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T D Nail Spa

+1 618-465-9977
1837 Homer M Adams Pkwy # K, Alton, IL 62002 United States of America
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Quick Facts About T D Nail Spa

T D Nail Spa place has received both positive and negative feedback from customers. In this analysis, we will examine the strengths and weaknesses of the salon based on customer comments.
One of the strengths mentioned by customers is the friendliness of the staff. Customers appreciate the nice and helpful attitude of the workers, particularly Cindy and Lisa. This creates a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for customers.
Another strength highlighted by customers is the range of nail services offered. Some customers mentioned that they have been going to T D Nail Spa for years and have had positive experiences with both powder dip and acrylic overlay on their natural nails. This indicates that the salon provides a variety of options to cater to different customer preferences.
Customers also appreciated the quality of the pedicures provided. One customer mentioned feeling like they had brand new feet after the pedicure, indicating that the salon excels in this service.
The salon also seems to have a good variety of gel colors available for customers to choose from. This indicates that they provide a wide selection to meet different customer preferences.
However, there are also weaknesses that have been mentioned by customers. One recurring complaint is the inconsistency in the quality of service. While some customers have had exceptional experiences over the years, others have had negative experiences on their recent visits. This inconsistency raises concerns about the reliability of the salon's service.
Several customers mentioned issues with the pricing at T D Nail Spa. There were complaints about being overcharged and feeling like they were being ripped off. In particular, one customer mentioned a significant price jump and another felt that the charges for their daughter's nails were unfair. These pricing issues reveal a lack of transparency and fairness in the salon's pricing structure.
There were also complaints about the quality of the nail work done by some of the technicians. Customers mentioned issues such as yellowing and bubbling of the nails, as well as poor filing and polishing. These issues indicate a lack of attention to detail and skill in the nail technicians.
Another weakness that some customers mentioned is the inconvenience of payment. One customer complained about being charged $1 for using a credit card, while another mentioned being charged a different price than what was posted. These payment issues create a negative customer experience and suggest a lack of professionalism.
Finally, one customer expressed dissatisfaction with the pricing, stating that they were charged $100 for a fill with clear powder, nail replacements, and a clear gel top coat. They felt that this price was exorbitant compared to their previous experiences in Los Angeles. This indicates a lack of consistency in pricing and a potential lack of value for money at T D Nail Spa.
In conclusion, T D Nail Spa has strengths in terms of friendly staff, a range of nail services, quality pedicures, and a variety of gel colors. However, the salon also has weaknesses in terms of inconsistent service quality, pricing issues, poor nail work, inconvenient payment methods, and potentially high prices. These weaknesses raise concerns about the overall customer experience at T D Nail Spa.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

my second time going here and the workers are so nice! shout out to Cindy for being the absolute best! my nails are always so cute
I have been going here for years and Lisa is the best. I have never had a bad experience there and the price on the board I what I am charged. I have done both powder dip and now just have acrylic over lay on my natural nails.
Normally I would rave on and on about this business because the service has always been exceptional, but my last 2 visits were awful. 3 weeks ago I had my nails done by one of the guys in there and when I went for a fill 2 weeks later the lady who did them showed me that they were already yellow and about to come off so she popped them all off to redo them. She wouldn't paint them how I liked them because she didn't like Matte coloring, charged me $75. Now it's a little over a week later and the polish has all started to bubble up off my nails. I definitely won't be back.
So how is it that getting a acrylic overlay on a kids nails considered a full set of nails when you're not using any of their nails? My daughter's nails cost way more than my fill in with gel polish. How can using the same acrylic solution, their fake nail with gel polish be the same price as just getting the acrylic solution with gel polish on it? That's a rip off and I will never use them again. I've been coming to them for many years but this price jump is ridiculous!!!
I feel like I have brand new feet after that pedi! This is my first visit as I usually go to a place in Wood River but I am definitely switching!
basic mani/pedi should have been easy. .....the worst filing and polishing I have ever seen. charged $1 use credit card and charged different price than what is posted. will never go back"tjumbs down) ????????
If you call ahead they will tell you a time to come in when wait isn't long.
Have lots of gel colors to pick from.
The owner will talk to you, and you can tell he takes pride in his business.
$100 for what?
I made a same day appointment, and needed a fill, and two broken nails replaced. The young man cut off one of my nails (now 3 have to be replaced!). I don’t get polish or fancy decals or artwork, but I got charged $100 for a fill with clear powder, replacements and clear gel top coat. I moved back to Alton in January from Los Angeles. My natural nails have been from very short to very long and NEVER have I ever paid $100 in ALL of the time that I have gotten my nails done in L.A. I need to find a nail salon in St. Louis!????

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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Monday 10:00 AM - 07:30 PM
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday 10:00 AM - 07:30 PM
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