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The Shop Barber Shop

+1 661-533-1557
37951 47th St E #14, Palmdale, CA 93552 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Quick Facts About The Shop Barber Shop

Located in East Palmdale, The Shop Barber Shop seems to have mixed reviews. While some customers have had positive experiences, others have encountered various issues and concerns. In this analysis, we will explore the strengths and weaknesses of The Shop Barber Shop based on the comments provided.
One recurring issue mentioned by multiple customers is the inconsistency in service quality. One reviewer mentioned that Delilah, a hairstylist who had previously done an amazing job, began rushing through haircuts and causing damage to her clients' hair. This highlights a weakness in the overall skill and consistency of the barbers at The Shop Barber Shop. Additionally, the lack of accountability displayed by Delilah, not offering an apology or attempting to rectify the situation, further emphasizes the unprofessionalism of the barbers. This can deter potential customers who value reliable and consistent service.
Another weakness of The Shop Barber Shop is their punctuality. One reviewer expressed frustration with the shop consistently opening late, causing wasted time for early customers. This lack of respect for customers' time and the absence of a sign indicating their hours can be seen as a weakness in their professionalism and organization. Punctuality is crucial in the service industry, and The Shop Barber Shop seems to fall short in this regard.
Furthermore, a comment highlighting the lack of card payment options is another weakness of The Shop Barber Shop. In a time where electronic transactions are increasingly common, businesses that only accept cash may inconvenience customers. This limitation may discourage potential clients who prefer the convenience and security of card payments. The absence of a visible sign indicating their payment options also reflects a lack of clear communication from the barber shop.
In terms of strengths, one positive comment mentions the skill and knowledge of the barbers at The Shop Barber Shop. This individual highlights the expertise of the barbers and their ability to provide good haircuts. This strength suggests that not all barbers at The Shop Barber Shop have the same inconsistency issue mentioned previously. A competent and knowledgeable barber can be a major asset for any barbershop and can attract customers seeking high-quality haircuts.
Additionally, the availability of the shop on Mondays, when many other barbershops are closed, is mentioned as a strength in one comment. This availability can be advantageous for individuals with flexible schedules, such as those who have Mondays off work. Having a barber shop open on an uncommon day can attract customers looking for a haircut on their day off.
Another strength highlighted in a positive review is the reasonable pricing at The Shop Barber Shop compared to other establishments. The commenter mentions that the prices beat other barber shops they have visited, providing an incentive for potential customers to consider The Shop Barber Shop as a cost-effective option. Affordable pricing can be a significant strength for barbershops, especially when compared to competitors charging higher rates.
Furthermore, the positive review mentions the talent of Lupe, a barber at The Shop Barber Shop. This highlights the presence of skilled barbers at the establishment, contributing to the overall quality of the service. A talented barber can attract loyal customers who value consistently excellent haircuts.
In conclusion, The Shop Barber Shop has both strengths and weaknesses. In terms of weaknesses, the inconsistency in service quality, lack of punctuality, and limited payment options hinder the customer experience. However, the presence of knowledgeable barbers, availability on Mondays, reasonable pricing, and skilled barbers like Lupe contribute to the shop's strength. Ultimately, potential customers should consider these factors when deciding whether to visit The Shop Barber Shop.

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If I can give them a no star rating I would, I had been bringing my kids here for their haircuts with Delilah to be specific. She had always done an amazing job so I recommended her to my boyfriend I don’t know why lately her work went downhill she would rush through the cuts give my kids clipper cuts around the neck & forehead area & gave my boyfriend a bald spot, I will attach photos from before the bald spot, she didn’t apologize or offer to help find a solution to the damage she caused him, instead she kept going over the bald spot multiple times as if that would blend the very noticeable bald spot. So I’m leaving this review here so that others can be careful & avoid this shop unless you don’t care to end up with a really bad bald spot, where they will act as if they didn’t do it. Very unprofessional & irresponsible.
They open 20 to 30 minutes late so don’t go early waste of time also they don’t take cards Visa etc and there’s no sign that displayed if they’re open
So I suggest going somewhere else
Son muy buenos saben lo que hacen pero se supone que ya no tienes que tener citas y cuando llegamos una persona estaba disponible y llego otro cliente y lo atendieron primero a el y después a mi hijo .. me hicieron sentir tan mal, sentí que nos ignoraron y eso no se hace se supone que todos merecemos el mismo trato pero bueno eso es cuestión de respeto y educación.
After getting to know everyone I have to say this is the barber shop to go to ... my Girl barber Diana gets down and hooks it up every week... making my gordito self stay on fleek! with this Pansa you have no Chansa!
Being one of the barber shops open on a Monday, I decided to head over and give it a shot. Little wait time and the best haircut I've gotten in a while! I will definitely continue to go since I have Mondays off. Found my new barber too. Can't remember his name but he was awesome! Definitely recommend... oh and with inflation... the barber shop I was going to before was going to up their prices... The Shop definitely beats their prices too!!!
Good service. I am happy with my cut. After trying out different barbers I think this place is good enough. Make sure to call for an appointment and show up early so no one jumps in front of you. Its hard to say no to walk ins so make sure your appointment is set in stone. Thanks shop barbers.
This is the second barber I have visited in East Palmdale. I'm very picky when it comes to my hair, as we all are as I imagine. Lupe was my barber and she exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend visiting her or the other talented barbers. Great location, ample parking and other shops near by.
Some dude with glasses and a hat gave me a high fade on one side and a medium on the other then ruined my hair giving me something like a Mohawk I ended up buzzing it all off

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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Monday 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Tuesday 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Wednesday 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Thursday 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Friday 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
Saturday 08:30 AM - 04:30 PM
Sunday 09:00 AM - 03:00 PM

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