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The Cutlery

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1524 E Bloomingdale Ave, Valrico, FL 33596 United States of America
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Quick Facts About The Cutlery

The Cutlery place seems to have several strengths based on the comments above. First, there are multiple mentions of the barbers, specifically Nick and Vu, being great with kids. One comment even states that the barber was able to make a child who previously hated haircuts now enjoy them. This demonstrates the barbers' patience and ability to create a comfortable and child-friendly environment. Additionally, one comment mentions that the barber, Vu, did a fantastic job giving a one-year-old his first haircut, further indicating their skill in working with young children.
Another strength highlighted in the comments is the quality of haircuts provided. Multiple customers express their satisfaction, stating that they had the best haircut in years or that the barbers were able to achieve the desired style. One comment specifically mentions that Vu was able to replicate a hairstyle shown in a picture. This suggests that the barbers are skilled and knowledgeable in various haircut styles and techniques.
The positive customer service experiences are also mentioned in the comments. There is a recurring theme of the barbers being friendly, courteous, and providing good conversation during the haircut. One comment even states that the barber, Vu, is humble and chill. These qualities make the experience enjoyable for customers and contribute to a positive overall atmosphere.
Furthermore, the affordability of the haircuts at The Cutlery place is mentioned in one of the comments. The customer states that they paid $17 for a haircut and beard trim, which is considered a good price. This may attract customers who are looking for quality haircuts at an affordable price point.
In terms of weaknesses, a couple of comments mention that the wait time at The Cutlery place is longer compared to other shops. While one comment states that it is worth the wait, this can still be seen as a drawback for customers who are looking for a quick and efficient haircut.
Additionally, one comment specifically mentions that the barbershop can get busy due to the barbers' awesomeness. Although this can be seen as a testament to their skills and popularity, it may also lead to increased waiting times and potentially overcrowding in the shop, which may not be ideal for some customers.
In summary, The Cutlery place appears to have several strengths. These include the barbers' ability to work well with kids, the quality of haircuts provided, positive customer service experiences, affordability, and a friendly atmosphere. However, potential weaknesses include longer wait times and potential overcrowding due to the shop's popularity. Overall, The Cutlery place seems to have a strong reputation for providing excellent haircuts and customer experiences.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

If anyone is looking for a barber for there kids… HANDS DOWN this place. My son HATED haircuts and then my best friend took us here ( she’s been going for years) and Nick is the ABSOLUTE BEST! My son loves haircuts now, he’s so patient, gets down to the kids level and is just all around amazing! So happy we found someone my son trusts. I tell everyone I meet about them!
This guy Nick, I love him! Love him like my own son who’s older than me, I do! Great haircut, good conversation, easy on the eyes, too (can’t go wrong there;). Highly recommend stopping by this little hair joint.
Vu did a great job giving my one year old his 1st haircut! He was patient and made sure my son was comfortable.
I had the best haircut in years done here! Vu did a fantastic job especially since I have cowlicks in my hair. He took his time cutting it and asked if the length was short enough or if he needed to take more off. Very friendly and courteous. I am definitely going back to The Cutlery for my next cut. Highly recommend this place!
Definitely recommend. My kids liked their haircuts.
I came in to Vu's place with a problem. I couldn't find a barber who would cut my hair the way I wanted it! I was referred by my boss, read the great reviews and decided to give The Cutlery a shot.
I was not disappointed! I had long hair and a beard that hadn't been cut in quite a while. I was able to show Vu a picture of the style that I wanted and he nailed it!
Not only is he a super talented barber, he is very humble and chill! The conversation flows naturally and he still gives your haircut his full attention. I would highly recommend The Cutlery to anyone in need of a haircut.
I paid 17 bucks for a haircut and beard trim. The wait time is definitely more than other shops, but it is so worth it.
Crazy phenomenal! Vu recognized my cowlick (standing up hair) and realized that I comb it over in the opposite direction of how it should be. He recommended a fix and initiated it admirably. He also kept my hair looking great while in the process of adjusting. Super friendly, ridiculously knowledgeable, down-to-earth guy, with great aesthetics throughout his shop! It gets crazy busy due to his awesomeness but it is well worth the wait. Price is also very good! Will definitely keep coming back! Highly recommended!
Vu is the best by far. Been coming to him for 8 years now and for the last 3 he has been cutting my kids hair. He is the best and we consider him a family friend now. If you want the best atmosphere and haircut just come here.
My boy loves him and always keep asking about him. :)

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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