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The Honey Pot Cafe & Tea Rooms

+44 7546 696623
4 High St, Shoreham, Sevenoaks TN14 7TD United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About The Honey Pot Cafe & Tea Rooms

The Honey Pot Cafe & Tea Rooms is a popular place for afternoon tea, known for its nice atmosphere, attentive staff, and amazing selection and portion sizes. It received positive comments for its decorations, helpful staff, and even providing boxes to take home leftovers. This shows that one of the strengths of the cafe is its focus on providing a pleasant and accommodating experience to its customers.
Another strength mentioned in the comments is the quality of the food and drinks served at The Honey Pot. Customers have praised the cafe for its fresh cakes, bacon and brie panini, sausage and bacon baguettes, and delicious tea and scones. These positive reviews highlight the strengths of the cafe in terms of its menu variety, taste, and quality. Additionally, the cafe's prices were considered reasonable by one customer, which is another strength as it makes the cafe accessible to a wider range of customers.
The staff at The Honey Pot Cafe & Tea Rooms received numerous positive comments regarding their friendliness, attentiveness, and kindness. Multiple customers have mentioned how helpful and accommodating the staff were, going above and beyond to ensure a great dining experience. This customer service aspect is a significant strength of the cafe, as it contributes to an overall positive atmosphere and makes customers feel welcome and valued.
The Honey Pot Cafe & Tea Rooms is described as a "sweet little place" and had positive remarks about its decor and atmosphere. Customers have praised the cafe for having a lovely and cozy atmosphere, making it an enjoyable place to visit. This strength in ambiance contributes to the overall positive experience at the cafe and adds to its appeal as a charming and comfortable spot to spend time.
One of the weaknesses mentioned in the comments is the quality of coffee. One customer expressed disappointment with the coffee, stating that it was weak and not up to their expectations, even comparing it negatively to coffee from a petrol station. This highlights a weakness in the cafe's ability to consistently produce high-quality coffee that meets customer expectations. This negative experience with the coffee could potentially impact the overall rating of the cafe for customers who prioritize good coffee.
In terms of size, The Honey Pot Cafe & Tea Rooms was described as very small, and one customer mentioned that they control entrance with a stable door. While the small size of the cafe can contribute to its cozy and intimate atmosphere, it may also limit the number of customers that can be accommodated at a given time. This could be considered a weakness, especially during peak hours, as it may lead to longer wait times or difficulty in finding a table.
In conclusion, The Honey Pot Cafe & Tea Rooms has several strengths such as its nice atmosphere, attentive staff, wonderful afternoon tea selection, and delicious food. The cafe's focus on customer service and accommodating experience is particularly notable. However, there are also weaknesses that could be addressed, such as the need to improve the quality of the coffee and potential limitations due to the small size of the establishment. Overall, The Honey Pot Cafe & Tea Rooms seems to have more strengths than weaknesses, making it a recommendable place to visit.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Came here in a large group for afternoon tea. The place is so nice and is decorated lovely. The staff are so attentive when it comes to drinks and the afternoon tea is wonderful- amazing selection and fantastic portion sizes. The staff are so lovely and so helpful, even brought us all boxes at the end to bring home any leftovers and boxed up some birthday cake we brought to take with us. Would 100% come here again as would everyone else in the group! :)
Nice little cafe serving fresh cakes, coffee, and other nibbles.
Stopped here after a bike ride for a snack and the bacon and brie pannini and coffee really hit the spot. Reasonably priced and a nice, covered outdoor area to sit in.
The owner was friendly and even let us use their chain lock to secure our bikes outside which was a nice touch.
We had the most tasty sausage and lightly smoked bacon baguettes today! Been here a couple of times and they never fail to provide good service and good light food. Very small and which means they don't like folk just walking in so they control entrance with a stable door!
Lovely place with great atmosphere, delicious food and attentive and kind staff. Highly recommendable!
Sweet little place but! Coffee, one of the worst I’ve had. Asked for a flat white and got half a pint of hot milk flavoured with weak coffee. Why don’t places like this learn to make proper coffee? At £3 I would have expected much better, it’s a shame but I’ve had better from a petrol station.
Came in for lunch today with my family. Lovely staff, lovely food and a great cosy atmosphere
Lovely little cafe, very friendly staff, nothing is too much trouble. Beautiful decor, great food and coffee. Have been back several times now.
Little cozy lovely caffe. Delicious tea and scones, friendly staff. Definitely recommend.

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  • Great tea selection
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