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Top Nails Spa & Waxing

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Quick Facts About Top Nails Spa & Waxing

1. Fast and Efficient Service: Emily is highly praised for her speedy and efficient work on acrylic nails. This demonstrates that the salon can handle a high volume of clients and cater to time-sensitive needs.
2. Flawless Results: Customers have consistently mentioned that their nails always look flawless after visiting Top Nails Spa & Waxing. This indicates that the salon staff have high attention to detail and produce high-quality nail work.
3. Friendly Owner: Steve, the owner of the salon, is frequently praised for being super friendly and welcoming. This creates a positive and inviting atmosphere for customers, making them feel comfortable and valued.
4. Professional and On-time Service: Multiple customers have mentioned that Top Nails is professional and always on time for appointments. This shows that the salon values punctuality and professionalism in providing their services.
5. Skilled Nail Artists: Despite one negative experience, there are positive reviews highlighting the talent and creativity of the nail artists. This suggests that there are skilled professionals working at the salon who can deliver a wide range of designs and styles.
6. Positive Recommendations: Many customers highly recommend Top Nails Spa & Waxing, emphasizing their satisfaction with the quality, price, and service provided. These positive recommendations are a testament to the overall positive experience customers have had at the salon.
1. Inconsistent Artist Competence: While some customers have had positive experiences with the nail artists, others have had negative experiences. This inconsistency in skill level and competence may lead to dissatisfaction for some customers, who may end up receiving subpar services.
2. Unprofessional Service: One customer mentioned having an unprofessional experience, where the nail artist did not fulfill their request and left them dissatisfied. This indicates a lack of communication and professionalism, potentially affecting the overall reputation of the salon.
3. Discolored Spots and Chipped Polish: Another customer reported having discolored spots and chipped polish on their nails, suggesting a possible lack of attention to detail or quality control in the application of nail products.
4. Refusal to Refund: A customer had a negative experience with their gel x set, which lifted only a few days later. The customer claims that the salon refused to provide a refund, leading to a frustrating and unsatisfactory resolution to the issue.
5. Gaslighting and Unlicensed Technician: The customer further mentions that the owner gaslit them during the refund request and that a technician admitted to not holding a valid license. This indicates potential issues with customer service, professionalism, and adherence to licensing requirements.
Top Nails Spa & Waxing has several strengths, including fast and efficient service, flawless results, a friendly owner, professional service, skilled nail artists, and positive recommendations. However, the salon also faces weaknesses such as inconsistent artist competence, unprofessional service, quality control issues, refusal to refund, and potential licensing concerns. While the strengths contribute to the positive reputation of the salon, the weaknesses may affect customer satisfaction and loyalty. Addressing these weaknesses, such as improving consistency in artist competence, enhancing quality control measures, and resolving customer disputes in a professional manner, can help Top Nails Spa & Waxing further improve their services and reputation.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Emily is the best! She has been doing my acrylic nails for over a year now. She is fast and efficient! My nails always look flawless. Steve (the owner) is always super friendly and greets his customers at the door. I highly recommend this place!
Not at all happy with my nails that I got today. My nail artist was very unprofessional, and immediately said no when I asked for a simple butterfly design on one of my nails. Instead of asking me if I wanted something else he painted them all white which I never asked for, and told me that he could not do any designs, which he should be able to do as a «professional» manicurist. After talking do another manicurist beside me she told me that she could do it. I then showed her a picture of another design as she told me she could not do a butterfly either. After she had attempted to do the very simple design about ten times I was so done and just wanted to leave the salon. They do not look like the picture at all and they have some discolored spots. I also have gel underneath my nails and the polish is chipped on the edges. I went with my friend and hers turned out really well, so the level of competance on the manicurists vary a lot and you may risk getting a bad one if you go here. Overall do not recommend.
I just started at Top Nails and I've been extremely pleased with their services. They are on time, professional, and fast. Emily does an amazing job with bio gel fill and is very good with creative design! Steve meets you at the door and makes sure you are satisfied after services are rendered.
Hands down my favorite nail salon! I am always satisfied with how my nails come out, the quality and price are unbeatable! The owner Steve is wonderful and so is everyone else that works there!
Emily (nails) and Linda (toes) are AMAZING! :) I have been coming here for years and Love these two ladies who take very good care of me every two weeks! Would Highly Recommend Top Nails to anyone! :)
They always do a great job here. I drive down from Oxnard and won’t go anywhere else! I’ve had Amber, Kim, Jacob and I believe his name is KJ and they’ve all been great! ????????biogel is a great alternative to acrylic nails by the way….I have a labor job and my nails last a while. Also the last time I came in they could see how tense I was and offered me a neck massage. It was $10 for ten minutes not bad at all and I needed it! I love this place. Not enough good things to say about them! ????
Literally the best nail experience of my entire life. Got a gel pedi with scrub, acrylics, both with gel polish. My acrylics lasted flawlessly over 6 weeks (only came off because I pulled them off myself). My pedicure was life changing. The attention and care put into this was so special and I can’t wait to come back.
Spent $100 on a gel x set just for them to lift 3 days later while I was out of state on vacation. They refused to do any kind of refund and when I went in to talk to the owner and get my money back, he gaslit me by saying the reason he was not giving me my money back was because of attitude when I had been very calm over the phone up until he tried to tell me I would not be getting a refund per their policy and calling the attention of the entire salon in an attempt to humiliate and embarrass me. But why should I be embarrassed? I’m not the one who provided the horrible service. And I’m sure they have a policy of providing quality sets that last more than a few days but you failed to follow that policy so. Also have had a tech admit while providing a pedicure on the only other occasion I’ve been there that she has not held a valid license in years so will also be reporting to the state board of cosmetology for further investigation

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