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The Soapy Dog

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I remember calling a few years back and I had a Bad Experience over the phone. Now I have a New Puppy who needs a new groomer. I decided to try to give them another chance since I am close by- the person who was answering the phone yesterday was extremely rude- I am assuming they must have great clientele and do not need any more new clients- She did not attempt to keep me on the phone past a few seconds to try at least accommodate me as a new client into another day.
Extremely happy with how they treated my little pup, she's very shy in public and they made her feel well at home. She looked even better! Awesome staff they are all so kind and sweet and their work is beautiful . I couldn't be happier can't wait to come back :)
Never ever bring your Golden to get groomed at this place! Brought mine here and the groomer cut off all his gorgeous feathers! I waited several months to call and speak to owner because I wanted to see if they would grow back and I didn’t want to leave a bad review. It is now several months later and they hardly grew back. I recently called to let the owner know how disappointed and upset I was and I was dismissed. Now I’m leaving a review because she never even apologized. Not professional at all!!!!
You will not find a friendlier place to have your dog groomed. We get our sheepadoodle groomed every week and always get compliments on how great he looks.
We have been coming here for years and I have always receieved great service. I mainly take our shih tzu and she always looks and smells great when she comes out. I love that they are interested in your pets health and always let me know when something is off (i.e. a lump or something off with her eyes) so we can follow up with a vet. My girl just turned 15 and they book her for the first appointment of the day sk they can take their time with the seniors. My chihuahua hates everyone but they always treat him like a member of the family and arent easily scared off by his tough exterior. I would defintley reccommend this place.
I have never given a bad review in my life but I can’t help but feel distraught at the way that I have been treated by this store. I brought my two dogs there in March and was satisfied with the cuts only to return in June. In June they shaved my one dog down to the skin and tried their best to shame me for matting around his neck as well as charge me extra. Although I was unsure about the previous groom I still wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt and when I attempted to make an appointment today they asked if I had brought my dogs to the vet to have the hair in their ears pulled which I always assumed was part of any good grooming. Apparently this was not performed in either session nor was I informed. When I expressed my disappointment I was told that that I am no longer welcome to bring my dogs for grooming.
I want to say that although I was upset I was not rude more confused why this was the first I heard of the ear situation now I am shunned. Unreal!
WOW! I took my 5 year old long hair German Shepherd to The Soapy Dog for the first time yesterday and I have NEVER been so impressed with a grooming business. Not only were the staff incredibly friendly and accommodating, the wash, blowout and cut Sasha received is absolutely perfect. I have never seen such precise clean lines. It is obvious that the groomers at this business take pride in their work. Their work is incredible. Not only did Sasha receive the best grooming she ever has, the staff was EXTREMELY knowledgeable. My dog struggles with her weight and the staff gave great advice/strategies on how to work towards improving her quality of life. I will DEFINITELY be going back and will no longer be searching for a quality grooming experience! I cannot express enough how incredible this business is!!
We started going to Soapy Dog about 5 months ago and they are fabulous with our german shepherd. They have a walk in tub which is rare to find in groomers. We have noticed a significant difference in the amount of shedding. Our dog has significant allergies and we have noticed his skin and dander has gotten much better. Highly recommend them.

Quick Facts About The Soapy Dog

The Soapy Dog place has a mix of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Firstly, it is important to note that there is some inconsistency in the experiences shared by customers, with both positive and negative feedback.
One of the strengths highlighted by a customer is the friendly and kind staff at The Soapy Dog. This is seen in comments such as "Awesome staff they are all so kind and sweet" and "You will not find a friendlier place to have your dog groomed." This indicates that the customer service provided by the staff is a positive aspect of the salon.
In addition to the friendly staff, there are also comments praising the grooming skills of the employees. The statement "their work is beautiful" suggests that The Soapy Dog offers high-quality grooming services. Moreover, a customer mentions the clean lines in their dog's cut, indicating that the groomers take pride in their work. Another strength mentioned is the knowledge and advice provided by the staff. This is seen in the comment "the staff was EXTREMELY knowledgeable" and shows that they go beyond just grooming and offer valuable information to pet owners.
Another positive aspect of The Soapy Dog is its attention to the health of pets. A customer mentions that the salon notifies them about any health concerns they notice during the grooming process. This shows that the staff at The Soapy Dog genuinely cares about the well-being of the pets they groom and takes the initiative to inform pet owners about potential issues.
However, there are also weaknesses highlighted in the comments. Several customers mention rude or dismissive behavior from the staff. One customer recounts a bad experience over the phone, where they were treated rudely. Another mentions feeling dismissed and not receiving an apology after expressing disappointment with the grooming service. These incidents indicate a lack of professionalism and customer care, which are weaknesses for the business.
Furthermore, there are a few comments about unsatisfactory grooming services. One customer mentions their Golden Retriever's feathers being cut off, and another shares a negative experience where their dog was shaved down to the skin without being properly informed. These incidents suggest a lack of attention to detail and communication on behalf of the groomers at The Soapy Dog.
Additionally, a customer mentions being shunned and not welcomed back after expressing disappointment. This indicates poor conflict resolution and customer satisfaction management, further highlighting a weakness in customer care.
In conclusion, The Soapy Dog place has strengths in terms of friendly staff, high-quality grooming skills, and attention to the health of pets. However, weaknesses include instances of rude or dismissive behavior from staff, unsatisfactory grooming services, and poor conflict resolution. It is important for the business to address these weaknesses to ensure a consistently positive experience for their customers.