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Tip Top Nails

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28027 US-27, Dundee, FL 33838 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Quick Facts About Tip Top Nails

1. Excellent nail technicians: Multiple comments mention the skill and quality of the nail technicians at Tip Top Nails. Customers appreciate the work done on their nails, whether it's a simple manicure or more intricate services like acrylic or gel nails. The technicians are praised for their ability to make nails longer and stronger, leaving customers satisfied with the results.
2. Variety of services: Tip Top Nails offers a range of services beyond nail care, such as eyelash extensions and permanent makeup. This one-stop-shop approach attracts customers who appreciate the convenience of getting multiple beauty treatments in the same place.
3. Friendly and patient staff: Many customers mention the friendly and patient nature of the staff at Tip Top Nails. They appreciate the welcoming and accommodating atmosphere, as well as the patience shown to them during their visits. The positive attitude of the staff contributes to a pleasant customer experience.
4. Long-term customers: Several comments mention that customers have been going to Tip Top Nails for several years. This loyalty speaks to the quality of service provided by the salon. The fact that customers continue to come back year after year signifies that they are consistently satisfied with their experiences.
1. Understaffed: One comment mentions that Tip Top Nails is understaffed, making it necessary for customers to be patient or schedule their appointments accordingly. This suggests that the salon may sometimes struggle to meet the demand for their services, leading to potential delays or longer wait times. Being understaffed can negatively impact the customer experience.
2. Poor customer service: A few negative comments mention poor customer service experiences. One customer shared an incident where they had their lashes done but woke up the next day to find one of the lashes on their pillow. When they contacted the salon, they encountered a rude staff member who called them a liar and hung up on them multiple times. Instances like these can leave a negative impression on customers and discourage them from returning.
3. Lack of organization: A customer complained about not receiving a receipt and not being able to identify which technician had worked on them. This suggests a lack of organization within the salon, which can lead to confusion and frustration for customers. A well-organized establishment typically enhances the customer experience and boosts confidence in the services provided.
Overall, the strengths of Tip Top Nails lie in the skill and quality of their nail technicians, the variety of services they offer, their friendly and patient staff, and their ability to maintain long-term customers. However, the salon faces weaknesses in terms of being understaffed, poor customer service experiences, and a lack of organization. Addressing these weaknesses can help improve the overall customer satisfaction and success of Tip Top Nails.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I love love love Kim, Allyn and Mama Tin. I’ve been coming here for years and I’m sitting here thinking Lord I have truly done them an injustice by not giving them a review that they deserve. They’re so patient with me. I’ve done from basic Mani/Pedi to Acrylic to Gel tips to Now Dip and the fruit is what you see. My nails have never been longer or stronger than they are now. They are my 1 Stop shop: eyelash extensions and permanent makeup. I’m ever so grateful. Unfortunately they are understaffed (Good help is hard to Find) so be patient or at least be mindful to schedule yourself accordingly ❤️
Alain and his wife Kim is super good to do the nails! I have beeing a customer of them for more then 2 years. Very nice place to get your nails done!
Love this place. The nail technician did a beautiful work on my nails. He did the Dip powder French. It's faster technique & better than Acrylic nails.
Never will return to this place got my lashes done for my trip, woke up the next day with my lash looking at me on my pillow so I called and talked to the rudest man ever he called me a liar and hung up in my face 3 times after I spent $130 plus $20 tip they are nasty smh
Pretty bad service. I came the next day for a repair. Did not get a receipt and would not help identify the technician who wasn't there.
I have been going to Tip Top Nails for 5yrs. If your looking for a great nail place where you can expect the same great service every time this is the place to go. Yes, there could be a wait but for great service there is always a wait. It's worth it.
My daughter and I had our nails done and they look marvelous. So happy! Kim and Alain are awesome!
I have found my local nail salon! Kim is an absolute gem. Number 62 is the best color I've ever seen in my life.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
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