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My first time going I got a pedicure and it was great. Unfortunately I got dip powder on my fingernails along with my mom and 6 of my cuticles were ran over with the drill multiple times causing bleeding and my nail beds have hurt since getting them done Tuesday. My Mom’s cuticles were cut so bad she bled while in the nail salon as well.
I've never been to a place were they took just pride in making sure my nails were done great. And they found my apple red gel color I wanted. Thank you and I will be back again. ????
My wife's nails were very bulky, I'm pretty sure I could have done a better job. After paying 60 dollars she now has to go to another salon to have it fixed. She tried 3 times to tell him it wasn't what she wanted and the guy did not listen and kept on messing up. He filed into her skin I mean if you own the place and your working there maybe you should know what you're doing. Will not go there again and hope this helps someone else not make the same mistake we did. Also the painting he didn't do, the lady came over after doing two others nails while he was doing mine and did that for him.
Today I decided I will NEVER go back to this business. I have used them only because they are convenient to my busy schedule, but after today they will NEVER see another dime from this wallet. I got there and was the only customer in the store and when another customer walked in they immediately began to rush my service, not doing what is typically provided in the service (no base coat, cuticle cutting, NOTHING) then just pointed me to the manicure seat and began to work on the other client. I waited and when the worker returned she began to hastily and aggressively handle my hands, and became upset when I asked her to square my nail a little bit more. She got so rough to the point that I finally just said I think I am going to stop here. She then charged me for a service not fully completed. I paid and left and WILL NOT be going back!! Poorest customer service EVER!!! They should be reported to the BBB for their lack of service equitably to all.
The polish on my toes lasted for six weeks! They were very professional, the shop was clean and nicely decorated, they offered a huge selection of polishes and our party of three had no problem finding seats together.
Clean facility! Good quality nail job done. However I seen these comments about how rude the employees are. The man and lady were rough on our hands (I went with my sister) and seemed to rush through it! Not very pleasant to be around. Other then that, it was okay place! Good prices.
My lady and I came here after making a reservation. We were told that they would not be able to take us in. It was 4:00PM...They close at 7:00PM and there was only 4 people in the location. Whike we sat outside in the parking, we witnessed two other folks enter this establishment and be given seats.
I guess money dont have the right color.
READ THE REVIEWS. Absolutely horrible, would give them 0 stars if I could. The owner “worked” on my nails and cut me so bad and he was the one angry about it. My nails looked like a 3 year old filed and colored them, I asked if he could redo the 2 fingers he began and he yelled at me in a different language and stormed off, never returned. I waited paitiently and he came back and told me to get out. I asked why he just kept yellin get out. I wish I read the other reviews before coming here, atleast I know it wasn’t just me. Take your business elsewhere!!

Quick Facts About Tran Nails

Tran Nails Place has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers. In order to analyze and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the business, it is important to consider the following aspects:
1. Quality of Service: Several customers have praised the quality of service provided by Tran Nails Place, particularly when it comes to pedicures and gel nails. Many customers mentioned that their nails looked great and lasted for a long time. However, there were also complaints about poor nail jobs, rough handling, and cuticles being cut or damaged during the process. This inconsistency in service quality is a weakness of the salon.
2. Customer Satisfaction: Some customers expressed their satisfaction with Tran Nails Place, mentioning that they found the colors they wanted and praised the staff for their abilities. However, others reported feeling rushed, ignored, or mistreated by the employees. Poor customer service and inattentiveness to clients' needs are weaknesses that need improvement.
3. Cleanliness and Ambiance: The cleanliness of the salon was positively mentioned by a few customers. They appreciated the clean facility and nicely decorated interior. A clean and aesthetically pleasing environment is a strength of Tran Nails Place.
4. Prices and Value for Money: The prices at Tran Nails Place were considered reasonable by some customers. They appreciated the good quality service they received for the price paid. However, others felt that the service was not worth the money, especially when mistakes were made and additional visits to fix issues were required. The perception of value for money is subjective and varied among customers.
5. Appointment Availability: One complaint raised by a customer was the refusal to accommodate them despite having made a reservation. This inconsistency in honoring appointments can be seen as a weakness.
6. Professionalism and Skill Level: There were mixed opinions regarding the professionalism and skill level of the staff at Tran Nails Place. While some praised their abilities and attention to detail, others criticized their rough handling and lack of expertise. The lack of consistency in professionalism and skill level is a weakness of the salon.
7. Language Barrier: One customer mentioned that they faced difficulties communicating with the owner who became angry and yelled at them in a different language. This creates a negative experience for customers and reflects poorly on the salon's customer service.
Based on the comments provided, Tran Nails Place has the strengths of offering a clean facility, reasonable prices, and good quality work in some cases. However, the weaknesses include inconsistencies in service quality, poor customer service, rough handling, difficulty in communication, and a lack of professionalism and skill level. To improve, the salon should focus on addressing these weaknesses by providing consistent, high-quality service, improving communication with customers, and ensuring a positive and welcoming atmosphere for all clients.

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