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Tree Tops Country Club

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Pengwern Rd, Morriston, Clase, Swansea SA6 7LW United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Tree Tops Country Club

Tree Tops Country Club has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests. The strengths of the venue can be summarized as exceptional service, friendly staff, delicious food, beautiful decor, and diverse facilities and offerings such as the Meditation Centre and Gardens. However, it is important to evaluate these comments to gain a comprehensive understanding of the venue's strengths and weaknesses.
One of the key strengths highlighted is the great service provided by the venue. Guests have praised the staff for being accommodating, helpful, and always wearing a smile. This positive attitude contributes to creating a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere for events and gatherings. It is worth noting that good customer service is crucial in venues as it can greatly enhance the overall experience for guests.
Another strength mentioned is the quality of the food at Tree Tops Country Club. Guests have specifically mentioned the Sunday carvery and the stunning Thai cuisine offered daily. The compliments about the food being delicious and tasty indicate that the venue takes pride in its culinary offerings and ensures that guests are satisfied with their dining experience.
Commenters also appreciate the beautiful decor and ambiance of the venue. The positive remarks about the decorations for occasions such as baby showers and weddings indicate that the staff pays attention to detail and creates a visually appealing environment that enhances the overall experience. A well-decorated venue can add to the celebratory atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on guests.
The facility's diverse offerings, such as the Meditation Centre, gardens, library, and themed programs, are additional strengths of Tree Tops Country Club. The presence of resident monks and experienced mindfulness practitioners suggests that the venue provides an opportunity for guests to engage in a holistic and spiritual experience. The daily meditation practice is noted as being available to all, without the need for prior booking. The accessibility and inclusivity of these offerings make Tree Tops a unique and desirable venue for those seeking a peaceful and mindful experience.
The venue's commitment to accessibility is also evident through the availability of disabled access and lift share options from different parts of South Wales. This ensures that individuals with mobility challenges have equal access to the facilities and events offered by Tree Tops Country Club.
However, it is essential to mention a few potential weaknesses or areas for improvement based on the comments provided. One guest mentioned a small problem with a medical incident during their event. While the commenter acknowledges that it was out of the control of the venue, it provides an opportunity for Tree Tops to ensure they have appropriate response protocols in place for emergencies to ensure the safety and well-being of their guests.
Additionally, while there are overwhelmingly positive comments, there are few negative comments present in the provided feedback. It could be beneficial to gather a more diverse range of opinions to gain a comprehensive understanding of the venue's strengths and weaknesses.
In conclusion, Tree Tops Country Club has received positive feedback from guests, highlighting its strengths in exceptional service, friendly staff, delicious food, beautiful decor, and diverse facilities and offerings. The venue's commitment to providing a welcoming and enjoyable experience for guests is evident. However, it is important to continue gathering feedback from a wider range of sources to fully assess the venue's strengths and weaknesses.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Went for a wedding/evening do, great service, great hosts and the night was perfect. We had a small problem early evening with a medical incident, but this was out of the control of the venue and they acted on it ASAP with a few of the guests. Drinks were on the ball
Such a friendly place. The staff cannot do enough and it's refreshing to see them smiling and happy. Food was excellent (we had the Sunday carvery) and portions generous. I definitely recommend
We had the most lovely baby shower last night...Treetops was the perfect venue..the room was decorated beautifully for the baby shower...the
staff on duty were amazing a special thanks to Kelly for being so helpful ..
Can only highly recommend the venue for occasions sadly we recently held my dads funeral at Treetops and again the venue was perfect ...the team at Treetops deserve our sincere thanks for both family events
Meditation Centre
Resident Monks living at the Centre
Open 365 days a year
Daily Meditation Practice Morning and Evening time - Just come along
Private Meditation area avaliable
Experienced Mindfulness Practitioners
Ample Car Parking
Beautiful Gardens
Wifi avaliable
No booking required - just walk in
Themed Programme's of Practice
Large Room avaliable for Established Meditation Groups and Events
Donation Only - Offered freely
Gardening Group
Stunning Thai Cuisine offered at the daily meal
Disabled Access
Everyone of any faith or no faith - Welcome
Lift Share from many parts of South Wales
My choir had their annual dinner here.
Couldn't find anythind bad to day about the place. Lovely food, very friendly staff, and beautiful decor.
We go here every Sunday for Sunday lunch ITS AMAZING the food is so tasty its a must if you not yet been book today
We got married at the tree tops last october we had an amazing day and night everything was done to make our day special by a great team who looked after us so well the food was outstanding the service was amazing i couldn't have wished for a better venue for my special day x
Excellent customer service now and Maria so helpful and accommodating with my daughter's up coming wedding, would definitely recommend this wedding venue????

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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair-accessible toilet
  • Toilets


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