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Suncoast Community Center

+1 239-731-9838
2241 Case Ln, North Fort Myers, FL 33917 United States of America
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot

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After the hurricane we ate dinner from the center. The meal was chicken, smoked sausage, noodles and a Cajun seasoning I think. We loved it. Was so good. I would like to know how to make it if someone wants to respond with a recipe. Thank you.
Went to Suncoast community center for trunk or treat Halloween night. Was only a few people but worth it kids got candy and to show off their costumes and I got some cute pics. Seems to be coming back to life this year with classes and food distribution!
Awesome volunteers they are there to help you and they don't make you feel like you're nothing because you're there to get help they are wonderful people and it is an awesome place to take your children they do different programs throughout the year for kids which is an awesome thing they hope family for looking community you need help they also do a fundraisers to raise money to keep the community center open it is all only volunteer basis so fundraising is necessary to make sure it stays open but everyone there is awesome
Great place for the community to come together and Suncoast thankfully we were able to get supplies for hurricane Ian for my pets and for the humans as well thank you for the outreach guys you're the best
Everyone is very nice and helpful. I've gone back twice for the food pantry, but they have been closed . Only busy sound when you call.
Have fun with the kids. Thank you Jenny Lynn Scott. The food was good. And the kids had fun.
They are a great help to the community ☺️ in more ways than one ..
I have lived here over 14yrs Some of the people are nice but there is a lot of crime and drugs here the police do their best to shut down the drug houses and arrest the dealers but it is hard they get of jail and it starts all over Their are a lot of very nice people living here Some of them have lived here all their lives I am 67yrs old and I live a quite life My husband lived here for many years before we were married There are a lot of people that knew him and respected him So I don't worry about living here alone since he passed away 2yrs ago Most people don't even know my name I am still Mark's wife So I will stay here for some time yet Thank you for letting me express my opinion

Quick Facts About Suncoast Community Center

1. Food Distribution: The Suncoast Community Center seems to have a strong and reliable food distribution program. After the hurricane, one commenter mentioned that they had a delicious meal consisting of chicken, smoked sausage, noodles, and Cajun seasoning. This suggests that the center provides well-prepared and satisfying meals for those in need.
2. Community Events: The center organizes various programs and events throughout the year, including trunk or treat on Halloween night. This event provided a venue for families to come together, show off their costumes, and enjoy a safe and enjoyable trick-or-treating experience. These events help create a sense of unity and belonging within the community.
3. Volunteer Commitment: The volunteers at the community center are highly praised by commenters. They are described as awesome, helpful, and not judgmental. Their commitment to helping others and making them feel comfortable and valued is a significant strength of the center. The volunteers also organize fundraisers to keep the center open, highlighting their dedication and active involvement in supporting the community.
4. Supplies and Outreach: In times of need, such as during hurricane Ian, the Suncoast Community Center provides supplies for both pets and humans. They seem to have efficient outreach programs that ensure the community's needs are addressed. This demonstrates a strong commitment to the well-being of the community and a preparedness to respond to emergencies.
1. Inconsistent Opening Hours: One commenter mentioned having trouble accessing the food pantry on two occasions due to the center being closed. The lack of consistent opening hours may be an inconvenience for individuals relying on the center's services. It is important for the center to address this issue and ensure they are open and available to assist those in need.
2. Limited Phone Availability: Another comment highlights the difficulty in reaching the center via phone, as busy sounds were heard. This suggests that there may be a lack of personnel to handle calls, which could hinder communication and potentially deter individuals from seeking assistance or information from the center.
3. Crime and Drugs: One commenter expressed concerns about crime and drugs in the area surrounding the Suncoast Community Center. While the comment acknowledges the efforts of the police to combat these issues, it suggests that the presence of crime and drugs may have a negative impact on the overall perception of safety and security within the community.
4. Lack of Personal Recognition: The final comment, although unrelated to the strengths and weaknesses of the center itself, hints at a potential issue of social disconnect within the community. The commenter mentions feeling relatively unknown and recognized only as their late spouse's partner. This could indicate a lack of personal connections and a potential challenge in building strong interpersonal relationships within the community.
Overall, the Suncoast Community Center exhibits strengths in its food distribution program, organizing community events, dedicated volunteers, and outreach efforts. However, it also faces challenges related to inconsistent opening hours, limited phone availability, concerns about crime and drugs in the area, and potential social disconnect among community members.

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