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@Street Eatery

+44 1253 855655
163 Lawsons Rd, Thornton, Thornton-Cleveleys FY5 4PJ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Looking for breakfast, brunch, lunch in Thornton... You have found it. Pretty busy, but that's a reflection of the quality food and service your about to recieve. Had the Club Sandwich, A Breakfast Roll, Rarebit and some fries... They was all fantastic. The gentleman serving was funny, entertaining and added to the experience. A gem of a place in Thornton.
First time visit and very impressed , the burgers we got was amazing! Good quality food nicely packaged .
Would just like to say what a great shop, great staff, great food! Fast service and polite. Couldn’t ask for more!
Had a Cajun wrap which came with an unreal ceaser side salad, really good food!!
Cheers guys, see you soon ????????
We have had a couple of takeaway meals from this takeaway and have been very impressed with the quality and variety available. Some great specials.
I really enjoyed getting lunch here! The food was cooked to a really high standard and had great ingredients. I really enjoyed my chicken burger!
Lovely food made fresh to order. Friendly staff and nice set up ????
Excellent breakfast, top quality and value
The double stacker burger was stunning and staff very helpful and chatty will be back soon

Quick Facts About @Street Eatery

@Street Eatery seems to have several strengths based on the comments provided. One of the most common compliments is the quality of the food. Multiple customers mentioned that the food was fantastic, amazing, and cooked to a high standard. This indicates that the ingredients used are of high quality and that the chefs have skill in preparing the meals. The variety of the food is also mentioned, with one customer praising the great specials available. This suggests that @Street Eatery offers a diverse menu, which can cater to different tastes and preferences.
The fast service is another strength of @Street Eatery that is highlighted in the comments. Customers appreciate the quick turnaround time, indicating that the staff is efficient and the restaurant is well-organized. This is especially important for breakfast, brunch, and lunch establishments, as customers often have limited time during these meal periods. The polite and friendly staff is also mentioned, suggesting that @Street Eatery provides excellent customer service.
The atmosphere and overall experience at @Street Eatery is also praised in the comments. One customer mentions that the gentleman serving was funny and entertaining, adding to the experience. This indicates that @Street Eatery provides a pleasant dining environment with attentive and engaging staff. Another comment mentions that the setup is nice, suggesting that the restaurant has a comfortable and inviting ambiance.
The value for money is another strength mentioned in the comments. One customer specifically compliments the excellent breakfast, indicating that @Street Eatery offers quality food at a reasonable price. This is important for attracting customers and building loyalty.
Despite these strengths, it is important to consider the weaknesses of @Street Eatery based on the comments provided. One comment mentions that the place can get pretty busy. While this may be seen as a sign of popularity, it could also be a weakness if the restaurant is not able to handle the high volume efficiently. If customers have to wait for long periods or if service becomes slow during busy times, it could negatively impact the overall experience.
Another weakness that can be identified is the lack of specific details in some of the comments. While customers express satisfaction with the food and service, there is limited information about the specific dishes they ordered or the aspects they enjoyed the most. This makes it difficult to fully assess the strengths and weaknesses of @Street Eatery in terms of specific menu items or standout features.
In conclusion, @Street Eatery in Thornton seems to have several strengths based on the comments provided. Customers appreciate the quality of the food, fast service, friendly staff, pleasant atmosphere, and good value for money. However, the potential weaknesses to consider include managing high volumes efficiently and the lack of specific details in some of the comments. Overall, @Street Eatery appears to be a gem of a place in Thornton that offers a satisfying dining experience.

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