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The Shawl Harrow

+44 20 8869 1038
320 Northolt Rd, South Harrow, Harrow HA2 8EE United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About The Shawl Harrow

The Shawl Harrow Place seems to have several strengths based on the comments provided. One strength is that it is considered a hidden gem in Harrow. This implies that it may not be widely known or frequented, making it a unique and special find for those who discover it. Additionally, the comment about good boozers being a dying breed suggests that The Shawl Harrow Place is one of the few remaining establishments in the area that offers a quality drinking experience.
Another strength is the great staff who are attentive and remember customers' drink preferences, particularly for regular patrons. This personal touch creates a sense of familiarity and community within the bar. Alongside this, the availability of all football matches, including the 3pm games, appeals to sports enthusiasts and positions The Shawl Harrow Place as a go-to destination for football viewing.
The inclusion of a mini outside smoking area with heaters and a serving hatch is seen as a great idea. This feature allows customers to enjoy a cigarette while staying warm, as well as providing easy access to drinks without having to enter the main bar. It adds convenience and comfort to the overall experience.
The live music and great atmosphere are also mentioned as strengths. This suggests that the pub/bar offers an enjoyable and lively environment for patrons, making it an appealing destination for those looking for a fun night out or entertainment.
Fair prices and a patio area are additional strengths highlighted in the comments. Fair prices indicate that The Shawl Harrow Place offers good value for money, which is important for attracting and retaining customers. The patio area provides an alternative space for customers to relax and enjoy their drinks, adding another dimension to the overall experience of the establishment.
On the other hand, some weaknesses can be deduced from the comments. One comment mentions that the bar is somewhat cramped, which may imply that it can get crowded and uncomfortable, especially during busy periods. This could potentially deter customers who prefer more spacious and open venues.
Another comment raises a question about whether one plant makes a garden, suggesting that the pub may lack certain elements or features that make it truly exceptional. While this comment may be subjective, it still indicates that there is room for improvement in terms of the overall ambience or offerings at The Shawl Harrow Place.
In conclusion, The Shawl Harrow Place has several strengths, including being considered a hidden gem, having good staff, offering all football matches, featuring a mini outside smoking area, providing live music and a great atmosphere, fair prices, and a patio area. However, potential weaknesses include the cramped size of the bar and the possibility of lacking certain standout features that would make it exceptional. Overall, The Shawl Harrow Place seems to be a well-regarded establishment that offers a unique and enjoyable pub/bar experience in Harrow.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Hidden gem this gaff
Good boozers are a dying breed in Harrow but good to see this place still flying the flag.
Great staff who remember you’re drink which I always like especially if you become a regular
All the football including the 3pms
Mini outside smoking area with heaters and a serving hatch (a great idea)
A bit cozy but who cares when you’ve had a few scoops of the black stuff.
Live music and a great atmosphere
Excellent pub/bar with a great atmosphere and fair prices. Really like the patio area as well as the inside.
A somewhat cramped Irish themed bar. Jam Night on Thursdays. Good service.
Great pub for football.They also bring sandwiches round,nice touch
Good Irish pub and well priced pints
Good pint and good service definitely go again
Excellent small locals pub. Very friendly staff. Does one plant make a garden thou????
Great place , live music n home to londons The Bible code Sundays band every mon nite 8.30 to 10.30

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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance
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  • Toilets
  • Casual
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  • NFC mobile payments


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