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Todd's Barber Shop

+1 517-784-5008
209 N Jackson St, Jackson, MI 49201 United States of America
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot

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Very professional and great atmosphere. My husband's never had a wait for a cut and it's always done to his liking and quick.
I've been going to Todd's for close to a year I'd guess. I've never had a complaint about the cut or price. He's always personable and attentive. Would recommend over and over. Glad I switched from Great Clips!
Update: Still as happy with him and his service as I was the first time!
My bf gets his hair done here. He also brings his autistic son for his haircuts. Todd is really good with the kids. Every kid I've seen in there always ends up smiling and I love how he shows them what he's doing so they don't get scared. I was impressed with how good he did with my boyfriends special needs child. He does an awesome job with their hair and he actually gets it done a lot faster than expected without the quality suffering. It's a nice atmosphere in the shop and Todd is overall an awesome guy. It's also a great place to go if your looking for a better price. I highly recommend this place :)
Great place for a cut thanks Todd!
This place is always run in a very professional manner. Todd is very friendly but not too chatty like some others. The small size allows for quick and efficient service.
Todd did a wonderful job cutting my hair and beard. Also his prices for doing so was affordable
Not the best with fades. Definitely just an old school barber.
I've been looking for a good barber since I moved to Jackson, and fortunately for me...I have discovered one that's right up my alley.
It's the barbershop we men have all known and love aince our Pops first took us to one. Friendly atmosphere, quality cuts, and a skilled barber. Sounds perfect to me!

Quick Facts About Todd's Barber Shop

Todd's Barber Shop has several strengths that make it a popular choice among customers. Firstly, the shop maintains a very professional atmosphere, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for customers. This professionalism is further highlighted by the fact that appointments are not required, and customers rarely experience a wait for a haircut. The efficiency of the shop ensures that customers can receive their desired haircuts quickly and without any inconvenience.
Additionally, Todd's Barber Shop provides high-quality haircuts that meet the preferences of its customers. The commenters appreciate that the stylist pays attention to their individual preferences and consistently delivers haircuts that are to their liking. This level of professionalism and attention to detail establishes trust in the skills of the barber.
Another strength of Todd's Barber Shop is the way the barber interacts with children, particularly those with special needs. The commenter mentions that Todd creates a pleasant experience for children by showing them what he is doing and ensuring they do not feel scared. This special care for children is crucial in making the shop a family-friendly establishment. Moreover, the barber's ability to work efficiently and effectively with children further showcases his expertise.
In terms of affordability, Todd's Barber Shop is highly recommended by the commenters. They mention that the prices for both haircuts and beard trims are affordable, which likely contributes to its popularity among customers. The affordability of services may attract new customers seeking quality haircuts at reasonable prices.
The loyalty of the commenters is another strength of Todd's Barber Shop. They have been going to the shop for an extended period, indicating a high level of customer satisfaction. The positive experiences mentioned in the comments, such as the professionalism, skill, and affordability of the barber, likely contribute to this loyalty and the shop's success.
On the other hand, Todd's Barber Shop does have a weakness that is mentioned in one comment: it is not the best with fades. The commenter suggests that it is more of an old school barber shop, implying that the shop may be less experienced or skilled in providing modern and trendy hairstyles like fades. This weakness may deter potential customers who prefer more contemporary hairstyling options.
In conclusion, Todd's Barber Shop has several strengths that contribute to its success and positive customer experiences. It maintains a professional atmosphere, provides high-quality haircuts, is family-friendly, and offers affordable prices. These strengths have fostered loyalty among customers and contribute to the shop's positive reputation. However, the shop is not highly skilled in providing fades, which may deter some potential customers seeking more modern hairstyles. Despite this weakness, Todd's Barber Shop remains a popular choice for those seeking a classic barber shop experience.


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