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62 Market St, Chorley PR7 2SE United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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The above comments provide a range of perspectives and experiences at The Barbers Shop place. By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses highlighted in these comments, we can gain insights into the strengths and areas for improvement of the establishment.
One strength of The Barbers Shop place is its ability to cater to families and children. Multiple comments mentioned the patience and professionalism of the staff when dealing with children, creating a relaxed atmosphere. This shows that the establishment is successful in providing a positive experience for families.
Another strength is the pricing. One comment specifically mentioned great pricing, which suggests that the establishment offers affordable services. This can attract customers who are conscious of their budget and are looking for value for money.
The comment about the polite and professional staff indicates another strength of The Barbers Shop place. Professionalism and politeness can enhance the overall customer experience, making customers feel valued and satisfied with the service they receive.
The establishment also seems to have a skillful owner, as one comment praises the quality of the skin fade haircut. This could be a unique selling point for The Barbers Shop place and attract customers who are looking for specific hairstyles and expertise.
However, there are also weaknesses that need to be addressed. One of the main weaknesses highlighted is the lack of communication and listening skills of some staff members. Multiple comments mention instances where the customer's preferences were not taken into account, leading to dissatisfaction. This points to a need for improved communication and customer service training for some staff members.
Another weakness mentioned is the rushed and uneven haircuts experienced by some customers. These comments highlight the importance of providing thorough and accurate haircuts. The establishment should ensure that each customer's desired hairstyle is properly executed and that the quality of the cut is consistent. The comment about having to neaten up the haircut at home suggests a lack of attention to detail and may lead to customers feeling unsatisfied with the service.
The comment highlighting the poor blending and lack of effort to make the cut look better indicates a lack of skill or attention to detail on the part of the stylist. This suggests a need for training or supervision to ensure consistent quality across all staff members.
Despite these weaknesses, the positive comments about the fantastic haircuts given to children and the compliments on the atmosphere and staff competency indicate that there are strengths to build upon at The Barbers Shop place. By addressing the weaknesses mentioned and focusing on improving customer communication and the quality of haircuts, the establishment has the potential to enhance the overall customer experience and attract more satisfied customers.

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I think this is a place for children.
I went in only because I was walking past.
Regretted it as soon as I sat down.
Didn’t speak didn’t smile she just quickly pushed a brush through my hair and rudely said “have you got gel on” I haven’t worn gel since I was twelve and thought it looked good.
I tried to tell her what I wanted but she wouldn’t listen and kept saying you’ve got something on this, I told her I had a small amount of product on that’s all, I didn’t plan on coming in but then it’s only a small amount.
Shaking her head and huffing and puffing she’s forcefully pushing this comb through my hair and I could really feel it.
I finally raised my voice and said I don’t want the top touched anyway I only wanted the sides doing but you never even asked.
Told her to let me out and I left
That’s my experience here.
Very polite and professional staff, great pricing and a nice relaxed atmosphere which is great for getting your little kids hair cut as the team have lots of patience. Been coming here for years now and would highly recommend.
My boyfriend went for a haircut here it was done in less than 10 minutes, very rushed. When we left we realised what a bad job had been done as it was very uneven. So we went back in and another women tidied it up a bit better but when we got home we still had to neaten it up. Won't be going back again.
Shocking! Looked ok from the front then my wife took a photo of the back, absolutely terrible cut, not straight, looks like she slipped and went too far on one side but didn't say anything or attempt to make it look better. Didn't even try to blend in either.
Gave my little boy a fantastic haircut and made him feel at ease. Highly recommend
Best hairdressers I’ve ever taken my two boys to. We wouldn’t go anywhere else since moving to the area. Great staff and a lovely atmosphere and fab cuts.
Friendly staff, loved the car for the boys to sit whilst having their hair cut.
Very good haircut by the owner, one of the vest skin fades ive had!

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