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The Oaks Ramsbottom

+44 7570 030002
39 Bridge St, Ramsbottom, Bury BL0 9AD United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 02:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Quick Facts About The Oaks Ramsbottom

The Oaks Ramsbottom place, as described in the comments, has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. One of the main strengths is the friendly service provided by the staff. Multiple comments mention the welcoming and warm nature of the bar staff, emphasizing the positive experience they had with the service. This is important in creating a positive atmosphere for customers and ensures their satisfaction.
The pub also offers a cozy atmosphere, which is seen as a strength by customers. The presence of games on tables, such as cards, adds an element of entertainment and makes the pub suitable for casual gatherings with friends or family. The inclusion of a small games machine table with retro video games like Pac-man and Space Invaders is also seen as a positive feature, as it caters to customers who enjoy playing arcade games.
Furthermore, the reasonable prices and good quality of food are considered strengths of The Oaks Ramsbottom place. Customers have praised the pub for providing tasty food at affordable prices, which makes it an attractive option for dining out. The comment about the delicious burger and chips for around £6.50 indicates that the pub offers good value for money.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is the variety of events that take place at the pub. One comment mentions a comedy night as an example, indicating that The Oaks Ramsbottom place offers a range of entertainment options for customers. This variety ensures that there is something for everyone and encourages repeat visits to the pub.
Additionally, the pub is praised for its good selection of beers, particularly Thwaite ales. This appeals to beer enthusiasts and creates a positive experience for those who enjoy trying different types of beer. The staff is also described as knowledgeable about the beers they serve, further enhancing the quality of the bar.
Despite these strengths, The Oaks Ramsbottom place does have a few weaknesses that are mentioned in the comments. One weakness is the smell of disinfectant, which is described as horrendous by one customer. While cleanliness is important, the harsh smell can be off-putting for customers. This comment suggests that a milder and more pleasant-smelling cleaning fluid should be considered to address this issue.
In conclusion, The Oaks Ramsbottom place has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. These include friendly and efficient service, a cozy atmosphere with games available, reasonable prices and good quality food, a variety of events, and a great selection of beers. However, the pub does have a weakness in terms of the smell of disinfectant used, which customers find off-putting. Despite this, it is evident from the comments that The Oaks Ramsbottom place is generally well-loved and recommended by customers who have had a positive experience there.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Never been there before called in because it started raining, friendly service, cosy atmosphere, one of the rooms had games on the tables cards etc, there was one small games machine table with 6 free retro video games, Pac-man, Space Invaders etc. I will call in again.
Very friendly and efficient service. Food is the usual pub fair, but very good and reasonably priced. We went on a quiet mid week night, but plenty of events on, so will go on another weekend evening ... comedy night for example
Lovely pub. Great beer. Great service. Put a particular football game on specially for me. Most appreciated.
Really lovely pub, should have taken more pictures. Very friendly staff, lady behind the bar was very welcoming. Lovely hot chocolate for a great price, and a delicious burger and chips for around £6.50. All ingredients tasted very fresh and the bread was spot on. Also great to visit if you love to see lots of dogs in the pub. Very nice experience. Will call again when we visit Ramsbottom.
Usually call in for a beer or two after a Walk in the area. Nice and warm and friendly Barmaid! Can certainly recommend a visit!
I had a wonderful time here. The meal was excellent. Brought my wife and friends. Still a lovely place.
Friendly pub serving good bitter. Let down by the horrendous smell of the disinfectant. I know you run a clean ship, but please get a better brand of cleaning fluid.
Lovely staff great food and excellent bar with Thwaite ales. Im a not local and felt more than welcome. Quirky and cosy tricky to pull off but this place does. Something for everyone here

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The Oaks Ramsbottom Info


Service options
  • Dine-in
Health and safety
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Live music
  • Alcohol
Dining options
  • Dessert
  • Casual
  • Groups
  • NFC mobile payments


Opening Hours

Monday 02:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Tuesday 02:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Wednesday 02:00 AM - 09:00 PM
Thursday 02:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Friday 02:00 AM - 10:00 PM
Saturday 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Sunday 02:00 AM - 09:00 PM

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