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The Nail Palace

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710 E Flamingo Rd #4, Las Vegas, NV 89119 United States of America
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LISTEN this place was a DAMN TREAT
from the atmosphere to the customer service to the adorable poodle that greats you at the door, 10/10. I got a text message reminder and a call about my appointment and EVERYONE was so kind. I was even offered a bottled water during my service and I thought “damn what luxury.” Was immediately taken back exactly at my appointment time and everyone just has a great energy in there.
I wanted a full set while I was on vacation and I wanted to splurge on a design. My nail tech did not disappoint. I got a long full set with a design on each nail for $150. For the time it took and the quality, totally fair price. Before beginning the service I showed a picture of what I wanted and was told the price and that is exactly what I paid, no surprises.
If you are trying to decide which nail salon to choose, trust me just pick this one.
What a beautiful place, wonderful vibe and professional establishment!! The experts were so nice and offered alternative options for my hand & feet care. Not only did their recommendations work out for the best, but they also saved me time and money. The team was very honest and caring; and to top it off, my toes and nails look and feel great!
The Nail Palace is my new go-to whenever I'm in Vegas!
Thanks so much for the hospitality and professionalism; and give Queenie a big smooch for me ☺️!
ONLY GO HERE!! I will never go anywhere else while I'm in Vegas. Best nail place I've been to on the west coast and I've been to many!
Nathan is the Picasso of nails, absolutely the best. I'm the pickiest person when it comes to my nails, the shape was perfect, nail polish coverage was perfect, design was perfect and price was VERY fair. Every nail is straight and equal in length. This man is magic, I live in Miami and I would fly out just for my nails.
Also got my eyelashes done with Danielle and she did a beautiful job on my classics, she made them nice and full and straight. You can definitely tell she has worked hard to master her craft. Price for quality was unbeatable. She did not do my nails but after seeing her portfolio, if Nathan was not available, Danielle is a strong alternative.
The receptionist Nick is a beautiful human that really made me feel at home the whole time I was here, very kind and amazing customer service. Conversation was wonderful and everyone else learning and working was doing amazing job. Nathan is an impressive business man and his team is lucky to have, work, and learn from him.
I leave Vegas a more beautiful and relaxed woman than I arrived thanks to this beautiful team. Thank you guys and I hope only the best for all of you ❤️????❤️
It's been awhile since I've taken care of my feet, so I'm always a but timid where I go. I called ahead and was told walk in would be fine. I got the cbd pedicure and it felt amazing. I also got a natural buff manicure. I was impressed and would definitely recommend for a guy. And the massage chairs were a nice touch too. I don't know anything about women's services, but the lady's seemed satisfied with their work being done.
I’m visiting from out of state and needed to get my nails and toes done. I had an amazing experience here from the moment I called to make the appointment. I called and spoke with Nathan and his energy over the phone is what made me book with them. When I arrived I was greeted and everyone was so nice. The salon was very clean and I could appreciate the pride that was put into the decor. The pedicure chairs were very comfortable even offering a full recline. The quality of the services were 5 star. Henry did my pedicure and he took his time and did a fabulous job especially the massage. Tiffany did my nails and I wish I could take her back to TX with me! But the best part of my visit was meeting Queenie. If you’re lucky enough to have Queenie grace you with her presence your heart will be full! I plan on making a visit to this salon every time I come Vegas.
I called at 9:00, they closed at 10:00. Nathan was so friendly and told me to come on in that they would do my fill in even though they were about to close. When I got there he greeted me and was super friendly, sat me down immediately and started working on my nails which turned out fabulous! I love them! They were very efficient and quick and the pricing was reasonable.
Absolutely AMAZING!!! Had Celine do my pedicure (and it had been awhile since my last ????) and she was the sweetest friendliest person!!!
Highly HIGHLY RECOMMEND coming here when you’re in Las Vegas.
They have the BEST REVIEWS for a reason! Wish they were located in Cincinnati where I’m from. I’d 100% be a regular at this nail salon!!! Thank you for an incredibly amazing experience that added to our Vegas vacation! Oh and also, my husband got a pedicure with me here, and also RAVED about how amazing the bail techs were! Come here! You won’t be disappointed!!!
The owners as well as the staff are pleasant. They go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and welcome. They offered bottles of water to everyone. We called to see if they had nail techs for two pedicures they advised us up front that they only offer gell polish. At that time you have a choice either let them do your nails or choose another place. That's excellent because you're not shocked when you arrive. No hidden secrets.

Quick Facts About The Nail Palace

The Nail Palace has received overwhelmingly positive reviews, with customers praising everything from the atmosphere and customer service to the quality and creativity of their nail services. One recurring theme in the comments is the friendly and welcoming nature of the staff, including the receptionist, nail technicians, and the owner, Nathan. The Nail Palace also goes the extra mile in providing a comfortable and luxurious experience for their customers, offering amenities such as bottled water and massage chairs.
The strength of The Nail Palace lies in its excellent customer service and attention to detail. Customers consistently note the friendly and caring nature of the staff, with many feeling welcomed and at home during their visit. The receptionist, Nick, is specifically mentioned for his kindness and exceptional customer service. This strong customer focus helps create a positive and enjoyable atmosphere for customers.
The nail technicians at The Nail Palace are highly skilled and talented, with customers praising their expertise and attention to detail. Nathan, in particular, is described as the "Picasso of nails," with customers expressing appreciation for his ability to create the perfect shape, coverage, and design. Many customers also mention the fair and transparent pricing at The Nail Palace, with no surprises and exactly what was quoted.
In addition to their nail services, The Nail Palace also offers eyelash services. The customers who have received lash services from Danielle comment on her skill and the high-quality results. Her portfolio showcases her dedication to perfecting her craft, and customers feel confident in her abilities as an alternative to Nathan.
Another strength of The Nail Palace is their dedication to cleanliness and hygiene. Several customers mention the clean and well-maintained salon, which adds to the overall positive experience. The attention to hygiene is especially important in a nail salon, and customers appreciate the efforts made by The Nail Palace to ensure a clean and safe environment.
One weakness that can be inferred from the comments is that The Nail Palace may have limited options for non-gel polish services. While customers appreciate the honesty and upfront communication about only offering gel polish, those who prefer other types of nail services may need to look elsewhere. However, it is important to note that this weakness is subjective and may not be a concern for everyone.
Overall, The Nail Palace is highly regarded and recommended by customers for its exceptional customer service, talented nail technicians, fair pricing, and focus on cleanliness. The positive reviews highlight the strengths of The Nail Palace, making it a top choice for those looking for a luxurious and high-quality nail salon experience.

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