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Terracotta Restaurant

+44 116 253 6666
25 Highcross St, Leicester LE1 4PF United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 02:00 AM - 02:00 AM

Quick Facts About Terracotta Restaurant

Terracotta Restaurant is a popular dining establishment that has garnered positive reviews from customers. While there are various strengths and weaknesses that can be drawn from the comments, it is important to thoroughly analyze them in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the restaurant.
One of the most common positive attributes mentioned by the customers is the quality of the food. The comments repeatedly emphasize the amazing and nice food options available, praising the great selection and the fact that it is all of high quality. Customers have mentioned that the food at Terracotta Restaurant is worth recommending and that they would highly recommend it to others. This positive feedback regarding the taste and quality of the food is a significant strength of the restaurant.
Another strength highlighted by the customers is the attentive and friendly service provided by the staff. Many patrons have mentioned that the service at Terracotta Restaurant is great, with staff members being described as friendly, welcoming, and attentive. This positive feedback regarding the service adds to the overall positive dining experience and contributes to the restaurant’s reputation.
The value for money aspect is another strength mentioned by customers. Several comments highlight the fact that Terracotta Restaurant offers good value for money, particularly in terms of their buffet option. Customers have mentioned that the buffet provides good value for the price, making it an affordable and enjoyable dining experience. This aspect is a significant strength as it attracts customers who are looking for a good deal while still being able to enjoy quality food.
On the other hand, there are also a few weaknesses mentioned in the comments that must be taken into consideration. One recurring criticism is the seating, specifically the high chair, which some customers described as old and dirty. This can be seen as a weakness for the restaurant as it affects the overall ambiance and cleanliness of the dining experience. Addressing this issue by updating and maintaining the seating arrangements would improve the overall customer experience.
Another weakness mentioned is the price of the evening buffet. Some customers found it to be quite expensive, which could deter potential diners who are looking for a more affordable option. While some customers mentioned that the food and service make it worth the price, it is still important to consider the affordability aspect to attract a wider range of customers.
In conclusion, Terracotta Restaurant has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. The high quality and taste of the food, along with the attentive and friendly service, are key factors that customers appreciate. The value for money aspect also attracts customers who are looking for a good deal. However, there are a few weaknesses that may need to be addressed, such as the cleanliness and upkeep of the seating arrangements as well as the price of the evening buffet. Overall, Terracotta Restaurant seems to be a recommendable dining place that provides a positive dining experience for its customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Super sehr empfehlenswert
Value for money... been there 4 times for the last couple of weeks and the food is okay with that price. Better to go dinner with a lot more food to choose from. I didn't like the "high chair"... looks so old and dirty.
Amazing food, I do recommend 100%
Nice food with great options.
Good selection of food, all great quality, plenty of attentive staff. Will go again.
Always a great food choice and friendly service. Good value for money as it's a buffet.
Great service. great food. Evening price abit expensive. But food and service makes it worth it. Friendly staffs.
Would definitely go back. And definitely recommend it.
Great prices, very pleasant, attentive and welcoming staff.
Really nice atmosphere, beautiful layout and amazing food, with freshly made new food being brought out all evening. A great night out and wonderful experience....

Terracotta Restaurant Info


Service options
  • Takeaway
  • Dine-in
Health and safety
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • All you can eat
  • Late-night food
Dining options
  • Dessert
  • Good for kids
  • Accepts reservations
  • NFC mobile payments


Opening Hours

Monday 02:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Tuesday 02:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Wednesday 02:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Thursday 02:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Friday 02:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Saturday 02:00 AM - 02:00 AM
Sunday 02:00 AM - 02:00 AM

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