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Tip N Toe Nails

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2215 Fayetteville Rd, Van Buren, AR 72956 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Tip N Toe Nails

Strengths of Tip N Toe Nails Place:
1. Accommodating Last-Minute Appointments: One of the positive comments mentioned that the salon was able to accommodate a last-minute pedicure appointment before a wedding. This shows that the salon is flexible and willing to accommodate customers, even when they don't have an appointment.
2. Friendly and Personable Staff: Several comments mentioned that the staff, particularly Tina and Alena, were friendly, funny, and made the customers feel comfortable. This indicates that the salon has a welcoming and warm atmosphere, which can make the overall experience more pleasant for customers.
3. Thorough Pedicure Service: A customer mentioned that their pedicure was wonderfully done, and they appreciated the thorough job on massaging their calves and feet. This suggests that the salon provides a high-quality pedicure service that includes attention to detail and techniques that promote relaxation and rejuvenation.
4. Reasonable Prices: One comment mentioned that the salon offers low prices, which the customer found to be a positive aspect, especially when comparing it to their experience in Salt Lake City. This suggests that the salon provides competitive pricing, which can be appealing to customers seeking affordable nail services.
5. Availability of Walk-Ins: Another comment mentioned that walk-in customers were welcome at the salon. This indicates that the salon is open to serving customers without appointments, which can be convenient for individuals who prefer spontaneous visits or have last-minute nail care needs.
Weaknesses of Tip N Toe Nails Place:
1. Inconsistent Service Quality: Several comments expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of service provided by the salon. Customers mentioned issues such as rushed service, burning fingers with tools, and inconsistent application of polish. These comments reflect a lack of consistency in the overall quality of the salon's services.
2. Lack of Attention to Customer Preferences: One comment mentioned that the salon refused to narrow down the nails despite the customer's request. This suggests that the salon may not prioritize customer preferences and may not make necessary adjustments or accommodations to meet customer satisfaction.
3. Poor Time Management: Multiple comments mentioned long wait times or delays in service. Some customers had to wait beyond their scheduled appointment time, while others experienced delays due to walk-in customers being prioritized. These instances indicate a lack of effective time management and can lead to customer dissatisfaction.
4. Cleanliness Concerns: One comment mentioned the presence of flies on the floor and walls, suggesting that the salon may have cleanliness issues. This can negatively impact the overall impression of the salon and raise concerns about hygiene and sanitation practices.
5. Lack of Professionalism: Some comments mentioned instances where the staff exhibited unprofessional behavior, such as rushing through services, refusing to make adjustments, or providing subpar results. These instances indicate a lack of professionalism and attention to customer satisfaction, which can impact the overall customer experience.
In conclusion, while Tip N Toe Nails Place has some strengths such as accommodating last-minute appointments, friendly staff, and reasonable prices, it also has several weaknesses that include inconsistent service quality, poor time management, cleanliness concerns, and a lack of professionalism. These weaknesses need to be addressed in order to improve the overall customer experience and reputation of the salon.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Worst visit ever‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ I went in for full set and added toenail to my big toe I got omber and I asked for square nails, which I did get, but they are very wide the whole time she was on my nails I was telling her that they were too wide for my hands and asking if she could narrow them down some. She refuse to do so.. my toenail that I had added on is cricket and while my toenails were drying I was sitting under the dryer trying to reshape my nails and she still had the nerve they charge me for a price.
If I am paying money for a service and I asked for my service to be done in a certain way, “NO” should never be in the equation. I should get what I’m ask for especially if I am paying $60 for ombré ..
This not the first time I’ve left there I happy but it is the last time… THIS IS NOT THE EARLY 2000’s and we’re not wear this trash no more.. If I could I would give 0 stars
Made appointment for 2 pedicures. We were put in the chairs and waited for about 15 mins. Then they started the water and had us put feet in. They were taking walk ins before us that made an appt. We finally left with wet feet after a 55 min wait. No apologies or anything. Will never be back.
It didn't seem to be very clean as there were flies on the floor and walls. The massage part of my pedicure was the most uncomfortable massage I have ever had. The lady's hands were going so fast it was super distracting. I gently asked her to slow down and she kind of did for a few seconds but went back to super sonic speed again. I brought in my own nail polish and she tried to use something from the shelf. I had to ask her to only use my polish. I can touch it up if needed. I would not recommend.
If I could give a flat 0 star I would!I have given this place chance after chance and will never go back! I went in for a pedi and wax, wasn’t busy when I went in, but had 3 people walk in behind me all wanting pedis. The lady did a horrible rush job on my feet! Even after I told her she missed a spot! When she was done and moved me to the table to paint my nails I just paid for what I got done and told her I’ll go elsewhere and they can finish! Horrible job! Definitely glad I didn’t finish and let her wax my eyebrows! Lord knows how they would have turned out! Did such a horrible job that they place I went to directly after even stated so! Will never go back or recommend this place to anyone!
Stayed opened a little over 10 minutes past closing to finish nails. Don't talk much. When they do talk they are nice-ish.
This will be my absolute last chance given to this place!!!! I had to LITERALLY pull my hand away from this woman and tell her she needs to please SLOW DOWN! She burned my fingers with EVERY SINGLE TOOL she used.....EVERY SINGLE ONE! I am not a person that complains, but DANG! THIS WAS UNREAL!!!! Not only did I go in for a FILL and ended up leaving with a NEW SET after they couldn't get the shape right and messed up the ENTIRE thing! Ended up choosing the most basic of shape and color.
Saying this place is terrible is an understatement!!!!!!
Went for a pedicure and ended up getting nails done too. You gotta match, toes to fingers. Had to wait a few minutes because they were busy at 5:45pm. I didn't have an appointment. Tina did my nails. She was super funny and sweet. Offered me a water and got right to work. Alena (sp?) did my pedi. She was funny and kept calling me crazy. I know I am cause my momma tells me everytime she can. Alena wore a mask. I told her she didn't have to wear one for my sake but insisted it was company policy. To each their own. Pretty sure it was bc my feet stunk. ????, I work in tennis shoes, sue me..anyways. we laughed. She is very personable and did a great job. The owner was there and was very polite. I'm pretty sure she is in high demand bc most of the clients knew her by name as she greeted them. The other reviews may say she is rude. I didn't feel that or see that from her. She took other people before me because they had an appointment. That is priority. Walk-ins welcome doesn't mean priority over appointments. Tina left to take care of her family early but did not rush my nails. They looked good. I was there later in the day. No use in staying if no more customers. They have a LOW price from someone that comes from Salt Lake City to VaN Buren Arkansas. ILL be back to get touched up and a color change for my nails. They look so buuutiful and naturallll. ???????? crazy lady is out.
I decided at the last minute to get a pedicure the day before a wedding and they were able to get me in. I didn't have to wait at all when I arrived and everyone was very friendly. The pedicure was wonderfully done. I particularly appreciated the thorough job on massaging my calves and feet. My feet looked great for the wedding, and I left feeling very relaxed. Definitely give them a call!

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