributes to customer satisfaction and loyalty.
However, Tucker's Barbershop does have one negative review from a dissatisfied customer. The customer had a bad experience with a specific barber who did not listen to their requests and left them with a botched haircut and beard trim. This negative experience involved the barber talking to coworkers for a significant portion of the appointment time, causing the customer to feel that their time was wasted. This negative review highlights a potential weakness in maintaining consistent quality and professionalism among all barbers at Tucker's Barbershop.
Despite this negative review, it is important to note that the majority of customers have had positive experiences at Tucker's Barbershop. The hospitality, talent, atmosphere, and reasonable prices are strong points that contribute to the overall success of the barbershop. However, it would be beneficial for Tucker's to address the concerns raised in the negative review and ensure that all barbers maintain a high level of professionalism and competence in order to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Monday 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM
Tuesday 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM
Wednesday 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM
Thursday 09:00 AM - 05:30 PM
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